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Until then, 15 reasons you should give this new and exciting course platform a test drive.

1. Unlimited Courses

Thats right, no limits, no basic/pro level. Start and run as many courses as you wish.

2. Get Meaningful Data on Engagement

Ever wonder why people don't finish your course? Wonder where they drop off? Wonder no more.

3. Identify Special Students

Want to congradulate that star student? Or get that slacker student back on track? Now you can.

4. Tag Special Students in Your Email System

Member Vault will reach out and tag your students in your email system based on actions. Now you can set up smart automations tailored to your type of student.

5. Customize Colors, Logos and Labels

Make your course area feel like YOURS by putting in your own brand colors, logos and labels.

6. Open and Flexible API

We don't make you use our sales pages or payment gateways.
Instead, use what you want and integrate seemlessly with Zapier, Email automations, or custom webhooks. The possibilities are endless.

7. We Got Your Back

Video Tutorials, Logs, How Tos, and open ended Help forms are available to you 24/7. Ask any Member Vault user, we do whatever it takes to ensure you are up, running and happy.

8. Your Students, Not Ours

Search, add, edit and even download a list of your students at any time. They are YOUR students. We do not access their information at any time for any reason.

9. Your Course, Your Way

Regular, Timed Drip, or Progressive course types built in, to give you the control over your courses.

10. Quiz, Test, and Ask

It's proven that quizes help engage students and retain information. You can add multiple choice and essay questions to any lesson.

11. Stalk Your Students

In a loving way, of course! We track all of their logins and actions will allows YOU a sneak peak in how you use it, and will aid in Customer Service issues.

12. Give Access, Easily

We have built a system that works with you, not against you. There are several ways to add a user to a course, and they're all easy.

13. Automatically Upsell

Wouldn't it be nice if your students could easily see other courses you offer, and easily buy them? We thought so too.

14. Never Lost

We built Member Vault from the ground up to be dead simple for your students to use and track their progress. If you've ever taken a course in Member Vault, you already know this.

15. Your Students Will Love It

Lets be honest, this isn't about you, or us. This is about what's best for your students! Most of our wildly positive feedback comes from the course takers who enjoy the simple interface, intuitive design, and ease of use.

Sound Good?

Sign up for our 14 day FREE TRIAL. When you decide to stay, it's just $49.99/month.