Jayna Pettersen on how she uses MV to curate and host expert interviews

Hey there, I’m Jayna Pettersen. I am in real life college professor. But I also help overwhelmed content creators to build online courses and membership sites that they feel proud to promote in member vault. And so typically when I’m helping clients, most of them get their content created in MemberVault, and then they think to themselves, oh crap, how do I get more leads and eyeballs to my MemberVault. And as I’m helping my clients, and they get to this point, I thought, I really want to be able to offer them something that helps them to market their MemberVault, but my backgrounds in education, not necessarily business or marketing.

So I decided what if I network with some of the best minds, the MemberVault Certified Partners who do know marketing, but also know how to leverage the features of MemberVault. So this past summer in 2020, I curated over 25 interviews with marketing experts to create my course market, your member vault.

What I did initially is I set up a course outline just in a spreadsheet. And then I approached these experts in our MemberVault Certified Partner Facebook group to take a sneak peek at the outline, that was a view only outline. And then if they were interested, I would send them a link for them to submit their information, and to set up their zoom interviews with me.

So here’s how I did this, I first set up an invisible expert interview product as as an intake portal. So again, this was invisible, so not seen on my MemberVault marketplace. And it was three basic modules. The first one was a Google form, were invited them to give me their their promotional details, their picture, upload their site, their links, their coupon codes, and for them to submit and claim which topics they would love to cover, that were part of my initial outline. The second module was to set up a scheduled zoom interview. So I embedded my acuity scheduler there. And the third module was, I wanted to give them the exact questions I’d be asking them.

And what this did with this private kind of invisible portal for the experts only is it made the process really hands off for me, once I sent them that that invite link to my member vault product for the expert intake. And then what I did, is I set up the product for my course. And I knew that I wanted to make everyone’s promotional page really standardised across the whole course. So I tried different things like copying and pasting it into, you know, a separate lesson. And it just didn’t retain the formatting. But what I discovered is that if I copy a lesson template, it retains all the formatting and it kept things super standardised.

I created my market your MemberVault course, from a single lesson template, I spent a lot of time on that initial template, setting up where I’m going to put their picture how all the spacing for their social media links, how to contact them, their coupon codes and things like that. And, and so what I was able to do is, as I interviewed each person, I would set up their one promo page for that person by duplicating my template, putting all their information into it. And many of these experts did more than one training recording. So what I do is just set it up once for their promo page and copy it for each subsequent training that they had. And I would export it into the module that it was going to live in in the in the market, your member vault course.

Then I would just wait until we had the Zoom recording and just add the videos into each one of those lessons. And so that made it super fast to duplicate every single lesson, but keep them very standardised across the entire course. So every single lesson that people would go through would look really similar. And then I also retained a page for each person in a directory. I thought, you know, after people go through the course they might go, where’s that person’s, you know, I want to look up that person and get in touch with them to do X, Y, or Z.

I also kept their promo page in an alphabetical directory at the end of market your MemberVault. And so this saves me a tonne of time I work with clients all the time and it is one of the number one things that takes a lot of time is all the formatting for each every lesson. And then, now that I have this larger course with all these expert interviews, now what I’m doing is I’m taking this course is designed by three phases of marketing. So whether you’re an initial business or you’ve been around for a while, and you need, you need to get more leads and conversions, or whether you’re at the point where you want to retain your current clients, or current students, or coaching members or membership, you know, members, keep them and and basically help you to retain them and give word of mouth referrals back to your site, I’m breaking this larger course apart into these three different phases.

What I’m going to do now is copy the entire course and eliminate out the other two phases. So this copy feature in MemberVault, is outstanding to save you time. And then what I can do is I can either sell those three phases as micro courses, or I can bundle them together to create one larger course or to sell two parts of the three or whatever it is. And so I really recommend this feature.

If you’re hosting a membership with expert interviews, you could use that private, you know, expert intake portal for those experts. I also was able to tag the experts as they signed up so that I could quickly email them if I needed to get updates on their codes or some their coupon codes or something like that, or find out their expiration dates or push the expiration dates, things like that. I also recommend this feature if you’re hosting an online summit, and you want to gather up and pre record expert interviews, or if you’re hosting a daily challenge, and you have it on drip, maybe it’s a three day five day seven day challenge, and you want every page to look the same that’s coming out. This will keep it very standardised.

Also if you’re creating any course or membership site, and you really want to add that standard look and feel across all of your lessons. This will save you a tonne of time with formatting each lesson by creating a lesson template and then duplicating it for each subsequent lesson. And then I really recommend duplicating the entire product if you’re going to sell it in smaller versions, and you want to also bundle it together. So I hope that gives you some ideas of what you can do with MemberVault, you can find me, my website is coursebistro.com.

My MemberVault site is coursebistrocafe.com You can find me on Facebook facebook.com/coursebistro or LinkedIn is linkedin.com/in/jaynapettersen. And so just to recap what what I just talked to you through. All right, if you are interested in curating expert content, I recommend creating an expert submission portal for people to give you their information, create that as an invisible product, and then allowable through a private link only that you would send to your experts for them to submit their information.

And then create one master lesson template and replicate it for each person or for each lesson of a course or membership site, and then populating that with information as it’s received, including the videos. And then you can duplicate this for any subsequent training that they do. If they do more than one training. You’ll have the information for each one. You can duplicate it and send it to the module that it’s going to be housed in and just add in their videos. And then it just makes things so fast, so fast and clean and standardise across your entire product. So I hope that helps give you some ideas of how to use MemberVault.

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