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Jaclyn Mellone

When I shifted my thinking from MV being just a  “course hub,” to it being a platform to drive sales, a whole new world of opportunity opened up for me!

I subscribe to the philosophy that when done right, selling is serving. I’ve been able to use MV to survey my community members and open up a dialog. Then I can get insight from their responses to make personalized recommendations and invitations. Because these offers and invitations are hyper-relevant, they are incredibly effective! (Learn more here)

Brianna Wilkerson

I just want to share my results from the Summit I hosted with MV!
👉 650 registrants
👉 210 new group members
👉 25 summit sales
A lot of great new leads and women to serve!
A lot of women signing up for other products in my MV!
If you’re thinking about hosting a summit with MV, do it! (Learn more here)

Adrienne Dorison

We use MemberVault for pretty much everything at Run Like Clockwork.

We have a year long training and course program — and our students have all of the materials inside of our MV. We also use it for our free stuff, like our book and a Clockwork kit. So people start their free journey with us via the kit, and then if they decide to join our program, everything is inside of MV in terms of our videos, our trainings, our PDFs, our quiz questions, etc.

MV is how our business effectively runs and keeps track of our clients and supports them on their journey. (Learn more here)

Meet MV - your new business BFF.

You want something that just *works* – for you, and your people. Whether you’re delivering a group program, high touch 1:1 experience, a free challenge or one of the many other creative ways to show up and serve your customers online.

Put everything in one place, and make it easier for you, and your people.

Easier to create, sell and support on your end – and easier to consume, engage and buy on theirs. Not to mention a whole lot more fun and personalized, with our gamification and tracking options.

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How you can use MV.

To convert sales, easily, from YouTube traffic

Patrick King uses MemberVault as a home point for his YouTube channel and is seeing great conversions – thanks to the binge & buy strategy. Check out his MV account here.

We spoke with Patrick about how he gets the most from MV. Watch his interview below.

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To motivate and reward her course students

Jessica Rodriguez uses MemberVault to create smart automations that create highly personalized, fun rewards and check-ins for her course students. Check out her website here.

We spoke with Jess about how she gets the most from MV. Watch her interview below.

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To create awesome, supportive 1:1 experiences

Quiana J uses MemberVault to automate a large portion of her 1:1 process for a supportive, pro experience for her clients. Check out her MV account here.

We spoke with Quiana about how she gets the most from MV. Watch her interview below.

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