Certified Partner Spotlight: Abby Herman

by Erin Kelly October 25, 2019

If you’re wanting help with getting visible through your content marketing or developing your course…you’ll want to read on about how Abby can help you with your plans!

Abby is a MemberVault certified partner, which means she is trained on the ins and outs of MV, including upcoming features! She has 13 years of experience in public education and she is now the owner of Write Solutions, a content marketing agency for service-based business owners who want to gain visibility for their businesses with personalized content strategies and implementation.

Here are 10 things about Abby + how to connect with her.

Why did you become a MV certified partner?
One of the things I do with clients is help them develop courses and launch plans to help grow their businesses. After using MemberVault in my own business, I saw what a powerful tool it is and wanted to be able to help my clients use it to its full potential.

What are your favorite things about MV?
I love that MemberVault is constantly in motion. Erin and Mike listen to their users and are constantly improving it to meet our needs.

What types of projects do you love working on? Tell us about a project you worked on recently (can be for yourself or for a client) and what you liked about it!
I love working 1:1 with clients during full- and half-day intensives. Truly motivated business owners are ready to take action now and working together on a long strategy session (bonus if it’s in person!) allows them to do that. We can get so much done over the course of a couple hours together and then the client or I can put our work into action immediately!

How do you typically work with clients?
I work with clients in a few different ways. My consultations are 1:1 through Zoom or in-person. I can then implement the strategy work we do together by outlining or writing the content for my clients–and then getting it loaded and ready to go live. Of course, I also have DIY courses and programs available in MemberVault!

What beverage do you start your morning with? How do you take it?
I start with water, then it’s black iced tea…all day, every day!

What is your favorite show/podcast/book/blog/newsletter/etc right now? Why?
I’m loving The Daily and 2020 Election Ride Home. I’m not a terribly political person, but I do believe in educating myself so I can make the best decision possible come election day.

Where do you like to work?
I work from my home office most days, but when I need a nudge to get some focused work done I’ll head to my favorite coffee shop.

Who is a good fit to work with you?
A motivated, service-based business owner who wants to get more visible online and needs help developing their content and marketing strategy should reach out to me!

What’s the best way for someone to connect with you to learn more about working together?
If you want to find out how we can work together, schedule a Quick Chat and…let’s chat!

You can also find me on Linkedin, Facebook and Instagram.

And that’s a wrap for this certified partner spotlight! 🙌

If you need a partner to help you bring your scalable dreams to life, definitely book a complimentary chat with Abby!

And check out her MV account here.