Start selling from day 1, without spamming.

You have a growing email list, great free content, and some great paid offers.  But the standard “how to sell online” strategies feel icky, and pushy. So you’re avoiding selling (or not selling consistently) because it doesn’t feel like YOU.

Sound familiar?  You’re not alone.  We’ve discovered a better way, one that feels authentic…and allows you to naturally sell from day 1 of someone joining your list (in a way that feels great to you & them).

We call it the Binge & Buy Method — and you can get started instantly, with a no credit card required, forever free account plan (with all kinds of fun goodies included).


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Using MV in your business:

Increases sales

Boosts engagement

Builds relationships

Identifies your best leads

Rachel & Kyle Wright

MV is our favorite platform, EVER. This is for many reasons, but the top two are the ability to see our members’ movements inside the platform AND the community/Mike & Erin.

Brianna Wilkerson

Just wanted to say how happy I am with MemberVault. I used it for a giveaway I was a part of and got nearly 60 new signups, and am able to track everything better to be able to follow up with the right people.

Abby Herman

Does anyone else feel like they’ve gotten in on the ground floor of the latest cult?  I mean, I’m SO happy to be here but I feel like people are tired of me talking about MV’s awesomeness. Haha!

1,700+ Happy MemberVault Users

Join a community of highly engaged, passionate entrepreneurs disrupting the way we sell & engage online with a relationship marketing platform — be a part of the shift to relationship marketing over old-school spammy techniques that just plain don’t work anymore.

How does it work?

Create a Binge & Buy Marketplace.

Consider it your deconstructed funnel where your audience can easily see all of their options, from day 1, and you can track their interest, auto-magically. Stop making people wait till email #3 in your funnel. Let them buy NOW.


People love rewards.

Whether you’re running a free challenge, or an evergreen course, use our gamification features, like an automatic leaderboard and unlockable content to increase engagement and completion rates.


Learn about your people.

Using our automatic lead tracking and tagging, you can not only see who your best leads are and re-engage those who are slacking…you can see what content and offers people are most interested in!


No free trial stress.

We offer a forever free account plan.

Get a taste of relationship marketing, for free, and join us in our user community, The Collaborative, for support and ideas to sell your offers using relationship marketing.


How do we fit with your system?

Think of MemberVault as being the central hub for all of your content and subscribers. We encourage you to add in ALL of your free content/lead magnets along with ALL of your paid offers. Then simply give your entire email list access to your free content here on MemberVault and watch your engagement, leads and sales sky rocket.

When things die down a little, add in some more free content and re-invite everyone back in to claim the new free content.  In doing so, they’ll be engaging, building trust, giving you priceless feedback and looking at your paid offers again.  Our users experience more sales and have to pitch less.

You should bring your own supported email platform (ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, Mailchimp, Ontraport, Drip), but MemberVault can replace your course platform, free content hosting, shopping cart, and even funnel software.  Of course if you still WANT to use any of these along side of MemberVault, we support that too.

What our clients say

24-hour update – since sharing my free 5-day MV course to 577 of my list using Erin’s email from the help area, I have 106 sign-ins to MemberVault and crazy-high open rate and CTR!

Sue Dunlevie


I just found out about this product and wanted to pop in to say that I am BLOWN away by it. Mike and Erin, this is AMAZING and FABULOUS and makes me want to rework my entire outlook on building content, and how I’m serving clients too!

Kristen Neiditch


Lots of people from my challenge mentioned how much they loved having the challenge inside MV and that the EPs really motivated them to log back in every day.

Kyla Sims


Sounds great

How much does it cost?



  • All Features
  • Unlimited Products
  • No-Fee Payment Integration
  • Affiliate Tracking
  • 50 User Limit


  • All Features
  • Unlimited Products
  • No-Fee Payment Integration
  • Affiliate Tracking
  • Weekly Office Hour Calls
  • 1,000 User Limit


  • All Features
  • Unlimited Products
  • No-Fee Payment Integration
  • Affiliate Tracking
  • Weekly Office Hour Calls
  • Priority Customer Service
  • Access to ALL Content Capsules

How you can Ditch Your Funnel
and sell more with MemberVault

We show you the Relationship Marketing strategy of Binge and Buy, that allows you to sell more while pitching less.

  • How to Ditch or Simplify your funnel.
  • Getting people into your lead magnet
  • Making it easy for people to buy

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Stressed about

We’ve got your back! Step by step documentation, trainings, chat support, and our user community is hella helpful and is there on the daily cheering people on. Your success is ours!

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How to Passively Generate Hot Leads
with Jaclyn Mellone

See how MemberVault has changed how Jaclyn is selling online.

  • Identifying Hot Leads
  • Passive Selling
  • Building Relationships

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You’re not alone.

We’re in this with you — and our end goal is to make it easy to sell and engage with your audience like the amazing human that you are.

Co-founder, Erin Kelly, was a booked out solid online business manager before coming on full time with MemberVault, and her strategic brain is exclusively available to YOU, as a MV user. Her emails and content in our binge & buy marketplace will untangle your content and have you thinking about ways to increase sales, engagement and time – while still having fun.

Co-founder, Mike Kelly, has been a high end software developer for over a decade and built MemberVault from scratch over the past 3+ years.  He is one of the most active users in our Collaborative user community, always listening and innovating the platform (often within 48 hours of a “this would be nice!” request).

Add to that the ridiculously fun and positive people in our user community, The Collaborative, and happiness lead, Katrina…and you’ll feel like you just joined a big, happy family, welcoming you in with open arms (and lots of gifs).

What are you waiting for? Snag your free account, and come play!

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How MemberVault can
make the most of your Email List

Summer Tannhauser shares how you can be visible and make the most of your email list using MemberVault.

  • Growing Your List
  • Nurturing Your People
  • Start relationships with customers

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