Certified Partner Spotlight: Gabrielle Chipeur

by Erin Kelly November 26, 2019

If you’re wanting help with launching your group program or online course…you’ll want to read on about how Gabrielle can help you with your plans!

Gabrielle is a MemberVault certified partner, which means she is trained on the ins and outs of MV, including upcoming features! She has 10 years of experience in marketing and she is now a Marketing Automation Specialist. She can help you shave years off your own meteoric rise to the top by taking firm control of your own business destiny and setting yourself apart from the crowd.

Here are 10 things about Gabrielle + how to connect with her.

Who do you help, and how do you help them?
I help coaches and consultants move past the 1:1 way of working using automated marketing so they can serve more people through group programs and online courses.

Why did you become a MV certified partner?
I love being on the inside so to speak when it comes to tech platforms and since MV is one of my favourites, I knew as soon as they announced the CP program that I was in. I had been touting its praises for months before hand to anyone who would listen and using it for multiple client projects so getting even more in depth on how to use it made the most sense for me and my clients.

What are your favorite things about MV?
I love how customizable and powerful the platform is plus how it gives you measurable data to report on your users progress and potential issues. Data is where the magic comes from when you want to create a program that gets people results and I love how MV doesn’t leave you guessing!

What types of projects do you love working on? Tell us about a project you worked on recently (can be for yourself or for a client) and what you liked about it!
I love working on customization projects – playing with the look and feel of MV is definitely one of my superpowers. I recently worked on updating Allie Bjerk’s account with a stunning one column layout that everyone went crazy for when they saw it 9so much so that it even made it into the help docs!)

How do you typically work with clients?
I’m THE implementor. I work best in short, quick bursts where we go in, get it done and then you’re free to see the results right away. I love doing intensives where we sprint to get you set up and ready to sell in just one day (yup totally doable!)

What beverage do you start your morning with? How do you take it?
Water. I’m a serial faster at heart and some days I’ll have some black coffee with a splash of stevia before 11am but most days it’s just water until then and then I dive in with a big ‘ol cup of coffee with breakfast!

What is your favorite show/podcast/book/blog/newsletter/etc right now? Why?
I am loving the Daily Carnage newsletter. A daily dose of marketing tips and insights to start the day. I also am a huge fan of Dense Discovery, it covers design and freelance topics with a heavy dose of sustainability and social conscience.

Where do you like to work (i.e. the couch, bed, coffee shop, your office, etc…be descriptive…this question is for bonding purposes)
I need a dedicated space for work – otherwise I can’t focus to save my life! I have my cozy little office set up in one of our spare rooms in our home and I’m constantly redecorating to make it my work sanctuary.

Who should reach out to you? (i.e. someone who wants X, and needs help with Y)
Someone who wants to get set up right away with little time for dilly dallying or someone who is transitioning to MV from another platform (I have experience with them all!)
Also – if someone wants to put a fresh coat of paint on their existing MV account and just went through a re-brand and now needs everything to match – I’m your girl!

What’s the best way for someone to connect with you to learn more about working together?
Best way is to schedule a call with me using this scheduling link:


Or send me an email at gabrielle@12strong.com

And that’s a wrap for this certified partner spotlight! 🙌

If you need a partner to help you bring more ease and joy into your business life, definitely book a complimentary chat with Gabrielle!

You can also check out her book, Secret Weapon: Attract the best clients, charge what you’re worth and fall in love with your work again right here – https://www.amazon.com/Secret-Weapon-Attract-clients-charge/dp/1703200713/

Her FB Live – What do you need to do in your business to take a 3 day weekend? https://www.facebook.com/gabriellesecretweapon/videos/2514001625356886/

And check out her MV account here.