How to know when someone is ready to buy (and what to say)

by Erin Kelly September 10, 2019

Join me and Anna Frandsen to talk buying cues (spoiler: you’re probably already hearing these!) and how to map your customer journey and have natural conversations for better buying experiences with your audience.

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Yeah. When you think about making the transition from let’s geek out about whatever your chosen specialty is, like with you’re an audience member, like let’s kick out about talking about Instagram or how you can you know, eat healthier or whatever it is that you, you help people with making the transition from that free connection, that free content delivery too, quote unquote, Hey, buy my thing. How does that make you feel? Is that kind of like a oh my gosh, am I like palm start sweating and and I feel really uncomfortable and I don’t really feel like I do it very well and I worry about being pushy or that people think I just, you know, want their money. Obviously this spring, this brings up a ton of resistance and ugliness for the majority of online business owners, I would say. I think for, for most of us and even when you’ve pushed past it, I think and, and really work on your mindset and, and gotten a lot balanced.

I think that it can be like a really hard transition from, you know, let’s just have a conversation too. Buy My thing. And, and I I want to talk about your blog posts that you did cause I thought it was so genius and for a long, long time years now I hold you up on a pedestal of being the number one person for relationship building. I think that you have a special skill in that area. I, I love watching you with your audience. I love dealing with you on a one to one level. You have, you have just transcended well, what I think is possible in that area in terms of, you know, I’ve gotten postcards from you. I love when you sent those giant like sticky post it notes with markers so that I could like be mapping out staff when I came back from maternity leave.

You just, and you’re so good about like frequently, but not super frequently, checking in and just, you know, asking how I am. And it always feels really [inaudible] real and personal and not like you’re using it as a launch board into, hey, by the way, I have this thing that I’m doing. And one of the things that I wanted to highlight first of all is that we’ve actually never, I’ve never worked with you one-to-one. [inaudible] I feel like at some point I’m going to end up at a retreat or a mastermind or something. And so I think that that’s kind of like an interesting conversation point is, is building relationships with people without the expectation that they’re going to buy right now. Or maybe they won’t ever buy. Maybe I will just always be a refer for you. Cause I know I’ve referred quite a few people over to work with you at different, different levels.

And so keeping, keeping your okay, what is the best word for that? But just staying open to the possibilities when you’re building relationships with your audience members. And it doesn’t necessarily have to mean that they are buying whatever it is that you’re wanting to sell right now. It could be that they’re going to be over top, refer to or they’re going to work with you and a year. And I think that you do a really great job of that because I think that the tendency is to do one or the other. Either you’re really pushy and you only reach out to people, the collective you, of course, you only reach out to people when you have something to sell. And we’ve all experienced that where we’re on somebody’s email list and they like don’t send any emails and then all of a sudden there’s a flurry of emails going into a launch and that feels really icky.

And then I think the other tendency is to just always be give, give, give, give, give, give, give. And you never really give, again the collective view. You never really give the opportunity for people to go from, you know, free audience member to an actual client because you feel really uncomfortable about making that transition. And so the blog post that you did that I thought was so, so good, he’s talking about the eight buying cues that you can keep an eye out for.

I’d love for you to just, you know, talk a little bit more about buying cues, the eight buying cues that you listed and making that transition in a conversation that feels really human, that feels really personal, that feels not pushy. And how to get from, I’d never done that. Like I’ve never had that conversation with someone to getting more comfortable with asking someone to clip by in a way that feels good on both sides.


Hey, hey Erin, you are so kind. And I just so enjoyed being connected with you in this entrepreneurial world that you brought up so many good points. And I would love to talk a little bit today about buying Q specifically eight buying cues that people listening to this convo can say, oh my gosh, I think my audience is giving me buying cues and I’m just started taking advantage of them because like you said, I think we can build genuine relationships and also invite people to our paid work. And I think a big part of this is like you were saying like what’s the energy that we carry when we transition from nerding out to being direct and offering someone to, you know, whatever is download our free thing, purchase our paid thing. And for me it’s excitement like, and so I think that’s what like genuine excitement because I genuinely believe in what I have to offer for paid and my business.

And so I think that getting behind and knowing that you have not only an offer that you feel pumped about, but also a sales process that feels so good and non sleazy to you is what’s gonna make the big difference in this. Because I’m going to go over the eight buying cues, but if you are seeing these buying cues from your audience but you don’t feel really good about your offer and you’re not feeling really in integrity with your sales strategy, then that’s not going to work. So that I think is really great place to start is the number one ask yourself is my offer align? Right? And if you’ve been in business for a while, it may be a great idea to read brain dump. I have a a freebie called the client map. And in the client map, what you do is you brain dump everything in your business.

You’ve been in all my business for a while. You may have like 17 freebies that you need to pair it down, right? But the goal is that we have one clear path to take our clients from free to paid, right? And so brain dumping all the offers you currently have going down from their brain dumping you know, what you’re doing to sell your brain, dumping your content plan, what you do for content, where you show up on social media if you have a regular newsletter just really brain dumping it out and honestly probably eliminating some things if you’ve been in business for awhile so that there’s that clear path, right? Because I think the easiest way to no how to sell to someone is to know where they’re at in our client relationship journey. So only got so much easier for me when I realized I didn’t have to sell someone my like $7,000 signature offer from a social media post, right?

