How Sasha became a top MV account with her membership, plus a sneak peek at the email that did it

by Erin Kelly November 20, 2019

Memberships can be a tough thing to sell, much less RUN.

But I wanted to share Sasha membership product and a recent email she sent her members because she really is doing it *RIGHT*.

Cheerful, fun engagement and support will win over too much content ANY DAY. Across the board, but most especially with a membership program.

Sasha’s Marketplace

Here’s Sasha’s membership product in MV:
^^ Be sure to note the teaser module! Love when people make use of that feature. It’s essentially like offering your audience a taste test. #NomNom

And here is a recent email she sent her members (sharing with approval, note this is a paid program so the links won’t work for you…this is just for viewable inspiration):

Why is this such a great email? Well, first off, sending it landed her in our “most engaged MV accounts” leaderboard — so you KNOW her people engaged with it. 🤣

But let’s break down the components of why it’s awesome, shall we?

  • the header image reminds the person why they are getting the email
  • It’s quick and easy to scan read
  • tasty actionable bullet points w bolded important items
  • MV one click links take the subscriber right where Sasha wants them to go
  • announcement about one NEW piece of content
  • announcement about a giveaway, how to be eligible and when she’ll be announcing the winner
  • a link to the private group WITH a link to a post that is going to make them want to click to learn more
  • shoutout link area to resources she thinks will be helpful to them

WELL DONE, SASHA!!! And thanks for letting me share here. 😍🙌

Here are other MV accounts with membership products you can check out:

Chrissa Benson – Club Kitchness

Nicole Culver – Shift University

Kyla Sims – Secret Pinners Collective

Jenni Waldrop – Fuzz and Birch

While Jenni has a custom tool for her membership, she keeps it full using MV as her top of funnel engagement tool to take blog readers and turn them into great leads for her membership.

You can see her account here ( and listen to more insights around her super successful membership strategy here: