Over half of our buyers purchase using PayPal + and yours probably would too

by Erin Kelly November 25, 2019

Why I will soapbox EVERY DAY ALL DAY about including both credit card and PayPal as payment options for your products (something MV makes crazy easy).

*screenshot taken today from our recent payments view*

This is even MORE important if you’re serving a time poor audience, like parents or side hustlers…or ya know, like HUMANS in 2019. 🤣

Personally I can’t even tell you how many shopping carts I have abandoned because they didn’t have PayPal.

And it wasn’t because I love PayPal…it was because I was browsing/shopping/impulse buying while my wallet/credit card was inaccessible.

Don’t make it hard for your people to buy from you. Offer options. (Even better if you offer payment type options as well — pay in full, short payment plans, long payment plans, etc).

Good news!

Here at MemberVault, we make it easy for you to offer both. YAY!

Checkout the screenshot below:

Don’t have an account?

You can snag your free account, no credit card required, right this way: https://www.membervault.co/#signup

Once you get yourself all signed up, we have a complete get started breakdown with MV right here: membervault.co/start so you can start playing with your account right away 🙂

Anndd, that’s a wrap!

Now, I’m curious;

Are you a PayPal fan or hater as a seller? What about as a buyer? 🤔