What do I sell them? Well, it depends, right? If there’s someone that’s never heard of me before, I’m selling them on a Freebie, right? Selling is not just for Paige stuff selling us for free stuff. So I am communicating, Hey, you’ve got it to get into my free Facebook group there. You’re going to meet your newest Biz bestie and you’re going to get a ton of free value and trainings from me on growing your business. So head over to heart center, and check that out. I am selling people on joining my community far before I’m selling them on the next thing.

If they’re in my community, then depending on what I have open, it may make sense for me to sell that into a discovery call, right? And again, I’m still not selling them into one of my programs. I’m selling them into the power of hopping on discovery call with me on discovery calls.

I have had people make massive money breakthroughs. I have had people hop off a discovery call, decide not to work with me, but still go on to spine climates, right? And so when you get really sold on your sales strategy, for me, I still love using discovery calls and you’re able to sell someone on a discovery call. That’s the magic, right? Because it’s on the discovery call that you’re able to solve in your package if that’s asset, right? But I think sometimes we put our s put so much pressure on ourself to spell some along the end game instead of the next step.

And you have to know those steps in your business in order to be able to communicate that. Right? okay. So let’s say for a minute, you know, you have all of this set out. You know what the next steps are. You know what your free thing is used. Now you know what your sales strategies that you sell, maybe you don’t do discovery calls, maybe you love doing challenges. I also love, especially at the start of my business, I love doing giveaways, but again, even though it’s free, you still have to sell it, right? Okay. So all of that aside, let’s when we bought my screen over lessons.

So I’m going to go over buying cues that you may be hearing. If you are not hearing these from your audience, it’s a great sign that you need to do something more to get by the cues. Because I absolutely advocate for showing up with value first in front of your audience before you’re selling to them consistently. And so if you’re not getting a lot of buying cues, it could be because you’re not showing up with enough value, right? And really helping your audience get results in advance before they pay you anything. So however, if you are listening to this and you do notice that one of these buying cues is familiar to you, start to note it because the more that you would knowledge that, oh, actually, maybe I am getting a bind to you or to the more you’re going to see more.

Right? So even if you notice one buying queue, start to be a detective and you’ll start to notice, oh, maybe if my audience is letting me know that they want to work with me and it’s my job to let them know the next step. I think we have this like fantasy that we just want clients like knocking down our door. And surely it is fun when someone like pops in out of the blue and like wants to work with us. But I think we also need to be willing to be forward, right? And be direct and be able to say, hey, if you want to work with me, I would love to connect on discovery call. Right. Being vulnerable. I don’t know about you, but I still feel vulnerable in my sales process all the time. Certainly it’s not as scary as it used to be, but there is some level of vulnerability when you love your work and when you are putting yourself out there to sell it.

So how I defined buying cues is a signal from someone letting you know that they may be interested in working with you and learn or learning more about what your work is.

Some that you may have heard before are one that you may laugh at, like, do you offer discounts? Can we meet so I can pick your brain on this? A lot of students will say, Oh, I’m still annoyed with this. For me, I think these things were thrilling because what they’re telling you is, hey, I’m interested in what you have to offer, right? I don’t know if I’m ready to pay for yet, but I’m fascinated by you and what you’re offering and how you’re showing up in the world. So this is a good thing and this is really a first move and it’s time for you to take the second move, right?

And you don’t want to be sales and you, but you don’t want to do the opposite and do what I used to do, which is hide, right? It’s okay for you to be the leader in your business and let people know how they can work with you. In a paid capacity, you’re not forcing them, you’re just being clear and remember you’re trusting that there is healthy human back and say no. So let me go through them one by one. Buying queue is someone that’s frequently engaging on your content. Now this doesn’t mean that every single person that comments on your content is going to buy from you, but if someone is frequently engaging, that is a great opportunity for you to engage back and to really connect with them. Let’s see. Another one is if someone tells you I love your work so much and I just recommended it to someone, I would stress at this blog post and I just forwarded it on.

Even though they’re sharing that they are sharing it for a friend, right? It’s likely too that they’re really feeling what you’re sharing. If you find that someone is repeating your own messaging back to you. So if you feel like, wow, this person must be watching my videos a lot because they are sharing exactly what I believe in. Another is if they’re asking pricing details or specific questions about your service. A lot of times, like on a sales conversation or not, right? If someone’s asking, well, do you offer a payment plan? Right? Or, you know, when does this thing start? They wouldn’t be asking these specific questions if there wasn’t some sort of interest in working with you. And now they’re one that I think people get ruffled by is really objections, right? Like, oh, that’s so expensive, or oh yeah. And I think someone, some people say like, oh, well they’re not my ideal client.

The other perspective is, okay, I don’t know about you, but I don’t seriously look into something that I’m not interested in buying. So it means that they’re really looking through things and I’m getting to the objection as a good thing because then it means that you can help coach them through it, right? You can really connect with them and see if it’s something that is valid or if it’s something that’s just a fear. Okay. So I hope that these were helpful. You can catch all of them on my blog posts at [inaudible] dot com slash blog but the overall idea here is to remember that Sally and people really asking you to sell to them is all around you. So do not be afraid to do it.

You can see ALL of the buying cues over here on Anna’s blog.

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