Kronda Adair on using MV to create a waitlist and build a launch team for her podcast

Hey there MemberVault fans. This is Kronda Adair with Karvel Digital. And before we get into it just a little bit of an introduction, I am a digital marketer. And I sometimes identify as a recovering WordPress developer. And mainly what I do these days is I help women of colour with mission driven service based businesses to get their marketing on point, I have a couple of ways that I do this. I have a content boot camp where I take people through and I really teach them how to be people online.

So if you’ve been struggling making a transition from how to market in sort of brick and mortar style, ways to bringing yourself more online and being able to access new clients and new audience members on the web, I take people through and I show them how to create content that really attracts your ideal clients to you so that you don’t have to hard sell them. And then on the back end of that, sometimes some of my clients are struggling with their technology a little bit. So I have a done for you agency model. And we help people just get their technology wrangled. So if you’re overwhelmed, and you’re struggling with how to connect memorable to Active Campaign to your WordPress site, we just take care of all of that. So that is really what I and my team spend our days on. And today I want to share with you what I did with member Vault for launching my new podcast.

This fall, I launched a new podcast called begin as you mean to go on. And my producer really encouraged me to have to really go big with the launch and to have a launch team and have a specific group of people who signed up to help me with the launch by helping to spread the word by going in on a specific day to leave reviews to help us get the word out. And so what I did with that, instead of just creating an email list is I created a product and MemberVault. And it’s a product to promote my new podcast and people can sign up to that product to be on the launch team. And then there are a few benefits to the folks who did that.

So I had at this time, I have four modules inside that product. And the first one is just really a welcome and a thank you for folks who were interested enough to sign up to help me get the word out about the podcast. And then what they get for signing up is there’s a module that I posted the trailer, the podcast trailer, as soon as we were done with it, I posted the raw version. And then I posted the final trailer. And I actually invited folks to vote for their favourite trailer to vote for their favourite music to really get involved and give their opinion. Since you know my listeners are the ones who have to listen to that stuff. So I thought that would be fun.

And then the second thing that I did is I gave everyone who was on the launch team got access to the first three episodes of the podcast one week before it publicly premiered. So they were able to go into member vault, and I had those audio files uploaded. And they were able to get those episodes early, which was great and really helped when it came time to leave reviews. And the last module that I did was really a launch team resources. And in there, I spelled out step by step, everything that they could do to support the podcast. So specifically, where to share how to share how to go and leave their reviews. All of that is in the launch team resources. And one of the great things that I loved about this was the interactivity of it. Because I could use the quiz questions to ask people and get feedback. So when I was asking people to vote on their favourite trailer, I did that via quiz questions. One of the things I asked people is what kinds of prizes they would want for, for helping out. So I picked a grand prize winner, which was my favourite review. And then I had smaller prizes for just kind of like the first the first bunch of people to leave a review. So I was able to get feedback on what kind of prizes people would want. And that was super helpful. So just to give you some stats.

Let’s see in the product, I have 87 people who signed on to be on the launch team. And then within that had 38 responses to quiz questions throughout all of the modules, modules. So whether that was voting, whether that was you know, answering questions or committing to come to the launch party. One of the other things I did was I had a launch party on zoom, I hired a DJ and just got people together so that we could all have a good time and also like take some space within that time to actually go and leave reviews. So I was able to get you know, a really good chunk about 15 reviews, just within the first few days or a week of having my podcast and that was super, super helpful. And then the feedback that I’ve gotten has been really good.

One of the things I did was I just contacted everyone on that list to let them know, like, who won the prize, one of the things I didn’t think about is that when people leave reviews in iTunes, their handles tend to be, you know, their iTunes handle, which may or may not relate to their actual name. So I had to send an email and say, Hey, you know, jolly 1937, like, claim your prize. So I’m still waiting to hear back from that person. So that was one thing I didn’t think about. And then everybody who left a review, kind of in that first week, I offered them, you know, one of my resources, one of my courses that I have in member vault, so I’ve had really good response to that people being excited about that. So I think this was just a really great way to generate buzz and get people excited about my podcast. And, you know, as people subscribe, just to get notified of the podcasts, they go into that product, still, they still have access to that. And that means that I’ll be able to add, you know, new resources.

One of the things that someone said to me is that they really like it when I go on rants. And so I might do if I’m in a ranting mood, I might do a private podcast rant and upload it there. So I really treat that as kind of like my VIP subscribers. So you know, if you have if you have something that you’re launching, whether it’s a podcast or a course and you want to generate buzz and get a waitlist, I really recommend this technique for that. And I really recommend using quiz questions not just to sort of test people but to actually get feedback on whatever it is you’re launching. Because then you can really tell like who’s really interacting with your stuff and who’s really engaged with it.

So I hope this has been helpful and giving you some inspiration and ideas for what you can do with your remember bolt and if you want to learn more about me your Carvel digital, you can find us everywhere online at Karvel Digital. I’m most active in my facebook group, which is Service CEOs on Facebook and we’ll link to that in the show notes. And you can also find us on Instagram and you can come over to my MemberVault at Alright, thanks for listening and I’ll see you on the internet.

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