User Spotlight: Meghan Dicklin

by Erin Kelly January 7, 2020

Meghan Dicklin is a long time MV user who helps mom-to-be who owns a business to lead an intentional life and come up with a solid maternity leave plan so that you’ll be prepared for once the baby arrives. You’ll also learn how to make business shifts to make it easier to work at home with an infant.

Here’s a deeper look into Meghan’s strategy in growing her MV account – perfect if you’re also geeking out on numbers and super into relationship marketing vs the traditional funnels (which, the very foundation and the real reason that MV is built!)

What is your business background: why do you do what you do, what inspired you to serve this audience?

My background is in marketing, business development, and operations in the financial and ad tech industry. I spent 10+ years climbing the corporate ladder and doing well.

I’d always told myself I would start a business before having kids because I saw entrepreneurship as the key to the kind of life I wanted – having the freedom to be fully present for our kids and fueling my ambitions for a fulfilling career.

At 31, I was managing a team of 20 and successfully running a niched ad agency with a proprietary ad server used by the three largest advertisers in the world (online brokerages spend big on advertising). I walked away because I knew I wanted to do things differently when we started a family.

I quit my job in 2015 with a very fuzzy idea of what I would do next. I quickly discovered the online economy and began offering OBM (though I didn’t know that term at the time) services for coaches and consultants.

When I got pregnant, I started to plan for my maternity leave. I approached the problem with the same strategy and planning I would have done for any client project, but I found it wasn’t the same. It was so personal, there were so many unknowns, and I was physically and emotionally under siege in a different way on any given day. I started to look for resources and examples of how others had done this, but I didn’t find much.

It was at this point, I realized that I could help women navigate this time in their life and business. I help entrepreneurs plan for their maternity leave, assess their business and make any shifts they need so they can return to work with the lifestyle that works for their new family.

I have a 4-pronged approach that uniquely sets me up to be of service during this time:

(1) My business experience in the corporate and online sectors help women to set up and maintain a real business even if it’s run from the couch in between naps!

(2) My second language in early childhood development (my mom is an early childhood development specialist. She took coaching calls in our home in the ’80s & ’90s and this was the soundtrack of my childhood!) helps me show moms what to expect from their babies at different stages and how to teach your baby to sleep which, IMHO, is the only way to manage this life unless you have full-time childcare.

(3) My real world experience of pregnancy and motherhood as an online business owner, my study of my clients, and consuming everything written on this topic gives me a lot of resources and insight to share and teach.

(4) My understanding of traditional and online marketing showed me early on that bro-style marketing was not going to hold up for the long haul. I work with my clients to build a marketing engine that is sustainable, serving your goals for your business and your family by bringing in CONSISTENT income at any level and giving you the gears to increase that number when it’s right for your life.

I do what I do because the only reason I became an entrepreneur was to create a certain lifestyle for myself and my family.

The reality I’ve found is that it’s hard to realize the lifestyle many moms envisioned as a business owner without support, resources, and encouragement to stick with it! Small shifts can make all the difference between realizing your dreams and giving up on entrepreneurship. I believe entrepreneurship is an incredible choice that serves families and moms and I want to help women be successful in this choice!

How have you been finding your audience and growing your list up to this point?

I had a couple lead magnets on my website. Ran a few small FB ad campaigns. I use word-of-mouth. Networking in FB groups. Guest podcasting. Through a local meetup I started for mom entrepreneurs.

What tech tools did you use before MV, and what do you use now? Are you happy with them?

Prior to MV, I used Clickfunnels, ConvertKit, AcuityScheduling, Asana, and Zoom to run my business. I found MemberVault because I had been actively searching for a replacement to Clickfunnels.

I never liked the traditional funnel. It felt wrong to me. I could see through it and all of it’s sleazy tactics to grab consumers money at every turn and I knew the general public would see this too. I was using it because all the mentors in online business said this was the way to do business.

Yet, it never felt right and I had very lukewarm results. During a coffee meeting with Whitedove Gannon, I mentioned that I was looking for a replacement and she told me about MemberVault! As soon as I saw it, I knew this was the missing piece of my marketing engine that would make all the difference!

Finally a tech tool that was built to support the way I did business!!!

