Victoria Prince: 3 Marketing Touchpoints to help find your dream clients and customers

Hi, and welcome to this MemberVault Action Lab session.

I’m Victoria Prince. I’m a freelance marketing consultant, a double award winning businesswoman, and entrepreneur. And I run a business called Touchpoints Marketing. I work with businesses all around the world who have big ambitions.

I’m also a MemberVault Certified Partner, so I know a thing or two about making courses, memberships and making them work alongside your existing products and services.

Today, I’m going to really through the touch points marketing checklist that I’ve created just for 15 minutes, and then I’ll be available afterwards for a q&a session within the MemberVault Collaborative Facebook page. You can get this downloadable for half price when you use the code MVMAX. It’s usually £7, but today it’s going to be £3.50. So just go to VIP.touchpoints there are 40 on the touchpoints marketing checklist to run through, it’s a downloadable A4 PDF that you can print out. And you take the first box, if it’s something that you already do. And that’s part of your marketing already. And you take the second box, if it’s something that might work as part of your business that you want to look into a bit further.

So before I start, what are touchpoint? What are marketing touch points? And why should you care? If you’re in business, chances are that you’re already working towards reaching new customers and service and existing customers. By lots of different touch points already. You’ll you’ll do it without even thinking about it. But marketing touch points are hundreds of interactions such as adverts, email marketing, social media,collaborating with other people, websites, catalogues, the list goes on and on. And now not all of these touch points are going to be relevant to your business and to your time. get customers. So it’s important to know which ones are going to press the right buttons with your audience.

So I’m just going to run through a little bit deeper into three of the items on the list. Number one is networking, a pretty obvious choice for somebody if they’re doing B2B, which is business to business marketing. And nowadays, it’s even easier through using Zoom and with thousands of online networking meetings that are happening on a daily basis. So my advice is to choose wisely. And it might even be that you need to ask the organiser, a few more questions before you decide to commit to doing that event. And also, I’d say try and get your 62nd pitch perfected before you go on to the meeting. There’s nothing more off putting than somebody who’s kind of bumbling away saying, Well, I do this and I do that and I don’t do this and I don’t like it. When customers do that. And, you know, if they’re bumbling away with things and don’t have a specific thing that they’re saying then it’s not going to be cohesive to the audience to listen.

So I have a script in my Google document exactly like I’m doing now. And when it’s my turn to talk, I put up the Google page just like this. The Google doc and I read it just like I am now I know that I can go off piste a little bit. And what I have something that has a framework that I know is structured and will will keep me on track for that 50-60 seconds. It also means you can be quite relaxed about it. And because you feel confident in what you’re saying, and that you’re not going to miss out an all important call to action at the end because the person might say, that’s it you 50 seconds 60 seconds is done.

Anything I’ve not said my website address or any other call to action and offer that you wanted to put in on the end With networking, it’s also important to follow up after the networking sessions. So many opportunities can be left on the table. And what I would recommend is connecting with some of the people who you met on LinkedIn, or drop them an email, if they put their details in the chat down the side.

If you put their email address in, then just drop them a friendly email to say, hey, it was great to meet you. Remind them where you met them. Because we’re all on so many zooms right now, you can’t always remember who you met where. And also put some indication on how you may be able to help each other. And it’s good to be able to mention how you could help each other because if you’re going straight into the kill with a sale, it’s going to put them straight off. So that was number one.

Number two, we’ve got press releases, and so many businesses don’t realise how much potential a press release can have. Let me give you an example. So let’s imagine there’s a journalist sasta desk right now. She got a brief from her editor to find three businesses exactly like yours. She’s got an angle, she knows that she needs to write about how they book the trend or how they started up differently, or how they took the Coronavirus by storm.

Either way, you need to get in front of journalists so that the minute that they have a brief your front of mind. And there’s lots of ways you can do this. If you use Twitter, you can check out the hashtag journaux request. If you know of some of the magazines, websites or newspapers that your customers read. We can target those because let’s face it, you need to be in the realms of why your customers are going to be reading. And you can find out about the types of articles within those magazines, newspapers and online magazines, online magazines, and who is writing those articles.

And then you can follow them so you can find them on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, connect with them, and see the kind of stuff that they’re writing about, just confirm that they are the kind of people that need to be understanding about what you do. Then you can politely ask them if you know you could direct message them on Twitter, for example, if they follow you back. And if they’re looking for your type of story. And give them a little bit of details, a few sentences only don’t waffle because they’re the kind of people that just need you to be precise.

And if they’re happy to give you their email address, you can always send them a press release and off the back of it. And you can always engage the help of a PR professional to somebody who knows your field of work well. And they’re regularly being approached by journalists who can give them the great stories. And generally, they will have feelers out with PR professionals, when they have stories coming up because they know that they can rely on these people and just keep just Reach out to them and say, I’ve got this coming up Who do you know, that’d be great for it. And they know it’s it’s ready to go content.

The third item I’m going to mention is about collaborations. And Blimey, you could do anything here and being aligned with another brand is great for exposure. Let’s say you cross promote each other on Instagram by running a competition, you can increase your followers increase your engagement and not spend any money apart from the cost of the prize. Or you could get give each other access to each other’s products and services in return for honest reviews and testimonials.

Let’s say they come back with some good bits and also they might email you with some constructive criticism to say the good bits. You can then snip and use for your social media and use as the testimonial and any bits of constructive criticism that they give you.

You can use them to smarten up your game, you can really hone in on what the problem was and get that fixed. If you’re thinking about your linking strategy as part of your website search engine optimization, you could also consider collaborating with others who might add you as a partner on their website and link to your website in return for a referral fee. You can get really creative with different collaborations, the best ones are always win win for both sides of the coin. And there’s if there’s a way that you can automate the setup with kind of what’s going on in the background, then that’s even better.

So that’s just three of the 40 touch points that I’ve got listed in the PDF. If you want to download the PDF today, as I mentioned, it’s just £3.50 it’s normally £7. It’s so handy to print off and spend 20 – 30 minutes doing a marketing audit of your touch points.

I’m going to be available in the MemberVault Facebook collaborative just now. So coming chat and ask me any questions related to your marketing, either about this PDF or anything else I’d love to help.

So one final bonus, if you’ve enjoyed this video and downloadable PDF, and you want to take things to the next step, I do have another very unique offer for you. valid only for this week. It’s part of the action labs. So I’ve got 22 lesson online course inside my MemberVault. It’s called the Marketing Mot. And it’s a 22 point check on your marketing strategy.

It’s a bit like if you’re not from the UK, and MOT is where you take your car once a year to get it all checked over. So that’s why it’s a marketing MOT. It’s perfect if you’re starting out and want to be aware of things as you’re building your business. Or if you’re, you know, running your business for a few years now. It’s great to be able to do like a check on where you are, and make sure that your marketing is all on the right track.

People who have taken this course so far have said that it gives them clarity. It gives them vision, and they feel calmer about their business as a result who doesn’t want that? Right. They also say that it makes them think about things that they hadn’t considered a fuller business before now. Since launching this course during the coronavirus, lockdown, over 60 businesses have taken up my Marketing Mot. Normally it’s £97 pounds. And today as a special action lab celebration, if you apply the code MVMAX, I will remove £70 and you can purchase the course for just £27.

If you go to and look for the Marketing Mot. Well that’s it. I’ll see you in the Facebook group for your questions after this. Bye for now.

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