The biggest pitfalls to avoid when scaling (and ONE big idea to try)

by Erin Kelly September 10, 2019

Join me and Jessica Rodriguez as we dig into the biggest pitfalls to avoid when scaling your business (oooh, these are tasty nuggets!), and scaleable ideas to try in your own business.

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Okay. This is totally going to come across as like the most click baity podcast episode title ever. But I love the way that your brain works. I think that you have so much expertise in this area. And so I want to throw this soft pitch to you and have you hit it out of the park with basically the, the biggest pitfalls to avoid when scaling. And a handful of scalable ideas to ponder with kind of pros and cons around, you know, this might be for you if x and it’s probably not a great fit for you if y because I think that that could be so, so helpful. And it’s also delicious clickbait so we can all enjoy that. Right? Even if we kinda hate it, like buzzfeed where you read the title and you’re like, I kind of hate myself while, while I’m putting the title, cause you know that it’s total click bait but you can’t help yourself.

So that is what I’m shooting for here. And just like we, we’ve been friends for a while now, for a year now, and I’ve so enjoyed seeing where are you taking your business, all the different evolutions that you’ve had and all along the way, like you just keep that amazing, like upbeat, positive, fun personality. And so I think that, you know, this is going to be a really fun episode to listen to. And I’m honestly kind of curious myself, not because I’m gonna run with any of the ideas, but just from a geeking out perspective. I’m curious what you’re going to share.


Okay. Ooh, scaling. I would say that this is probably one of the most [inaudible] buzz-worthy terms that you hear in online business, but with really good reason because when you do it correctly, it can absolutely amplify the impact that you’re having on the world without having to increase your work hours. But there are some common pitfalls that happen and that’s what I want to dive into so that you can get forward in a way that really is working for you. So the first thing that I see is way too many offers. So when it comes to scaling your business, instead of taking one offer and really allowing it to take hold with your audience, allowing it to grow and help more people, people will hop from offer to offer to offer when they’re trying to scale. So next thing you know, they have eight 10 15 different offers they, they are trying to sell in their business, which winds up just making their efforts more confusing on both themselves and their audience.

So nobody really knows what you are known for because you have all these different offers and you are under the belief that you’re scaling when really you are complicating your business. The second thing I would say is giving up too early with scalable offers. Now anything in your business takes time, so just like if you remember when you were first getting your very first one on one client and you’re trying to figure out how do I let them know what I do, how do I structure the process? I take them through how do I market myself online? How do I make sure it actually gets in front of the right people so that I don’t get these awful clients that I’m working with? Well, look, the same thing happens with scalable offers. No matter if it is a course, a group program, workshop, anything that you are looking to scale, needs time and effort in order to get the messaging down so that people understand what that offer is and result for them.

It takes time to find the right sales drivers. So a Webinar or a challenge, a video series, whatever is going to be the best fit for your audience to see that yes, this is the best thing for them. And most times when I come in a business, what I wind up seeing is that we have amazing offers right there and the person’s trying to jump to create another offer because they’re convinced that they haven’t had enough sales because their audience, he doesn’t want it when really we just need to refine it. We need to refine either the messaging or have the right amount of people coming in or the way it is being sold to them. It’s not necessarily the offer itself. So this is where you don’t want to give up so early. You want to give yourself that opportunity to try something else, to see what takes hold.

Even if it took six months to get like a really strong scalable offer, that offer could be lasting you for years in your business. It could be that one thing that you become known for, but you have to give it the time in order for it to take that kind of traction in your business. And then the third one, which I wish I could scream really loud but I won’t hurt your ears, is not understanding that promotion is not passive. So when you are putting out a scalable offer, you need to have people coming and to even know that it exists. So in order to attract those people, you have to show up, you have to embrace marketing for all of its beautiful components, which really is just you being you on a bigger scale. So you are being you out there on social media, your being you by sharing value with those on your email list, you are being you by having conversations in your dms and behind the scenes with other people who could benefit from the work that you do.

So while scalable offers can absolutely be passive or have passive elements in your business, you being on the front end and really connecting with people and promoting who you are and the value that you bring to your to the world is not going to be process for it to work. So I want you to really keep these in mind because these are almost check in points for me when I talk to people to see if they’re ready for a scalable offer. Are they ready to really focus in on one offer and make that a well oiled machine before adding something additional? Are they willing to go through the marathon of getting it to convert the way that they want? So will they be willing to refine and test and tweak so that that one offer can be really, really good and then they can just duplicate it with different offers, which makes their business easier overall.

