Ira Kadir on how MV made it easy to pre-sell her template kit in a weekend

Welcome to Made with MV podcast. And in this episode, I’m going to share how I use MemberVault to create and launch my digital product. It’s called the Dreamy course kit and pre sell the Course Quickie kit in a weekend. Let me tell you, MemberVault makes it so so easy to do this. And I’m spilling the beans on everything from my own thought process down to the product structure so you can implement this in your own business as well. But before we get into that, let me introduce myself.

My name is Ira Kadir and I’m the co founder of Golden Whimsy studio, a graphic design studio, where my passion is helping small business owners and entrepreneurs uplevel their visual branding and courses, even if they’ve never designed anything before, through my well made and thoughtfully designed Canva templates. I’m also a proud member of Team MV. So without further ado, let’s get started on this podcast episode.

So first things first, if you are not familiar with the term pre sell, it’s essentially a way for you to put out an offer and let people buy your product before you even finished creating them. You only create your must have content first without having to worry about the nice to haves. This way you can focus on creating the best possible content for your audience without falling into feelings of overwhelmed. Sounds cool? Then keep listening as I’m going to talk more about this in our time together.

One of the biggest advantage to pre selling is the fact that you’re able to gather valuable feedbacks from your first few customers and clients so you can fine tune in make the product even better next time you launch it. For this purpose. you can use MemberVault quiz question feature, which is super easy and organised way to gather those feedbacks. Be sure to include questions that can help you with your product development. And when you’re writing your sales page, example questions would be why did you decide to purchase this product? Or what do you want or need to see inside the product that will really help get you the result that you want. Or even as simple as how I can make this product works better for you. These are all valid questions that you can ask. And you can even use this golden nuggets of insights to give you ideas when your next product that you’re going to create.

Really the pre selling when it comes down to is creating that win win situation where your people can get access to your product at a great price, and giving you more than enough time and making you even more comfortable to finish creating your product as people have already paid for it. Now, let’s get into my own thought process on how I structure my product in MemberVault. So it makes for a seamless user journey and a good experience for people who go through it.

My product is essentially a digital product and not a course. So I decided to approach this a little bit differently. I know a lot of people that sells digital product like me just need one module and one lesson, which is totally fine and okay, there is no right or wrong approach just what feels best for your product. No point in making it hard for you people to consume your content. Always remember to put your people front and centre when it comes to creating destructure of your product. So my product is a kit full of Canva templates. And the way I organise and structure them is that I put each categories into its own lesson.

What this looks like is I have a module called download your kit here, where I give them all the links to the templates in one central place. I also uploaded a PDF where they can download and store in their computer that makes for an easy access later. Then I break it down into a couple of lessons based on its categories. So there is a lesson called Workbook templates and another called slide deck templates. This way, it’s easy for my users to go in and grab exactly what they need without having to search for it. So let’s say they’re looking for social media template, right, they can just go straight to the lesson without having to go into an endless loop to find exactly what they need.

And for a digital product, it might not make sense to have them click on the module and then click on the lesson to get to the templates. So those are cool hack that I’m going to share with you today. Ready. So all you need to do is name your module, the exact same thing as you for slicing. And what this does is it actually bypass the module itself and go straight into the lesson. Now you have even less thing to worry about and less work on your part because you don’t have to create content for your module and your customers can grab exactly what they need.

This is also part of the reason why I can easily use MemberVault to upload all my templates and have it done in a single weekend as it really reduces the time that it takes to set everything up. Another reason is, of course, the fact that I don’t have everything ready to go just yet. So all I need to do is upload the templates that I do have, and that I have finished creating and leave the rest in a locked module. For the locked module, I don’t have to worry about adding any content to it, I just create the module and set the date for that to be unlocked. And it’s done. what this looks like for me is I have a social media templates and I’m still in the middle of creating. And when someone purchased the kit, they’re not able to access the module just yet.

