Kudos Mike Kelly and Erin Kelly for creating what I believe to be one of the most powerful and best business tools ever made!

Mike Roberts
Making Digital Real
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I switched from Teachable to MemberVault and have loved how I no longer feel nickeled and dimed for hosting my products. I also love the personal attention I get when I've needed help with something. MemberVault customer service is awesome!

The Simplicity Habit
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I absolutely LOVE MemberVault and always recommend it. MemberVault makes it super easy to create an engaging experience for your students through gamification with things like quizzes, bonus module unlocked by activity, celebration pop ups, and so much more. PLUS the MemberVault team and support is top notch. I have never seen a team so invested and it 100% shows.

Lindsey Aleson
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I use Membervault for a small group coaching cohort and for several mini-courses and freebies. I love it because I can make it free or paid, visible or invisible, whatever suits. I love that I can keep and organize content for my clients and they can have access to one or several products.

Readerly Friends
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I love using MemberVault products, because it enables me to share development content easily and professionally with our corporate clients.

Essentially Human
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We use MemberVault for pretty much everything at Run Like Clockwork.We have a year long training and course program — and our students have all of the materials inside of our MV. We also use it for our free stuff, like our book and a Clockwork kit. So people start their free journey with us via the kit, and then if they decide to join our program, everything is inside of MV in terms of our videos, our trainings, our PDFs, our quiz questions, etc.MV is how our business effectively runs and keeps track of our clients and supports them on their journey.

Adrienne Dorison
Run Like Clockwork
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MemberVault has been an ultimate game changer for my business and programs. I wanted something sleek and focused to allow my ideal audience and clients to literally binge from my content and purchase what they need! I really love the fact that MV has that different and straightforward "dashboard" look. I appreciate MV -- oh and of course the user community and customer service is absolutely stellar!

Jai Butler, MS-CPLC
Elocin Consulting LLC
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I'm using MemberVault to create, and sell my Soap Making Course! MemberVault is so easy to use, I love how simple it was to create my course using this platform, and how professional it looks now that it's done! I'm so glad I found this platform to use for my business!

A Little Creek Farm
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As a techie, I tried a lot of course platforms before picking MemberVault for my course home! MV ticked all of my boxes and then some! It's not perfect by any means (I've dropped that requirement for all tech platforms), but it's easy up set up and get your product up and running.

Coded Vector
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I launched my 5 Day Sugar Detox Challenge using MemberVault, and it was so effortless to put all the pieces together! I love how I can have all of my offers just like this in one place which is easy to navigate.

Clarissa Winchester
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I love using Membervault to teach my online bagpipe lessons. Students love it because the lessons are all prerecorded and self paced. The flow is very smooth from watching my free videos on youtube to clicking on my membervault course link and signing-up for my paid course or monthly membership.

Alec Chisholm
Get Bagpipe Ready
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Because of my relentless need to fiddle and faff about in my business, I have used Learndash, Thinkific, Memberpress and now MemberVault....but now I am home and I'm not switching again. It is so easy to use as a course creator, but most importantly, my students love it and several have switched to using MemberVault for their own business.

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I love MemberVault for its flexibility. It works for all my different online offerings, and even some offline too like taking deposits and providing extra support and info for my branding photography. I love that it works for everything!

Picture Your Brand
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Even though I didn't want to go outside of my website, I did want to stay sane and in my business. Membervault made it all so easy. I didn't have to spend tons of time (which I really didn't have) learning or integrating it. I now have a whole portal of offerings and my students/clients have navigated them all without difficulty!

The Raw & Wild Hearts
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I first found MV through a course I took with another creator. And I loved it!!! More than any other course platform I'd used before. So, when I was looking for one for myself I decided to sign up for MV to use to deliver my own course. I now use MV solely to deliver my 7-week signature course, my monthly membership, and other one-off programs and experiences.

Lauren Frontiera Coaching
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We love using the MemberVault Quiz Questions because that feature allows us to engage directly with our clients and workshop attendees who tell us what they're struggling with and where they need help. We even use them to collect testimonials like this one!

Carmen Reed-Gilkison & Deirdre Harter
Encore Empire
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