Swipe Chrissa’s blueprint on how she earned $50k in 2 days with no sales page.

by Erin Kelly December 30, 2019

If you think you know everything about creating and selling digital product, well, think again.

Because what I’m about to tell you is going to be shocking.

See, it started out just as an idea in her head – a small little lightbulb moment, if you will.

And it doesn’t take long before that idea turns into a money making product, $50,000 to be exact, in just 2 days – without a sales page.

(I know, I’m having the same reaction).

So, who is she, and how did she do it??

Meet the mastermind and action taker behind this brilliant plan, Chrissa.

Chrissa is a blogger and a full time mom, and she also identifies herself as a fitness enthusiast. 

As you can tell, she’s a very busy woman, and one thing that she’s super passionate about is cooking EASY, healthy, real-food meals and finding ways to sneak in workouts, all while managing an infant and a toddler. 

She started her blog, Physical Kitchness about 4 years ago and since then, her blog and brand has built a massive following full of people who’s looking to lead a healthy lifestyle without all the hassle. 

Chrissa has been known to sharing her message of being perfectly imperfect and is always being authentic when sharing parts of her business and life.

MemberVault is so lucky to have her on The Vault Webshow as she shared her experience with using MemberVault to host her digital products and programs.


She’s also going to spill the beans on exactly how she earned $50k in 2 days.

Her method will open up a whole new world of digital product creation and makes you see it in a whole new light.

Well, if you don’t know already, you’re in for a treat 🙂


Let’s go!

How it all started 

If you google Physical Kitchness, the brand is everywhere. You can find it across all major social media platforms.

Chrissa has built a really solid online presence that also help increase her visibility.

But that’s not how it’s always been for her.

Let’s be real, if she’s trying to be in all the places, she’d be burnout – which is a true story for most of us, right?

So how did she do it?

First, she started out with creating her blog where she shared lots of recipes while slowly building her email list.

Then, she turned her focus into using Pinterest to help drive traffic to her website. She spent about a year and a half, just doing that – creating good content and promote it using Pinterest.

Next, she started being active on IG Stories, sharing her everyday life with her followers. This is how she connected with her audience and gain their trust.

Once she has a lot of people that are watching her IG Stories, she started creating a free FB group and invited people to join. 

She’s successfully created a really great place for her audience to get support, where she gives tips and tricks on healthy living. 

That has helped grow her group to 10,000 members within the first 5-6 months.

Through the free FB group, she knows that she could get feedback – golden nuggets from her group members – finding out what they’re struggling with, checking threads and see what they’re talking about. 

In addition to that, her email list are super responsive, so they’re always sharing their problems with her when it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle which is how she got started creating digital product to help her audience. 

That’s a big pivotal moment for her because early on in her blogging journey, she never really had any plan to create digital product. 

On the importance of listening to your audience

When she got started with creating digital product, she got all sorts of ideas and shiny object syndrome and #thestruggleisreal,


What’s important to note is that she never let her ideas get in the way of what her audience really want. 

She realized that she has to know what people really need, otherwise she’s wasting her time. 

So, she started with looking at her Google analytics, threads on FB groups, as well as sending out surveys to get ideas. 

And through her research, she found out that people need a quick, easy, 30 mins meals because all the other ones are so long and complicated and required lots of ingredients. 

So she gets to creating her first digital product, which is a meal planner and she did a beta run that lasted for 2 weeks and launched it to her list. 

She offered them at a discounted rate, just to build that nest egg to create it and get feedback from her audience. 

All of this is a result of tuning in to what people need – really listen to what they need and create a product that can help change their lives for the better.

Then, she realized that she craves a more intimate setting where she can give support and talk directly with her customers and so she launched her membership site about a year ago called Club Kitchness. It was doing great but she’s looking for more – she wanted to help people to have a transformation, instead of just getting information. 


Then, just a few weeks ago, she did another beta launch for a 12 week course in order to help give her audience get that transformation that they need.

The first thing she did was she got to do more surveys. Whenever someone joined her free FB group, she has a series of questions that people are required to answer in order to help her understand where they’re at and their biggest pain points.

One of the questions that she asked was, ‘what’s your biggest struggle when it comes to healthy living?’ 

From there, she got so many people telling her that they’re struggling with being consistent and sticking with leading a healthy lifestyle. 

And that’s how Consistency Cure program was born.

Again, she doesn’t want to put her heart and soul into marketing it without testing it first. 

So, when she’s ready to share it with her audience, she created an application and had people filled it out to see if they were the right fit and if they were willing to pay the low entry fee in order to validate her idea.

She didn’t have any high expectations since it’s only a beta phase, so her goal was to get 50 people to try it. 

Interestingly enough, she got over 800 applicants that wanted to be in her beta program. 

She also sent the invites to her list, giving them all the details about the program and provide a link, but not to a sales page, instead it leads straight to the checkout page. 

Lo and behold, 300 people ended up buying it, which is such a huge win and amazing result considering that she doesn’t even have a sales page. 

This shows that her audience really know, like and trust her and that she really understands what they need.

Overall, she’s happy with how it turned out and she knows that offering her product as a beta really helps in making sure that she only creates product that will really help her audience.

Her tips/advice on people who are getting started in MV/in the building phase

“I’m okay with producing B- work, and that’s coming from a total perfectionist.”

Chrissa of Physical Kitchness

Don’t waste your time creating the product, instead, release the beta version of it first so you can validate your idea and make sure that your audience are willing to pay for it.

Here’s the thing..

When you’re just getting started, it’s easy to get caught up in #allthethings, and honestly, it doesn’t really truly matter as long as people connect with you and you’re giving them valuable things that help change their lives. #TRUTHBOMB

Her thoughts on MemberVault 

“MV is amazing in a way that it’s so easy to set up on the back end.”


Once she added her products to MV, she did see a surge of engagements on her archived product, things that she launched a long time ago that started picking up sales again. 

Through her beta program, she could also see the all the important data in one place which she can then use to tweak the lessons/contents based on how people are engaging with it as well as the feedback that she got from her beta testers.


Start taking action and create your first product and upload them to your MemberVault account.

Psst: Don’t have an account? Get started with your (free forever) account by clicking here.

Then, focus your effort on building your list and start adding people to your MV account.

This way, you can start looking at engagements and begin to collect important data as well as asking for feedback from your audience. 

Once you have a decent number of people and build momentum by getting that first few sales, you can also find ideas for your next product once you know what your audience really need help with and the best way to do it is to ask them directly and go from there.

Anddd that’s a wrap! 

Hope that helps and let me know in the comments below your digital product ideas and if you’re excited to follow Chrissa’s digital product creation blueprint.

You can watch the full interview right here.

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