I am incredibly happy with MV. I LOVE Acuity, Asana, and Zoom. I’ve been happy with ConvertKit, but everyone’s raving about ActiveCampaign is giving me a bit of FOMO. πŸ˜‰ No time right now to make the switch, but may be something to consider in the future.

What made you decide to switch to MV? What is your favorite thing(s)? Least favorite(s)?

My favorite thing is that MV is a container to serve and interact with my audience.

My free lead magnet is no longer this static thing that I created months ago and is sitting, forgotten, in some drive on my audience’s computer. I’ve built a dynamic, living set of content that I can update at anytime in small ways. And that content is now fueling every part of my marketing engine from email to social media to blog posts. Integrated marketing at its finest focused on relationships!

My least favorite thing is the lack of a sales page editor to create robust “Learn More” pages. Web design is not a strong suit for me so I did get comfortable leaning on Clickfunnels’ drag and drop page editor. It may not be needed for success and I’d be happy to just use the text as long as it still gets results!

Tell us about this opt in: who will it help, how, what can they expect, how is it set up, etc

This opt-in is a year of support for a business through the owner’s pregnancy and first 6 months with a baby.

52 emails and modules to support working through the second and third trimester with exercises to prepare a business for maternity leave, support during maternity leave and exercises to make any shifts needed to a business for the owner to return to work as a mom with her desired lifestyle.

It’s filled with stories, tips, blog posts, podcast episodes, and business exercises that will support the user during a specific week of pregnancy or early motherhood. We live in a world of information overload and it’s overwhelming to wade through it all during this time. I’ve cataloged the best of the best to be consumed in bite-size chunks.

Users sign up and share their pregnancy week/age of child, and they receive an email each week linking to a module in MemberVault. The module includes information on pregnancy or child’s development, info for mom about their physical/emotional expectations for the week, a story about my experience, a business exercise to do that week (with plenty of rest weeks sprinkled throughout), and any resources such as blog posts or podcasts that are relevant to the week.

There are MV questions throughout the modules so I can engage with everyone and gain a lot of good info to make this product and my other services better. There’s also CTA’s throughout if users need more support and would like to sign up for my paid offers.

I’ve found that my clients need:

β€’ To know what they need to do to prepare for maternity leave

β€’ To know what kind of things they can shift in their biz to give them their desired lifestyle

β€’ To simply be told what to do in any given week. Entrepreneurship is overwhelming with all the different things you could be doing on any given day. Motherhood is filled with a million little decisions to make. It’s a relief to have one area where you can simply be guided and follow along.Β 

β€’ To know they are not alone or weird or failing.

This opt-in was created to support these needs with a weekly dose of encouragement, information, and direction.

What are your goals for this opt in and how do you plan to achieve them?

Here are my goals:

πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰ Goal 1

My list has 550 on it. Many are stale leads and not in this target market. With a rough calculation, I have 152 good leads on my list. I have two ideas for this goal and would love your thoughts on which one to go with for the next 30 days…either double this list size to 300 (gaining 150 to my list) OR signing up 150 to my new opt-in. (The second option will likely focus not as much on getting new folks on my list, but will focus both on new users and getting some of my current 152 into MV and this product.)

πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰ Goal 2 – Signing one signature product client.

πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰ Goal 3 – Signing five strategy calls.

I plan to achieve them with:

β€’ Guest blogging and podcast appearances

β€’ A re-engagement sequence to my email list.Β 

β€’ FB group networking

β€’ Promoting the opt-in at my meet-up

β€’ I’ve given myself a visibility challenge where I’m writing one blog post a day for the next 30 days (all tying into the opt-in) and repurposing content for FB and Instagram.

β€’ I’m focusing on Instagram as a platform this month to grow my following and this opt-in will be featured in my profile and all of my posts.

β€’ Reconnecting with a few entrepreneurs in adjacent industries to help promote this content.

β€’ Personal emails to warm leads.

And that’s a wrap! Hope this inspired you to apply this to your own account.Β Will you use the same strategy as Meghan to grow your list and get more people inside your MV account? Comment below and tell us! πŸ™Œ

If you’re a business owner who is pregnant, you should totally grab the Free Business & Baby Week-by-Week planner to navigate your business through pregnancy and your baby’s first 6 months!

And you can check out Meghan’s website here: