User Spotlight: Jaclyn Mellone

by Erin Kelly August 12, 2019

Jaclyn is a long time MV user who helps experts become the go-to authority….and who truly embraces the idea of relationship marketing. Here are 3 reasons why we love her account (see it in the wild here).

REASON #1: She makes MV look amazing with her spot on branding and graphic style.

MemberVault can either look like an ugly duckling, or it can shine — all depending on what you use for your product images, your log in page colors or background image, your logo and the images you use for module headers and actual content.

For the most part, Jaclyn keeps her product descriptions nice and short which keeps her marketplace view from becoming overwhelming.

She also uses the same style throughout her product images — picture of her as the background, brand color block, fun text and script. This immediately adds a calm and organized feel to her marketplace.

Want to recreate the look? Make sure that you have 3-4 brand colors that you use consistently throughout your account and images. Same goes for fonts.

Keep your product description text length and product image size fairly consistent (although you can get creative with a product you are promoting or want to draw extra attention to…possibly with a longer description or taller image).

REASON #2: She has a great mix of products in her marketplace.

Nothing makes us more sad than seeing an account with one lonely product in there. Whether it’s a free or paid product, that account is missing out on the magic of MV. When you showcase all of your offers, or the key ones at least, you’re building awareness of how you can help your audience.

You’re also gaining valuable insights around who wants what. Jaclyn spoke with another one of our users, Jaime, on her podcast, The Tech of Business, about how she uses MV to create a more personalized feel for her follow ups and launches. Listen here.

Currently Jaclyn has a free hub that includes a collection of her best free resources, her Go-To Gal course, her 6 month Accelerator + Mastermind, and a waitlist for her strategic intensive.

With that combination, she can see what free content is getting the most engagement which can inform what she creates more of. She can sell her course evergreen (and up the engagement using MV’s gamification and tracking features), and also track who is viewing it but not buying which will be fabulous leads for the next time she runs it live.

She can also track who views her accelerator and intensive products, and doesn’t apply or join the waitlist. (This is also a fabulous strategy to test out interest…put up a product in your MV that you’re considering, and see how many look-e-loos you get.)

And, of course, on all of these products, she can create really great onboarding experiences that flow smoothly from initial sign up, onwards.

Lastly, she is giving her audience multiple ways to engage with her based on their interest right NOW (to put that more clearly, she isn’t making her audience wait for a launch to get her help). She has free content, she has an evergreen course, she has an application program and she has a waitlist.

Bravo, Jaclyn! We love how customer centric your business is! πŸ™Œ

REASON #3: She keeps things casual, fun and specific.

Case in point, Jaclyn isn’t a content hoarder in her free resource product. She’s also super specific with each module so you know exactly what you’re going to get when you click in. That is enticing AF.

πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰Free motivational phone backgrounds with her brand style? Yes, please! (Also, genius for front of mind presence for her people…if you saw a motivational quote from Jaclyn on your phone for 3 months before you were ready to sign up with a coach…who would you turn to!?)

πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰How to write a FB post that converts? GENIUS. This is something specific that will generate a quick win for her people. And when you get a quick win from someone’s help? You want more.

πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰”What’s holding you back” mindset exercise. Love this! Mindset is such a huge hurdle for all of us. And Jaclyn is getting her people to really think, which puts them in the frame of mind to keep working on improving and getting results…and she’s there to help.

Jaclyn’s free resource product is full of more gems, so definitely go check it out! And remember, seeing what people are clicking on and engaging with is going to give her extra insights around general topic popularity, what a specific person is interested in (helpful with personal reach outs and follow ups), and I guarantee she has quiz questions helping her gather market research throughout these modules as well.

BONUS REASON: She’s making smart use of the bonus module feature.

In Jaclyn’s free resource product, she has a bonus module that unlocks after 15 EP (engagement points) have been earned. That means her most engaged people will unlock that module after going through the free resources.

Why is this so smart?

  1. It gives her a handy reason to reach out to her engaged audience members with some specific, helpful advice. This is gold for kicking off a strong relationship. (Will they buy right away? Not unless they are ready. But if they are? Heck yes!)
  2. It gives her amazing market research data for content creation, word choice when describing how she can help, etc.
  3. It creates urgency with the “free for a limited time” on the module image…aka a new subscriber will think “I need to consume these free resources so I can unlock that and get access before it goes away!”
  4. It’s FUN, and people like fun. They also like free, especially when it’s something valuable. It changes the conversation from “hey, sign up for my discovery call” to “hey, you just unlocked my help!”.

And that’s a wrap! Hope this inspired you for your own account. What do you like the most about Jaclyn’s account? Comment below and tell us!

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