January 2020 updates: new design, upcoming quiz features, and more!

by Erin Kelly January 23, 2020

2020 is looking bright here in MV HQ! Our CTO, Mike recently held an FB Live where he spilled the beans on all the new and upcoming features that’s going to be added to the platform. If you were there live, thank you and you guys rock! If not, then no worries – you can always catch the replay here: https://www.facebook.com/membervault/videos/629157517897696

Prefer to read instead of watching the video? We got you! You can read the transcript below. Enjoy!!

No time to read the full transcript? Here’s the TLDR version:

  • It’s official – The FB live with Mike is a monthly thing where you’ll get all the fun updates on any newly released and upcoming features that’s going to be added to the platform. Woot!

  • The new design rollout is a huge success – thanks to YOU! We’re oficially out of beta and all new account will default to the new design but the old ones is still accessible and customizable.

  • Coming in the next 30 days:

  • Overhauling the quiz system where you can sort quiz questions and mark all as read. And your users can now upload files straight into the quiz answer

  • The admin login will be separate from the user loginwhich means that you can stay logged in as the admin and still log in as a user.

  • Improvement to the checkout process is coming in the next quarter.

Here are the full Transcript of the video:

Hello MemberVault community and welcome to the first monthly update of 2020. So what a year 2019 has been. We’re almost breaking 7,000 accounts now and things are moving along really, really great. So real quick, what we plan to do is, this update call will happen every single month. So we’re going to do this every 30 days and talk about what’s happened in the past 30 days and what’s coming up in the next 30 days. So this is a huge improvement to trying to communicate with everyone and trying to keep you up to date on what’s happened and what will happen. We’re really excited to do this. 

Real quick reminder – 10% of all of our new sales this month are going to be donated to the wildfires in Australia. There’s information inside the upgrade page about exactly where those are going to. So just a reminder and I know Erin mentioned it in emails too, but we’re really excited. I think we’re going to have a nice donation for them coming up this month too. 

We’re going  to talk about what’s happened in the past 30 days and then what’s coming up next. So we don’t have the past 30 days, but what happened over the holidays, the biggest news in MemberVault right now is the new design. And that has gone over really, really well. And I just can’t thank our users enough for just getting in there. Kicking the tires with it. We did something very unusual I believe for a tech company and we had a very open public beta and so everyone was invited to come kick the tires on it, like check it out. And although our design was gorgeous and we loved it and everyone loved it, as soon as you build something and put it out there in the world, there’s always going to be tweaks. or like, “Hmm, I didn’t realize it was going to be like that when I loaded it up.” And so there’s just been hundreds and hundreds of incredible bug reports, feed backs, and tweaks.

And we’re really  happy with how it landed. We are still making tweaks, so by any means, if you have feedback or if you find any issues, please let us know either in the Collaborative FB group or reach out to chat support or send us an email, send us a smoke however you want to do it. We are completely open and accepting of all this feedback coming through. We are officially out of beta now too with it. All new counts from now on forward will default to be using the new design as well. So it’s been a very good success and we’re still making tweaks as we go.

You can still use the old design and you still have customization – by all means you can still use those and we’re still updating the documentation in the back end. And of course we’ll be updating the preview so that when you preview your product, it’ll be in the new design and there’s all kinds of things like that that still need to be done. But overall it’s gone really, really well. So again, feedback is still wanted if you have it. 

The newest thing that went live was the new announcement bar and because of the feedback we got from the launch, we will be making changes probably in the next couple of weeks that will let you update and forced refresh that for people to, so we’re always making tweaks as this goes along.

So that’s why we want to have these monthly calls where you can get caught up. So in the next couple months it is going to be big for us. We did this big redesign and I’m so excited that for the most part it’s done because we have some really exciting features that we want to dig into. Details to come. But in the next quarter you can definitely expect improvements into the checkout process. We’re going to be revisiting our payment integrations and make them a little bit better which is going to make reporting a little bit better. We’re going to be overhauling things inside of the admin so things are just gonna get a little bit nicer all the way around, over the features that we have.

And then we’re going to be introducing some new features too, which is really cool. So coming up in the next 30 days, so this is what we’re going to do. 30 days isn’t that much time if you think about it, right? And so what we’re trying to do is give you kind of bite size information on what we’re going to do in the next 30 day sprint.

We’re also going to be paying attention to the quiz system inside of MemberVault. That’s one of the most powerful features of MemberVault. And actually it’s getting used quite a bit when it first rolled out. People used it here and there, but it’s become a very central part of the strategy of getting your MemberVault out there and engaging with your people. And so we want to keep improving that system. Based on a lot of feedback that we’ve gotten and just seeing how people are using it and seeing how we use it ourselves, we’re going to be introducing some new stuff.

