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Be a part of the shift to relationship marketing with engagement tracking, gamification features and a binge & buy marketplace for all of your offers (free and paid).




Simplify the process, while selling more.

Does the first image look familiar to you?  You generate a lot of content, and each type is delivered in a different, and disconnected way.  Not only is this a poor experience for your user (imaging them trying to dig through their emails to find the content they want), but you are MISSING SALES.  Because the content delivery process is so segmented over multiple methods, there is never an obvious way for a user to see EVERYTHING that you offer, and you have to rely on emailing them at just the right time with the right sales page.  We thought this was crazy.  So we fixed it.

With MemberVault, we encourage you to put ALL of your content on our platform and use it as a central hub for all of your users.  Not only will your users be happier (now that they can actually FIND what they’re looking for), but you can expose them to ALL of your offers, the second they get in the door.  We believe in the BINGE AND BUY model of selling.

Now your users can consume your content, build trust at their own pace, NOT some arbitrary timed drip.  And it works better than you could imagine.

Let the engagement games begin!

Wouldn’t it be nice if your users had EXTRA MOTIVATION to go through your content?  We thought so too, and devised a custom algorithm to let users earn EP (engagement points).  These engagement points can be surfaced onto a leader board for all users to see.  Not only does this give your content some “social proof”, but drives people to earn their place on the board.

You can also quickly see WHO your most engaged users are, and reward them.  MemberVault can even unlock bonus content based on how many EP a user has earned…. AUTOMATICALLY.

Up your email game… automatically

Let’s face it.  It’s getting harder and harder to capture and keep people’s attention.  People are tired of generic “one size fits all” emails.  Tagging and segmentation are clearly the future, and MemberVault is on the cutting edge of it.  Once you connect your email system (ConvertKit, ActiveCampaign, Drip, or Ontraport), MemberVault AUTOMATICALLY adds tags to your subscribers based on progress (or lack of progress).  We even tag them, when they are sneaking a peek at your upsells.

Think about this for a minute.  Imagine being able to automatically send an email 20 minutes after someone checks out your paid offer.  Imagine being able to send a TARGETED email to everyone who “signed up for freebie X, and completed module Y”.  With MemberVault, you can do exactly that!

Member Vault is a content creator's dream come true. I can't recommend MV enough to people who want to improve customer experiences and students' results.

Adrienne Dorison

I wanted a simple , easy to manage solution to house all my content & MemberVault was the answer.

Lisa Carpenter

I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!! This is the best thing since sliced bread and is SERIOUSLY going to up level our customer service.

Marie Parks

After all of the membership type setups I’ve tried, I’m still blown away at how delightful this is from both sides of the course. I have had ZERO stress with figuring this out…only curiosity.

Julie Stubblefield

I've been spending the morning updating teaser content for our courses and falling in love with how easy it is alllll over again.

Jessi Honard

MemberVault is a dream come true. The process of switching from our previous tool to MV was so simple. With MemberVault, it’s one click and you can see a student’s every move once they’re logged in. It’s pretty amazing. We’re SO HAPPY we switched.

Kyle + Rachel Wright

I put my Content that Converts replays inside of MemberVault, and it was great seeing what people were doing. I wouldn’t get all of that from looking at clicks inside of Mailchimp. This platform makes it easy!

Bobby Jones

MemberVault Explanation and Setup
in 10 Minutes

Your New Business BFF

Keep your content in one place.

MemberVault makes it easy for your subscribers, and clients, to see all of your available content (both paid and free), and content they already own in one place. They’ll love it, and so will you.

Reward your most engaged leads

Unlock hidden content for your most engaged subscribers and encourage them to engage even more.

Make it easy to binge and buy

Give tasty samples of your available content (paid or free) using our teaser content, which encourages more engagement and purchases.

Keep them coming back

Use automated rewards when someone finishes your content (i.e. free challenges, paid courses, etc) to encourage higher completion rates in your content.

Make it a game

We support a wide variety of gamification techniques, but one of the easiest is our automated leaderboard with scoring based on your user’s engagement points.

Send targeted emails at the right time

Trigger automated emails based on actions your users take inside the content, like viewing teaser content and completing content.

Get insights into your best content and hottest leads

Our reporting system is a gamechanger for your content! See what people are consuming, what they are avoiding and get insights into your hottest leads.

Play around with MemberVault using our free account (limited to 2 products, easy upgrade to unlimited for $69.99/mth or $699/annual) — it’s easy to set up your content, and really get it working for you using our automated tracking and tagging!

Try MemberVault out, for free.

We think you’ll like it.

People are becoming more savvy (and jaded), so it’s time to step up your content game using engagement techniques like gamification. Sound hard? Not to worry. We make it easy using MemberVault. And we’re only a click away with online chat, email support and a kickass online community to cheer you on inside our Collaborative group.

See how a content platform can make your life just a little bit easier. Here at MV, we’ve got your back.

Try us out by grabbing a free account (limited to 2 pieces of content) — and it’s an easy upgrade to unlimited content. Our pricing is simple. $69.99/month, unlimited everything or get two months free with our annual pricing option.