Tanya Watkins on how she leverages MV to create personalized content for her audience

Hey MV fam. What an honour it is to share my love of MemberVault, the Software and the community. Nowadays, about 70 to 80% of our customers and clients use MemberVault to access their programme materials and they love it.

My name is Tanya Watkins, and I help impact urban women entrepreneurs launch market and scale high ticket programmes. So after over 17 years in executive leadership responsible for over 100 and $20 million in revenue, I decided to take what I knew to help women build profitable brands. So my expertise centres around helping women build brands, with Lux high end services, thought leading voices to disrupt the marketplace, but also to attract high value clients. So women typically come to us when they’re tired of sitting around 10 to 20 K, in their business per month, which is kind of funny, because we see that like the highly coveted oh my god 10 k months is a lot of the conversation in our marketplace. But our clients are like no, like, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. And they’re ready to grow and scale in a smart and strategic way.

Our job is to teach them a leveraged way of selling their services, while packaging them and positioning them as the experts that they truly are. So we’re proud to say that our company’s been around for over five years, and we anniversary our six year in business at the top of 2021. So first of all, I love MemberVault My team and I are obsessed from an owners perspective, I just love MemberVault team and the community that they’ve built. I’ve seen nothing like it. And I’ve used trust me all the software’s like literally all the software’s. from a user perspective, my team and I love it ease of use and how gorgeous our site is. and so many others are seriously like, we just spent so much time looking at other sites like, Oh my God, look what she did here. Oh, my God, look what he did there. But just so gorgeous and so unique. It’s so cool, how we have the same software. But all of our sites look so different. And so us and it’s so awesome. So we get to give our students and our clients a gorgeous, yet user friendly experience.

And that’s really important to us, we want them to consume the content, get results, we want them to be able to integrate with their learning and become masters, we don’t want them to have to worry about fiddling with the software like that should be the most amazing experience that they get to log in, they get to love what they see. But most importantly, they get to consume in a way that’s comfortable, and gets them to continue, continue straight through and finish the product.

Okay, so we’re so happy to say that because we’ve switched to MemberVault, of all our clients and our customers, actually that we’ve seen an increase in compliance, we’ve seen an increase in follow through, we’ve seen an increase in logins and it’s so dope. So we use MemberVault to house a free membership, our mini courses, digital workshops, a premium course and then our high ticket group programme. So from free all the way to five figure investment we’re using, we use MemberVault for everything. And we love being able to analyse our users based on their logins, their activities, we say their nosiness because I’m like, look at this girl, she clicked this link 10 times, we have to go ahead and message her.

We love that we can see and be able to analyse our business and our customers and how they act and react on our site. And it’s so cool. What’s really cool, though, is that we then are able to attach actions to those behaviours. And that’s such a bonus. Right? So I mean, yeah, we can go in and kind of see who’s doing what, but to know that we can set up a behaviour and action that’s going to automatically trigger. Well, that behaviour happens. It’s just so cool.

One of the things that we like, and we found that works really well in our favour is the quiz feature. It is by far one of our favourite features, we use it for almost everything. But we specifically in strategically used it for our signature mini course, the high ticket messaging elixir. This mini course basically just teaches you how to rise and create high level content to attract who we call the golden girl, which is the segment of your segment. She is the one that’s ready, willing and able to buy and wants to buy like yesterday. So we teach in this mini course how to attract her through your messaging and your marketing. And what we found was that we were able to collect hundreds of responses to questions that we kind of woven into the course that allowed us to create more specific content, again to because again to attract her, but it also helped us shape the next level offer.

We knew that when we created the messaging elixir, it was going to be the precursor to our signature programme. And we had an outline of course, but because we took the quiz responses from the messaging elixir, we’re able to be even more strategic with the back end offer and really create from the space of Oh my God, I get her like I really get what she’s trying to do. I see what her desire transformation is, wow. Like, if we can get her to get to x, y and z, then oh my god, she’s gonna love us forever.

We were able to kind of tweak what we already knew we wanted to do, and leverage the quiz answers to make the programme, the next summer programme even better. So good. Another feature that we love, like many others, is the binge and buy marketplace. And so we knew going into it that we wanted to be strategic, because of course, I mean, there’s really no right or wrong way to leverage this, right, you can have all the programmes, all the products, or just a few, right, we’ve seen it done both ways, and pretty flawlessly, right. Um, but we knew that we wanted to be really strategic in how she ascended through the products, and stayed with us as an active customer.

And so what we found is that, typically, on average, prior to the strategy, our customers would spend anywhere between six to 12 weeks, Nara, like private clients, or private clients, they say, but our customers from six to 12 weeks. But we found that by leveraging the strategy, which I’m going to tell you in a second, we went from on average 12 weeks to 12 months, which would increase our customer lifetime value from 1200. dollars, approximately 220 $5,000 Oh my god.

So here’s what we’ve done. We started off with our free product, which is the boardroom. So you come into the boardroom. And you can see all the things, all of our free trainings. And from there, you have two options, which are two mini courses that are right there live on the site. And then also our coaching programmes, which she gets invited to upon completion of her mini course. And so what happens is through this Ascension from the free product, to our mini course, and then to the coaching offer, they’re able to stay with us 10 times longer than they would have otherwise.

And so we find that it is because we don’t have anything extra, it is exactly what she needs to go from starter customer just figuring out who we are as a brand, to Oh my god, this is who I want to help me, run my company, build my company scale these products and services that we have. And so we just love the fact that we get to kind of just say, hey, go to our member vault, and then she figures it out from there. We don’t have to, it’s the way it’s set up. It’s just beautifully and flawlessly executed. And so thanks to Mike and Erin, but also to us for to saying hey, how can we make this easy? Because we know well as we are consumers and we just love being in consumption. And we have so much already that we’re looking at and subscribing to how can we make it easy for her to say yes, one, but too easy for her to get results and and make it a no brainer for her to stay?

Because what we find is, yes, we get to say that we get to enrol all the clients and have you know, whatever. But we want to know that we can get tangible results, we want to see our clients get the results inside the container. So in this coaching industry, we’ve seen often where clients work with a coach or consultant. And then right when they’re on the brink of breakthrough, the 90 days are up, or the six weeks are up. And so we knew we wanted to do things differently.

MemberVault has really allowed for us to do that. So that is our suggestion to you leverage the binge and buy marketplace taking a look at what you want your Ascension ladder to look like, how do you want your clients to start your customers as they become aware of your brand? Where should they start? Where should they go first? And how should they ascend up your ladder? And what is that core offer that you want them to get to that you know is going to knock their socks off. But first you have to get them in. So think about how you want to start their journey with you and then go from there.

I hope this was helpful. I look forward to seeing you and hanging out with you in the MemberVault collaborative. definitely follow me on Instagram at Tanya B. Watkins and we have a podcast so subscribe to activate your massive brand if you are looking to learn how to launch market and scale your high ticket programme. And then for additional tips and tricks and free trainings. Go to tanyawalkins.com/start-here. Talk to you soon.

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