Welcome to Made with MV

Welcome to made with MV. So MV is short for MemberVault. And my name is Erin Kelly. I am the CEO and co founder of MemberVault. And the reason why we are launching this Made with MV podcast is that we want to share the voices and stories of our users.

So one of the things that we know is always always popular with our community is hearing what other people are doing in their accounts, what has worked, what they’re enjoying, where did they move from, you know, hearing, hearing the behind the scenes stories of other users is super inspiring and fun. And so we want to give a platform for our users to share their stories about what they’re doing, what’s been successful in their accounts, what their favourite thing is.

That’s what you’re going to be hearing on this podcast is our users and their stories. So this is not going to be a interview style podcast, this is going to be our actual users sharing their stories. And so I know one of the things people really enjoy is that we always share the behind the scenes. So the way that we are doing this is we’re using anchor, which is by far my favourite podcast platform right now, at this time of recording. Because it’s super easy, it’s free. Lots of things to love about anchor.

We’re using Anchor, and for our first round for Season One, what we did is we set up a Google form. And we, you know, looked at some people that had shared really great stories. And we also did a post inside of our collaborative Facebook community, asking people to share, you know, what’s something that you love about MemberVault? Like, very specific, tell us a specific story about what you’ve done in MemberVault. And then we went ahead, and we reached out to those people, we said, here, here are the details, this is the deadline, record your audio this way, send it through the Google Form. And we’ll we’ll publish it at the end of November. So that is how we did it with season one.

What has worked in terms of this particular flow is that, you know, obviously, it’s really fun to hear the stories. So that was really great to to do that post inside of our community. And it’s really fun to be able to reach out to people and say, we want to showcase your story. People have been very excited about participating in the podcast. But as expected, when you don’t when you have a deadline, but you’re also asking people to do it on their own, rather than like, schedule a call and do a interview style podcast format. It’s definitely it falls to the bottom of their to do list. And so we reached out to 32 people.

And we had, I think eight submissions. Today was the last day. So I think we might have a few more but but with two extra follow ups. That’s the response rate that we got. So what I did was I actually reached out to everyone that hadn’t sent in an audio and I said, you know, no worries, we’d love to have you on season two, would it be easier for you to just have a scheduled time to show up on a zoom call and do your audio recording with a member of Team MV. And it was really interesting, because obviously the people that sent in their audios that worked for them. But for the people that didn’t.

So far, I’ve gotten think five replies with people saying oh my gosh, like, I know, it’s silly, but that would actually be really helpful. You know, either because they were intimidated by you know, doing an audio. And partly, you know, it was a problem, this being a brand new podcast that they didn’t really have any examples to listen to. So there was intimidation. But there was also just this fell to the bottom of my to do list, I really want to do it. Having having a set time that I have to show up and do it would actually be really helpful. So it’s very interesting. So it will be kind of tinkering with our, our workflow for season two. But overall, I’m really excited to share these stories from the people that did submit their audios for season one. And to continue doing this because I think that it’s just such a fun way for us to be able to showcase.

Just, you know, what people are doing inside of their MemberVault, what’s working, what’s exciting, and actually have it be from people that are doing it. And so we’ll we’ll keep playing around with the format, we’ll keep playing around with how we surface the transcripts, you know, one way that we really want to do it is have sort of like a playbook for each season, where you can, you can both listen to the audio or if you don’t really like listening to the audio, then you can just check out the PDF and read it almost like a book and hear you know, read the stories about the people and easily click over to their accounts and all that good stuff. So we ran out of time for season one. But we definitely want to do that with the future seasons that we’re doing.

So that is all of the behind the scenes, how we’re doing it, why we’re doing it. And again, my name is Erin Kelly, and I am the CEO and co founder of MemberVault. And I’m actually next episode is going to be my story. So what I love about MemberVault and a little bit of backstory in terms of like, How did MemberVault happen? Where did it come from? Why did we create it? And because I know that that’s a popular story as well.

If you are interested in knowing the backstory of MemberVault and what I personally think is the coolest part of MemberVault definitely give Episode Two a listen. If you don’t have a MemberVault account yet, definitely take us for a spin. We have a forever free plan, you can get that at membervault.co and if you do have an account, or once you sign up for your account, definitely come chat in our Collaborative community on facebook at membervault.co/collab or you can just search for MemberVault Collaborative on Facebook and pull that up. That’s a super engaged fun community.

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