Certified Partner Spotlight: Jayna Pettersen

by Erin Kelly July 22, 2019

If you’re wanting help scaling from 1:1 offers to something like a group program, course or membership…you’ll want to read on about how Jayna can help you with your plans!

Jayna is a MemberVault certified partner, which means she is trained on the ins and outs of MV, including upcoming features! She has 14+ years of experience in higher education and teaching, and now operates Course Bistro to share that knowledge with subject matter experts who have maxed out their time and need to create a digital asset (like courses or a membership group) to scale their business.

Here are 10 things about Jayna + how to connect with her.

Why did you become a MV certified partner?
I became a MemberVault Certified Partner because I could see that I could help a broader audience with my instructional design skills after spending years teaching online and face-to-face courses in higher education. 

What are your favorite things about MV?
I love using MemberVault Actions to set up interactive triggers, tags and notifications to create a genuine relationship with students. I also love using the end of lesson questions for strategic market research, gaining feedback to create more targeted and helpful communication, resources and to engage individually with students. 

What types of projects do you love working on? Tell us about a project you worked on recently (can be for yourself or for a client) and what you liked about it!

Recently I completed an 8 module course for a client on how CEOs can train their own Executive Virtual Assistants with seven pillars of training: Time, Tactics, Timelines, Team, Tasks, Traction and Tech.

I loved working up all the graphics to visually display the content, created worksheets, self-coaching guides and checklists for each pillar with detailed instructions for each area of content.

It was so fun to take the entrepreneur’s expertise and alleviate her stress by completely managing the content creation, creative details and tech of setting everything up in MemberVault.

How do you typically work with clients?
Since every project and business is unique, I prefer to hear all about your ideas by having you schedule a complimentary “Course Over Coffee” chat with me at www.coursebistro.com/call.

From there, we can set up a project outline session and create a custom proposal that matches your needs and vision. 

What beverage do you start your morning with? How do you take it?ALWAYS French-pressed Espresso coffee with cream! No sweetener, just bitter and creamy.

What is your favorite show/podcast/book/blog/newsletter/etc right now? Why?
My favorite podcast is Amy Porterfield’s Online Marketing Made Easy which provides so many actionable tips on creating, marketing and selling online courses.

Where do you like to work?
I love working in some of the most beautiful coffee shops in the Pacific Northwest. They have a great creative vibe and I always run into friends, students and former colleagues for quick energy-producing conversations!

I also love fun, syncopated music and coffee-making sounds of the espresso machines in the background.

Who is a good fit to work with you?
If someone wants to just create videos based on their expertise and wants someone else to handle outlining, organizing, creating downloadable PDF and tools, graphics, and all the back-end tech of uploading it into MemberVault to create a fabulous user experience–I’m your gal!

What’s the best way for someone to connect with you to learn more about working together?

Feel free to reach out to me at Jayna@CourseBistro.com if you need a thought partner to share your course or membership ideas over a “virtual coffee” and see how I might help turn your idea into a profitable stream of income.

In addition, I create training programs for on-boarding new hires and familiarizing them with your business’ operating procedures in both small, online businesses up to Fortune 500 companies while making them engaging and fun. 

On MemberVault, you will find all my resources, services and MemberVault Quick Start Course at https://coursebistro.vipmembervault.com/teaser.

Be sure to grab the Epic Course Bistro Checklist to Set Up Your MemberVault for a quick, 7-page easy guide to ensure you’ve covered all your bases (and then some) to set up your own MemberVault.

You can also find me on Linkedin, Facebook and Youtube.

And that’s a wrap for this certified partner spotlight! 🙌

If you need a partner to help you bring your scalable dreams to life, definitely book a complimentary chat with Jayna!

And check out her MV account here.

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