Petra Monaco on how she uses MV for lead generation

Hi, I’m Peter Monaco, founder of the Rebels Den, and I help creatives rebels and multi passionate to follow their dreams and focus on their goals.

I use MemberVault for lead generation to grow my email list. But I also use it for courses, bundles and memberships, because I just find it easy to use and connect the pieces for my people.

What I really like about MemberVault is that it’s easy to use and to get started with and you have the space and time to explore before you decide to invest. I also found that the community is really helpful to answer your questions. And this includes the founders, Mike and Erin, who support you unconditionally in order to get your MemberVault going. I recommend MemberVault for your freebies and challenges as it allows you to build your email list. And if you’re using quizzes and questions you can learn so much about your people and then really create targeted offers that support your community to grow and expand in whatever business you are in. You can find me at the

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