So first of all, in the admin when you look at your quiz answers we’re going to be overhauling that system a little bit too. We’re going to be adding in the ability to like sorting down by question. If you actually dig into a user’s profile, you’re going to actually be able to get that really nice interface there as well. All that’s going to be moved over and just working a lot better.

I know if you’re anything like us, we have like 6,000 new new answers there. The ability to mark all as read for an entire product or an entire lesson is gonna be a big thing too. Uploading files is another. So this is something that I think a lot of people have wanted for a long time and this is the ability for people to submit homework or upload files to a quiz answer. So I know this has been a big worker and the people have workaround like, “Oh put your Dropbox link in there or something like that.” And that’s, you know, problematic at times. So we are actually going to be taking that and, and there’s going to be a new quiz, a question tight call, and a file upload.

People are going to be able to upload files too. If you want people to submit PDF or word doc homework, they will be able to do that  in the next 30 days, which is really exciting. Another thing is being able to resubmit answers. So we’re still playing around with exactly how that looks. But the intention is that a lot of people have been wanting to be able to resubmit answers. Right now it’s like once you put in your answer and you click done, that’s it. It can’t be edited. And we want to keep that, we don’t want people to be able to go back and edit the original answer cause then you lose the historical, you lose tracking of that. But it has been noted that people really want to be able to go back and re answer questions or add content to that.

We’re going to be overhauling that system as well to allow your users to edit their answers or at least resubmit it or add to it. Again, we don’t know exactly how that’s going to look. We’re going to play around with it, but that’s going to be a big thing that is allowing people to come in and re answer questions that they have already answered. Another big thing that I’m excited about and think everyone else will be excited about too is everyone knows that right now in MemberVault, you can’t be logged in as an admin and a user at the same time. The login systems are the same for both user and admin. And while years ago that was just a really nice easy way to do it. It’s certainly causes a little bit of friction and I know we’ve had it as well where we’re trying to like log out of the admin and then as a user and of course you’ve got to open up an incognito tab in Chrome.

So this month we’re doing away with that and the admin login will be separate from the user login, which means that you can stay logged in as the admin and still log in as a user. So this is huge to be able to preview it yourself. It’s also going to be great because now if one of your users reaches out and says, “Hey, I’m having this problem with X, Y, and Z”, you’ll be able to go into the back end of MemberVault and login as them. Just click a button and log in as them to see what they see. And I think that’s going to be really huge too. I know we like to do that for our service and products and so we want to extend that nicety to you as well.

So I just think that’s gonna make things a lot cleaner, and that’s all coming in the next 30 days. I’m sure we’re going to be slipping in some other goodies and updates. And we have a laundry list of feature updates too. Speaking of feature updates, we do want to hear any kind of requests that people have. I know in the past it’s been a little informal. And what we’re trying to do is really formalize that. And so Katrina and Erin have concocted a great system where we can collect this feedback in an organized fashion. And then every month what we’re going to be doing is meeting as a team to discuss what features need to happen next or what features we want to happen next.

These votes matter. I don’t want anyone to think that their feature updates are going into the void feature update requests. So if there’s something that you want to see done in MemberVault or done differently or some kind of change or feature addition, if you go to, https://www.membervault.co/featurerequest you’ll be rerouted to a type form and you can go ahead and submit your feature request there. We really want people to use that when they’re giving updates. The Facebook group is great. It’s great to discuss something. It’s great to get help on something. But feature requests kind of get lost there.

We do our best to try to make sure they get over there, but sometimes things don’t get seen because of Facebook algorithms and stuff like that too. So I’m going to also put this in the help section of everyone’s account as well. So if you want to go ahead and you know, something comes in, you’re like, “Oh, I wish I remember about that X, Y, and Z,” or “Oh, I wish this worked like this.” We got you. So just go ahead and request that. And what’s cool is that what we’ve been noticing on the back end is that a lot of the feature requests we already do, so it’s just a matter of educating people on how to use them, which is good information. And then a lot of them are the same type of request. Like the ability to update, upload homework and stuff like that.

Uploading files is something that people kept wanting it. So when something gets a critical mass like that, we’re like, great, let’s do it. So feature requests is a really important thing to do. We did a great redesign that’s live, everything’s great there. And then, moving forward we’re going to be hitting the quiz questions that’s going to be getting a big overhaul. We’re going to be doing some changes to the admin login. And then in the next quarter you’re going to be able to see updates to the checkout process, reporting admin. We really want this to be just that one system that you can use for all these types of things.

Andd that’s a wrap – and you’re all caught up with the updates! YAY!

What do you think of the new design and upcoming features? Drop your comment below!