Jamie Russell on how she uses MV to set up her buyer’s journey

Hey MemberVault fam. My name is Jamie Russell, I’m a Certified Partner for MemberVault. And I help service providers and coaches build a recurring Profit System so they can live a joyful life by design. I do this by teaching them how to transform their expertise and knowledge into binge worthy products and wildly engaging by your experiences. Using I’m sure you’ve guessed it, MemberVault.

And in this episode, I’m going to tell you all about how I use MemberVault to host a live video training. Mine typically was a word, but you can use the same principle for a multi D series or a workshop masterclass, whatever you want, how I then use that training to validate the offer that I was going to pitch during the training, and then how I turned the live training into an added piece of free content. That prepared my ideal buyer for the next steps, i.e my paid offers and my service offerings.

So I really liked how seamless, easy and affordable it was to shoot. And then I was able to let the learners write the copy for me. And what was really awesome about it is that they enjoyed doing it. And like I got raving feedback on how much they were involved and how they loved being involved. It didn’t just feel like they showed up and sat there and got to interact in the chat like it was a whole experience for them. I really recommend trying this. If you’re a service provider trying to move to a one to many offering. Maybe you want to get out of providing only services, maybe you want to switch your model to not have services at all I know that was the boat I was in a couple years ago, I just didn’t have time for services, and I needed to offer digital products. Or maybe you have an idea. And you’re just not really clear if that’s what your ideal buyer or ideal client would want from you.

So this way of doing things, it gives you the confidence to move forward. And know that on the other side of it, you have buyers already waiting for what you’re creating, I think is huge. Because how often do we create something and get an idea for it, and either never launch it? Or we launch it to crickets, like it’s not a good feeling as an entrepreneur sucks. And that is what I try to prevent is for you to not waste any time and energy. And the time and energy you do use is serving your clients or your people extremely well.

I’m going to tell you a bit about how about doing this, and why it was so different than other times that I’ve done workshops and webinars and the similar so Alright, so the first thing that I did is I really wanted to map out what the spires journey looked like. And I wasn’t quite clear on what my my my bite size offer or my low cost offer. I knew that I needed to do some training on my process. And trust me, I knew I wanted to give them a workbook. Because that is my first step when you’re with me as a client, as I give you this workbook and questionnaire and have you fill it out. Because without that homework in the beginning steps like it’s going to take forever for us to get going. And I like to just jump right in.

So I knew those two pieces about my free content. But I didn’t know what the middle was going to look like. And I knew at the end of it, I really wanted people to either go into something bigger, which again, wasn’t sure what that was going to look like, or work with me one on one in my my Voxer intensives. So I worked my way backwards. And I determined that, you know, this was what I was going to offer my workshop. This is what my title was, it was probably going to look like this in the middle.

But there was some pieces I didn’t know like I didn’t know how much time they wanted for me. I didn’t know what kind of templates they were searching for. I didn’t even know like it. If the terms sales funnel would turn someone off. And so I needed to answer those questions before I pitched them in the live training to go into the paid offer. So how I did this is I use one of member vaults, templates that they have, I believe I used a combination of the conversate start a conversation template and the waitlist is a freebie template. Because what these do is they have you basically survey the person who opted in for your thing, or in this case to registered for your workshop, as well as um, actually get an incentive for filling all those things out. So it’s killing a couple birds and let’s tell them like for me, they’ve registered for my thing. They gave me feedback initially. answered my survey questions and they got something free out of it. So that’s how that piece gets set up. And in the module or the lesson that had the questions in there, I had some very specific questions. And I only did I think five or six, just enough to give me the information I needed. And it was super quick for them to answer, which I think is a big piece of anyone is going to do this for you, it needs to be quick for them.

They need to have some sort of incentive. So I gave everyone an incentive, I gave everyone something for helping and for their time. And then I think I also gave a larger prize like I did a drawing or something during the, during the workshop. To set up the actual video training, I used a combination of YouTube and stream yard, you can use just YouTube for this. And you can do it totally free. You don’t need any additional tools and software or streaming stuff. And then I used to remember because I knew I wanted to have slides and I wanted to be able to screen share. So I set all that up scheduled, it took the URL and put it in MemberVaults. So when people registered and they got to this, they saw, it said YouTube Live coming on this date, they knew what was coming soon, they were always directed into MemberVaults.

And then the day of the live, I put the copy there that said, please click here go through to YouTube, so you can participate in the chat. So that modular lesson that hosted the workshop, I was changing the copy pretty constantly. But it was so much easier than all of the tech muck and mess and glitches and things that I had to endure with other workshops. So all I had to do was change and edit a little bit of copy depending on if it was pre or the day of the workshop. And that was it. The day of they didn’t we did the live viewing. And then I also told people once they were done with the live workshop, or if they were even watching the replay to answer two questions in that lesson that would tell me if there was content that was still confusing if they had any questions, and how they would describe this presentation to someone else.

