Certified Partner Spotlight: Meaghan Lamm

by Erin Kelly July 31, 2019

If you want someone to help you scale your existing membership, so you can do what you love most — help your people (while making more money, with less work), you’ll want to read on about how Meaghan can help you with your plans!

Meaghan is a MemberVault certified partner, which means she is trained on the ins and outs of MV, including upcoming features! She has almost 5 years of online business management experience, combined with an awesome team, that help passionate, purpose-driven women scale their existing memberships with a unique blend of strategy, management, and implementation.

Here are 10 things about Meaghan + how to connect with her.

Why did you become a MV certified partner?

I love a powerful tool that works the way it’s supposed to right out of the box. Add in amazing customer service, a desire to always meet the needs of your community, and getting in on the ground floor of a movement that puts user experience over sales gimmicks and I was hooked. 

What are your favorite things about MV? 

Ease of use! I tend to work with clients who are decidedly NOT tech savvy and after a few quick tutorials and poking around they are able to go in and navigate through the platform, fiddle with uploads, edit modules and lessons, and check up on users without any issues.

What types of projects do you love working on? Tell us about a project you worked on recently!

I love to set up memberships (obviously) and courses inside MV. First, it’s just so freakin’ easy and intuitive and second, the gamification is so easy to implement it should be illegal.

Most recently I set up a six week course that, before moving to MV, was seeing a drop off in participation around week 3. So we set up some easy gamification bonuses through the last 3 weeks of the course and participation spiked back up again.

It worked like magic!

How do you typically work with clients?

I have two ways I work with clients right now.

The first is a 90 minute deep dive strategy call. This option works best if your membership is still small or you haven’t started one yet. Starting with a solid strategic foundation can make all the difference in how quickly you scale!

The second way is with a custom retainer tailored for your unique membership. This is great if you’ve got an established membership and you’re ready to scale. Our specific focus is on community, engagement, and retention!

What beverage do you start your morning with? How do you take it?

Water. Cold. 😉 

What is your favorite show/podcast/book/blog/newsletter/etc right now? Why? 

I’m currently obsessed with Margo Aaron’s newsletter. I never miss one and love that she’s constantly reminding me that not only is my audience made up of real people but I’m also a real person and it’s ok to look like one.

And then I’ve elbow deep in all things Brene Brown where books are concerned. Currently reading I Thought It Was Just Me and have Daring Greatly and Dare to Lead next in the queue.

I’m not a HUGE podcast listener but I’m slowly working my way through Unf*ck Your Brain by Kara Loewentheil

Where do you like to work?

I’d like to work from a home office but since I’m still in a 1 bedroom apartment I work from my leather recliner most days.

Sometimes I’ll venture out to a local coffee shop or Panera but the wifi is faster at home and the furry coworkers seem to prefer when I work from the comfort of the living room where they can keep an eye on me.

Who is a good fit to work with you?

If you’ve got a new membership or are thinking about starting one I can help you with the strategy so that you start out with the right foundation.

If you’ve got an existing membership that’s doing pretty well and are ready to scale then my team and I can help by providing our unique blend of strategy, management, and implementation to get your membership on an upward trajectory so you can reach more people and make more money.

What’s the best way for someone to connect with you to learn more about working together?

If they are ready to get started, they can purchase a membership strategy session here: https://meaghanlamm.as.me/strategy

Or they can schedule a free discovery call here: https://meaghanlamm.as.me/biz-audit

On MemberVault, you will find all my resources, services and more at https://meaghanlamm.vipmembervault.com/teaser.

You can also find me on my site, Facebook and Instagram.

And that’s a wrap for this certified partner spotlight! 🙌

If you need a partner to help you improve your membership engagement and retention, definitely book a complimentary chat with Meaghan!

And check out her MV account here.

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