Pushing Thru + 3 Email Swipe Files

by Erin Kelly July 3, 2019

Whew. Some weeks I ROCK my email writing and it flows like magic…other weeks? I find myself wondering — “WTF am I going to say for the Thursday Throwdown?! My brain is MUSH.” (The Thursday Throwdown is our weekly email to our people)

Why am I sharing this? Because I know there is a tendency to look at someone ahead of us on whatever journey we’re on — weightloss, business, etc — and think “well yeah, it’s easy for THEM, but I’m X”

Yeah. It’s not always easy for me. I do love writing emails, but I’m not always in the MOOD, friend, and on those days, I have to push past the resistance. 

Thanks to our two kiddos, some mornings we wake up after a TERRRRRRRIBLE night of sleep and just making coffee feels like a feat. If you’re a non-kid person, and are giving me a hard eye roll, I get it. I used to be you.

If you’re a parent though… #FistBump #Solidarity 

We’re lucky in that both kids are good sleepers, which means we’re lulled into complacency. And somehow, it’s like they PLAN for it, when one of them has a bad night with multiple wake ups…they BOTH do. And they stagger them for optimal parents-not-sleeping scheduling. 😭😭☕️☕️☕️

So combine long weeks, busy days, no sleep…shake it up andddd = Perfect reason to skip an email, right? Our people would understand. I know they would. And inner mindset gremlins love to say all kiiiiiinds of crap:

– “Eh, they won’t care if I miss a week”
– “It’s not a big deal if I don’t send it this week”
– “People love your emails, but this one is going to be 💩”
– Etc etc

But here’s the thing, friend. Listening to that bogus gremlin is what makes emailing so difficult. When you go weeks or months between emails, your subscribers forget who you are and why they should care. 

YOU get out of the habit and start feeling incredible pressure to write the PERFECT EMAIL to make up for lost time. 

Even worse, you start your emails with “Sorry I haven’t emailed in awhile”. Don’t do that. Your audience doesn’t care, and if infrequency is a habit for you, they probably didn’t even notice. 

Your audience wants the answers to the problem you can help them solve.

That’s it. And when you send more frequent emails (I recommend once a week, minimum) you’ll see an increase in engagement, replies, comfort in your own skin when it comes to sending emails, and more sales.

All of those positives are WELL worth pushing past the resistance. Try it. Keep it simple. Don’t overthink things. I challenge you to send a quick email to your list TODAY with one of the below prompts:

EMAIL PROMPT OPTION #1: I hate when X happens, don’t you? Here’s a fix for it.

i.e. if you’re a food blogger/meal prepper/nutritionist/etc — 

I hate when I buy a bunch of expensive avocados and they ALL end up ripe on the same day. I mean, I love avocado but not THAT much. 

Did you know you can freeze it to use later? Here’s how.

And here are 20 great recipes that you can use frozen avocado in! [link to your MV resource]

EMAIL PROMPT OPTION #2: I used to get stuck on X. But then I realized Y. And that helped me Z.

i.e. if you’re a visibility strategist that specializes in a certain tool — 

I used to get stuck on WHERE I should show up online and “be visible”. I tried to have a presence on every single social media platform, but then I realized that meant I didn’t really spend time on any of them…so I got zero results.

And that realization helped me take a good hard look at where my audience really hung out, and where I was getting SOME engagement…and then I went all in on Instagram/Facebook/etc.

Here are 3 quick questions to help you take your own good hard look at where you’re spending your time online — and whether Instagram/Facebook/etc is the right place to spend your time. 

1. question 1
2. question 2
3. question 3

If you answered yes to 1 or more, ohh, we’re going to have some fun! I recommend starting here [link to a resource in your MV on optimizing/making the most of that platform, etc].

EMAIL PROMPT OPTION #3: When I struggle with X, here are 3 ways I deal with it so that I can Y.

i.e. if you work with parents that need homeschool resources — 

Homeschooling is NOT easy, especially when it comes to first thing in the morning and enjoying a hot morning beverage (I’m a coffee person, you?)

When I start resenting that I can’t have a moment of peace to gather my thoughts, and sip my coffee while it’s hot, I have some tricks up my sleeve to create that NEEEEEEEEDED space. 

And I’m going to share 3 of them with you so you can also create some “hot coffee time” for yourself (that’s what I call it, but feel free to sub in your favorite morning cuppa beverage).

1. easy entertainment idea #1
2. easy entertainment idea #2
3. easy entertainment idea #3

These all use things that you probably already have around the house, are quick to set up and perfect for ages 1-5. Use any or all of these so that you can enjoy your moment of peace before starting your day! 

And if you want more ideas on finding space in your homeschool day, you’ll love this [link to a free or paid resource in your MV, i.e. a curriculum, etc].

SERIOUSLY THO. Send an email to your people. 

Unless you already sent one today or yesterday. Then you get a pass. 😋