So that gave me testimonial that I could then plug into my email testimonial to plug into the Evergreen version of this product. And it allowed me to answer quick questions and give them even more information than what they got in the workshop. So I was able to serve them a little bit more than just what we did there that day. So we just kept the engagement going, like we just kept going with the engagement. Once the video is done again, I went back, I changed a little bit of the copy within the lesson, I added timestamps for people, which I got a lot of feedback on how awesome that was that I added timestamps so they could know what to fast forward through and to, especially once the pitch was over, and that wasn’t necessary for them. I gave them a copy of the slides, and I gave them the.

I just think it’s when people are able to just roll up first, like people are saying that webinars are live and they’re not really live and go into the MemberVault Collaborative. I did ask the group, I asked the club like what really annoys you about workshops and webinars. And it was amazing the types of responses that came from that. And part of that was just my own market research of like, what do I not want to include in this? Like, what are what are people looking for. But it also just was really refreshing to see people’s perspective on workshops. So that is a great post if you want to go search for it. Okay, so I rolled out the red carpet. And then there was extra gamification, like I said, where I was delivering bonuses to people if they answered those questions at the end. I also was giving a promo into like a $7 product, which I’m not going to be doing anymore when I go to roll up the second version of this, which I’ll talk about in a minute.

So after that the Evergreen was ready people could still sign up, they could still register, they still got the same set of emails, they still got pitched into my paid offering. Because the quiz questions were had to be answered by certain dates, the pre questions. I was able to use those to write the copy for my bite size offer, I was able to use those to write my pitch. So it was really really fun to be able to see exactly what people wanted for me how I needed to deliver it took a lot of things off my plate, it made me realise like I was making my offer far too complicated, that I could simplify things down that people were actually going to pay me for this thing. All those like imposter syndrome like mindset issues that we combat as entrepreneurs right like they helped me through that, and they didn’t even know it.

Okay, and then the best part for me is there was no waiting, I didn’t have to sit here and play the upload download game with the video, I didn’t have to mess with any tech afterwards, the video was already in MemberVault ready to go. It was already there. I didn’t have to upload anything. It was still streaming to YouTube. I just changed the copy. So they didn’t go to the YouTube or the chat anymore. It was all right there in the module. So some people have asked me like, why didn’t you just send them to YouTube? Well, because if I do that I lose all my tracking. I don’t see what modules and lessons people are viewing and seeing they can’t do the quiz questions like they lose all of that gamification and engagement piece, which is why we should all be using member vaults in the first place.

So yeah, I could have set them straight to YouTube, of course, but I need them and memorable, like, they need to be in MemberVault. Because they get a better experience that way, even though, when you explain it, it sounds a little convoluted, actually super, super easy. Um, because I’m telling you, like, I’ve had workshops before, I was not able to focus on my slides or my content or any of that stuff. Because I was too busy dealing with tech issue. And then my sales emails never got sent.

Like I sent the first one I think and that was it. So that was a nice little lesson to me to test everything. And I wanted to mention it. is like, I was able to reflect back on it. I looked at the feedback and what people were in it for, they love the experience, but they would have really preferred this to be like a three part video, they would have preferred me to break it into three pieces. So now I’m looking at going back rerecording, it’s allowed me to again, go back through my content, remove things that weren’t necessary, really drill down to the topics that I did. And just make it that much more. It’s that much more of a learning experience for people. So that is exactly what I came here to tell you about today is how to host your offer, validate the next offer going from paid a free to paid, and then turning it into an automated piece of content that you can now use as what they call a freebie or lead magnet that really easily goes into the next step.

I think this is the piece that was missing from what I’ve explained so far is that when you think about that journey, they’ve gone through the webinars, they’ve done the workshop, they’ve done the workbook, they now have their homework already ready to go super easy to now convert them from a free person into a client because they’ve already got the free stuff done. It’s also really easy to now go you know, the offer, you know, your idea, you know, your beginning steps. So now, here’s the resources and tools to make it on your own and do it and I’m here to support you along the way.

So you just really want to think about it from their shoes and their perspective. What do they need at each point? And how are you going to deliver that? How are you going to add an extra content for people that might be struggling and really just like fill in those gaps as well. So I hope you enjoyed this chat today. I hope it was nice and short and also packed full of goodies and information.

If you want to find out more about what I do and how I can work with you. My website is jamierussells.com and you can find me on Facebook and Instagram using /heyjamierussell . I hope to see you in one of my DMS. I hope to see you in the MemberVault Collaborative where I’m usually hanging out posting content as well. I’m sure I will see you on another podcast episodes. So have a good rest of your day.

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