And then 30 are they willing to show up for themselves for their audience and understand that that is a true component of your scalable offers selly of being able to be out there in, in front of people. So you will see that on my scale beyond one-on-one roadmap, which we’ll link up here in the notes, that it is going to take you through exactly how you make scalable offers work and a key piece of that is going to be the promotion piece is going to be showing up for that offer in yourself. It’s also going to go around selecting the right offer. Now if you are brand new to scalable offers, I do not want you to think that I have to make this crazy huge signature course like it is the only way to do it. I have to have all these lessons, a modules and bonuses and gas experts.

I actually made that mistake when I first started and let’s just say it was not my finest moment in business. When I went back to the basics, I was able to completely simplify it and what did I do? I focus on one of the following, which is what I want to leave you with first as I want you to think about a workshop training. So if this is your first step into a scalable offer in your business, the pro of this is the fact that you probably already have the kind of content you need in order to create a workshop that you can charge for. So this could be content that you’ve been speaking out, events it with, and maybe you just expand on it a little bit more. This could be things that you have covered with your one-on-one clients before and you’re just going to go more in depth and have a workshop that you’re either pre-recording or you could go over to a platform like zoom and run it live for those who are paying to go through this workshop and get one specific result.

So you’re taking one piece of the overall transformation that you bring to people and delivering it in a workshop style. If you want, you can provide worksheets or a workbook for people to go through if you are short on time. I have had plenty of clients who do a works shop style training and just tell everyone, bring your notebook, you’re gonna use it, we’re going to dive into everything. And then they just show up and bring the goods in their expertise just like you could do in person. It’s the only differences. We are doing this online so you could host it live the first time and then sell it passive off of that. So you could take that recording and sell it that way. Or You could just do the whole thing prerecorded. So if live isn’t really your style for this kind of workshop and you want to be able to build a little bit before you put it out there into the world, you can absolutely do that.

You have that piece. And I would say the only con with this is that if it’s a workshop to be aware of how long it is. So if you’re having somebody pay for a three hour workshop, think of how difficult it can be for somebody to say, Oh my God, I’m going to set aside three hours where if you are attending a live event, you already have mapped out that time. So one thing I like to do in order to [inaudible] navigate around this is that if it is a workshop style, I have people break it up into parts. So it is a three part workshop, so that may be each video is an hour each that they’re going through workshop style or if it’s delivered live, people get a break and come back at a certain time. This is just keeping people’s schedule in mind so it’s something you may want to consider there.

The second that has worked really well, not just for my clients but for myself, it’s one of my preferred ways to test out a new scalable offer is through a mini course. Now this means that you are doing a series of three to four videos. Most likely, I would say adding in worksheets and or a workbook as well, that people are going to go through one piece of the puzzle with you. So similar to a workshop where they’re going through one specific piece. However, for a mini course I really like when it is a topic that preps people for your next offer. So if you offer one-on-one, then I would think, what would I love people to know before they work with me? Or what is one of the concepts that I always have to cover with people within the first two weeks? Can that be turned into a mini course where you can record those three, four or five videos and take people through a mini transformation that allows them to really see your expertise.

This allows people to not only get a small piece of that transformation, it also allows them to see your style. So what is your specific training style and how you bring a transformation? The only con I would see in this is that they don’t get the full transformation you provide, right? They don’t get the full a to z transformation. But if you make it that is still a piece that impacts their life, business health, relationships in a positive way and allows them to get confidence at the beginning of what is possible for them, then you will create somebody who is a lifer to your business and your brand. So in that way they are ready for the next steps of the transformation and they can move along from there. A third one I’ll add in as just a quick bonus as we wrap up would be an ebook and when I say an Ebook I, I always think more workbooks style.

So we don’t want to give people just, hey, read this and hope that they do it. When you have something that’s interactive, such as a workbook, they can really take action on each piece, which allows the pro to be that they’re going to get a better transformation. They’re going to be able to go through that process and really dive into the elements of what it is that you do. And just like the mini course, just like the workshop, it gives them that intro to what it is that you do and allows them the choice to elevate themselves throughout your business into your next offers. So if that was helpful for you, I would love to hear about it. Feel free to come find me over at freedom driven success on all the platforms.