Dee Woodward on how she uses MV for her client portals and brand design project

Hey there. I’m Dee Woodward, and I’m a brand strategist and designer for the fiercely ambitious business owners who really have the ideas and the audacity to change the world in their own unique way. They just need a little bit of clarity and confidence in their brand to do it. And through my five step power brand process, I help turn your vision and your strengths and your personality into a brand that really dazzles your audience and dominates your industry.

And I use MemberVault, for everything. I use it for my group coaching programmes for my brand design course for my design template products. And as a vault, for really hosting all of my one to one brand client assets, which is a what I wanted to talk to you about here.

So for years, I have tried all sorts of ways to share the host of files that working one to one with clients on their brand designs inevitably ends up with. So by the time we’re done redefining your full brand, there are worksheets, there’s video calls, there’s coaching snippets, there are full transcripts of all the genius that kind of connects who you are, to who you want to be and how your brand should really show up to get you there. And then that’s before we’ve even started on the Lego design files, all the graphics, and all of those brand assets, the visual assets that you would really expect to see from a brand design project.

Now I was sharing emails and Dropbox files, and I tried all sorts of different file transferring sites and Google Drive and all of the different ways that you could imagine, to help share these files with clients. And they all worked, okay. But would always end up in missing files or emails, you know, going back and forth trying to locate that final version of the web design for the product that you’re going to be launching next week. And it was always a bit of a stress around locating the right graphic to use at the right time. You know, do you know where you put that product markup graphic that you created ready for the launch for that new programme that you’re creating next week? What file should you be using? Was it This one was it that one, and there could be a real kind of stress around locating and using the right graphics, when it came to the end of working on brand design projects. And you can kind of see where that’s going, there was a lot of files all over the place.

And then in MemberVault, now, I had been using this platform for a while already to really host my own digital products. And somehow I hadn’t thought about using it this way before. And then I realised that it really is the perfect place to save all of those final brand asset files and the video walkthroughs and all of the tutorials and the information that my customers and my clients needed to be able to really use their brand and not get confused with looking for the right files or how to use things I could give clear instructions, and link these to the exact files, and the exact templates and all of the tutorials that anybody would need to be able to really quickly and easily manage and maintain their brand. So it was pretty perfect. Because it’s simple. It’s all in one place, you can easily edit and upload and make sure that everyone is looking at the final final artwork, without any confusion over what you know could accidentally end up going to print or go into practice or being posted online.

So if you are in the business of sharing lots of files with your clients, or if you need a place to really communicate and make sure that everyone’s on the same page about using the same information, then MemberVault is a really great place to be. So you could try it as a portal for your own clients. Or maybe use it just to store in your own brand assets.

And if you would like a peek at how I’m using MemberVault then of course you can find out more about how I work and how I use MemberVault for my own and for my clients businesses over at And I’m pretty sure there will be some links around here in the show notes to take you over to my MemberVault and to my website so you can have a little look around and if you’ve got any questions, please reach out.

I love MemberVault It’s been such a great tool within my business. I can’t advocate greatly enough how wonderful a resource it is for myself and for my clients. So give it a try. have another look. See all of the different ways that you can use it and I know you won’t regret trying it out.

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