You can use MemberVaults drip feature for this. And to do this you’ll need to set the product type to date drip. This is where you can set a date on when the content of the module will be unlocked. This is actually a neat feature, because it just means that people can see exactly the date on when the module will be unlocked for them. So that’s really handy, because people can see it at first glance and not having to wait for you announce when it will be ready. That’s another key of pre selling a product is to make sure that you already have some type of content and materials that your users can use and interact with while they wait for your full product to be unlocked.

Okay, now we get into the pre selling strategy and what this looks like and how I set this up in MemberVault. First is you want to set the price for your product, obviously, right. And what I did was I give a special price where I heavily discounted the price. And once the full kit is unlocked, the price will increase. This also gives it a sense of urgency for people to purchase it. And what this does is they’re guaranteed to lock in the lowest price and get all the feature updates for free. Again, a win win situation here.

If you don’t like the idea of giving out discounts, you can always give them an early bird bonus, like giving them access to other products, which is totally doable, an extra easy with MemberVault using the action features or offer a special Q&A session or master class with you. Another thing to note is that when you pre sell people are paying you to get your product created. This is one of my very favourite reasons why I’m an advocate for pre selling your product. This literally will help you save so much time and energy and even money because you know you have a winner here where people are willing to pay even before you create a product, it means that there’s a need there and it’s an idea worth pursuing. You can also set a goal here whereby you only create the product if and when you managed to sell however many copies of your product or spots to your courses. If you don’t achieve the goal, then you can always do find back the money and try another idea on for size. This way you won’t get stuck thinking that you’re left with a product that isn’t selling and no way to recoup your initial investment, be a time money or energy when you go about creating them in the first place. With that said, even if you only have a few sales at first, you can always decide to go ahead and create them. The key here is to know what’s best for you and your business. And only you will know that.

So once everything is up and loaded and ready to go, you can send them an email to your audience and let them know about your product. I like to think of this as a soft launch. So maybe a couple of emails and most and only to your email list. The most important thing to keep in mind here is don’t get fancy with this. Think of this as your minimum viable offer. For my product, I just used a teaser message feature in MemberVault. And it gives us all the details of my kids. So this act is a sales page. And this also makes a seamless purchase process where they can simply click the buy button. And that’s on right on the page to complete the purchase. Easy peasy. I even saw and have purchased from someone who sent a link to a Google page doc and use it as a sales page, which I think is brilliant, by the way, totally shifted the way I look at selling and make it simpler and easier to do business on my insurance. So there you go, you’ve now have my permission to make the process and workflow as simple as you possibly can. The simpler, the better.

You can try this pre selling strategy if you’re a course creator or a digital product creator because it really helps simplify the workflow. And it really reduces a lot of stuff in your to do list, which most of the bells and whistles that you don’t really need, especially when you’re creating your first product. You can especially implement the method that I talked about if you’re a digital product creator and you’re selling ebook templates, etc. Because the default framework of MemberVault is being designed for course content, but there’s a great workaround that you can do in order to make this platform works for you.

Also the pre selling strategies brilliant when you want to create a momentum that will help you get to the finish line versus, you know, giving up in the middle because it was too hard or too much work. I know because I’ve been there. And now I decided to just pre sell everything before I create them. And MemberVault literally has all the tools and features that you need, in order to make it easy and stress free for you. It can even be fun, I promise because I remember I had a lot of fun. When I set this up and memorable. It doesn’t feel like work at all.

Okay, we’ve covered a lot in here. And I hope this is helpful for you. So now go out there and share your brilliance with the world. We all need what you have to offer. What I did was proof that you don’t have to create a perfect offer. Because there is an easier way, the way I see it is I if I have a perfect product, I already launch it too late. So keep that in mind as you go through this ordering rewarding journey and bringing your product out into the world.

If you have any questions at all or want to continue this conversation and geeking out about all the tips and strategies and how you can implement this pre selling method in your own business or you just want to say hi, be sure to drop me a line at or DM me on Instagram. My handle is @goldenwhimsy.

You’re also welcome to take a peek at my free Dreamy Course Kit where you can get access to all the templates that you need to help simplify your course creation process. You can go to the show notes to find the link to download it. That’s it. I hope you guys enjoy this episode and find some helpful ideas that you can then implement in your business. Signing off for now and I’ll talk to you guys soon.

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