Christie Love on why she chose MV for her business

Hi, I’m Christy love, and I’m a certified partner of MemberVault. And I help online business owners and member vault users with no design skills and a slight aversion to tech to bring your brand and business to life in the digital space. Now I use member vault to move my products from kajabi and rebuilt it in a way that better suits my business. When I started with kajabi, it’s what all the Guru’s were pushing and recommending. And that’s the course platform I learned to build on and help clients build in as well.

I wanted to have an easy way to display a digital library or subscriber hub, along with my paid products. But there were too many limitations inside kajabi to make this happen. And while there’s certainly the convenience factor of an all in one platform, people still like options, both in how they buy products and how they run their business. And that’s what eventually brought me to MemberVault.

Now, I found that MemberVault does a great job of positioning itself as a platform that addresses the buyers needs. So they can visit a site and be able to browse and have that binge and buy experience, just like you might have an apple store or a Walmart for that matter. And for the user of the platform, you have the flexibility to have as many products as you want to display both free and paid products side by side.

And unlike Kajabi, there’s no limit to the amount of products you can have. And it’s priced by the number of users. And they even offer a lifetime fixed rate account. With kajabi, you’re often paying for things you may not use. And then you’re limited to three products on the basic plan, which starts at $149 a month. Now on that basic plan, you you do also get one website, three pipelines, unlimited landing pages, and email. But what good are all those extra bells and whistles if you only get three products. So if you want more products, you then have to move up to the growth plan that gives you the 15 products, which is $199 a month plan, you can get a discount if you pay annually. But you know, not many people can afford to do that, especially when you’re just starting out. And then if you prefer not to use their email or cart system, and those are going to be added expenses.

So you have to ask yourself if it’s worth paying the extra for more products, especially if you don’t use their email, or certain products. So something to think about right. Now another thing, you’ll find this unique with member vault is that it uses gamification like no other platform. And this is huge, because it allows you to see the EP or engagement points for each user. And you can set up actions to reward your most engaged users. So just remember that that shiny big platform with a big price tag doesn’t automatically make it the best one, you want to weigh the pros and the cons of each platform, really look at the details of what’s included. And if that’s something you’re actually going to need, or even use to make it worth the price.

Now I recommend trying MemberVault if you’re just starting out, because you can feel at ease knowing you don’t have to make these big monthly payments until you have 100 users on your account. And the starter plan is just $19 a month. So it’s not like it’s going to break the bank. Right now I pay nothing, because I paid for a lifetime plan on member vault, which is something that they offer as well. And I’m paid up for the year on Active Campaign because it was so cheap, because I have a small list and it was just like my nine bucks a month.

And I also moved my website from Kajabi to WordPress where I have a blog and also use it for landing pages if I need to create a long form sales page or something like that, but you can actually build simple ones right within MemberVault. So I don’t have the monthly cost of something like lead pages or anything. It’s just really simplified everything and not to mention kept costs down, which is always a plus.

MemberVault gives you the flexibility to set up your account however you want with whatever email service you choose or cart system you use, and your website is separate. Now, to me, this is critical, because you really shouldn’t have all your eggs in one basket, no matter what platform you’re using, that’s whether it’s Kajabi or any other because outages happen. And if it’s hosting your website, and your email, and anything else, it’s your, that’s your email is going to go down with it, and your website, and you don’t have any control over that. But if you have your email, let’s say it’s on Active Campaign, and it’s separate, at least you can still email your people, especially if you got a launch or something going on. And you still have a way of communicating with them. So that’s why I think it’s important to keep things separate.

Now, one thing that is great, and you will find MemberVault have exceptional support, the owners are very active in the group, they really listen to the user’s needs, and we have an amazing Facebook group. So you’re always in good hands. And of course, we have a great group certified partners better there to help you as well.

Now, in the end, there’s no ‘bad’ choice to make, but it’s about making the right choice for you. And so I wanted to share my experience and what I know coming from Kajabi it was a big decision for me to make and make that transition. But I’m so glad now that i did and i think you’re gonna like it too once you get in there and and have a look around.

You can find me on my website at And my MemberVault site, which is or on my social handles on Facebook and Instagram at Christie Love Wellness. This is Christy Love, Certified Partner of MemberVault and an ally in the digital health of your business. Thanks and have an awesome day.

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