Tracy Sherriff: How to Use MemberVault to Create a Quiz as Lead Magnet

Hey, everybody.

I’m Tracy Sheriff and I want to welcome you to another MemberVault action labs. I’ve been an educator for many, many years now. And my focus in my business is helping course creators, like many of you from MemberVault, refine and optimise your curriculum, your content and your community to make sure that you’re having the greatest impact on your students. And they’re getting the best results that they possibly can from your learning product.

Now, when I was approached by Erin to do a training, all of us certified partners were approached to do trainings. I wasn’t really sure what to do. But then I thought about quizzes, quizzes as a lead magnet. This was one of the things that puzzled me the most in my business was how I could use a quiz which I love taking A lot of people do love taking a really good quiz, especially those outcomes based quizzes, right?

The ones where you’re trying to find out something more about yourself, how do you measure up and different things like that. So I really wanted to use one as a lead magnet. And I wanted to use MemberVault as the place that I hosted the quiz. But it all just seemed super complicated. And just a complex process. I didn’t know where to start. I didn’t know what tools to use. I saw all these fancy quizzes and things happening all these lead pages and different things with quizzes. And I really just wanted to get it done.

I wanted to have one of my own and I wanted to be able to host one inside of MemberVault. So I went on a bit of a journey. I went on, I call it a treasure hunt, checked out a whole bunch of quiz builders, and thought about member of all functionality and I’ve chosen a process and I’m going to show you or tell you about my process today and how you can use MemberVault As a lead magnet by hosting a quiz as well.

Now, this is just going to be a broad overview, but it will give you a starting point because that’s what I needed to really know that this was possible. So the first thing I’m going to do is I’m going to scroll down to where I’m hosting my quiz. Now, this is a newly developed quiz, it’s still being built out, you will be able to find it in my MemberVault very soon.

But this is my quiz does your course need to tune up? What you need to know about quizzes is that you need to make sure that there’s an end goal in mind, which is totally up my alley as someone with a background in instructional design, I love the backwards design approach. So starting with the end in mind, so I want my students or my potential students to know where they are in terms of their design skills currently. So I want them to look at their current product and I want them to really Evaluate, does their course need a tune up? Is it a quality designed course?

Now, I have an instructional design background, most people do not. So it’s okay if you haven’t thought of all the things, but I’m trying with my quiz to raise that awareness. So that’s, that’s my goal is I want to raise awareness to my potential clients or students. And the student wants to know How does their course actually measure up.

So what I’m going to do here is I’m going to click on Start the quiz. And lo and behold, before I even get inside of MemberVault, I’m asked to sign up. So this is exactly what’s going to happen first, is they’re going to ask you for your name, and I’m going to use my husband as a sign up for this name and your email address and they’re going to Reach your terms and services, and they’re going to sign up. And you’ve captured their lead already. And you haven’t even done anything yet, right. So we’re going to go directly into the product. And it’s a quiz is going to be right there available to them.

I’ve created a little bit of a welcome page. And then I’m going to go over to start the quiz. And there’s a little bit of a blurb, reminding them of what the focus is of the quiz. And now we’re going to get started. Now this is where it gets really cool guys, because I have embedded an interact quiz. And the important thing I want to highlight here is that this quiz being embedded right in MemberVault, will not take anybody outside of MemberVault, they’ll be able to do the quiz right in here.

What’s even sweeter is by using Interact. I’m actually using the try interact, which means I’m using the free version of Interact. I don’t need the paid version. And that’s because I have already eliminated the need for me to pay to collect leads. So the next tier up in interact, I think it’s about $17. What happens there is you pay for interact help collect leads.

But I’ve eliminated the need for that by embedding my quiz right inside of memorable, which is, was really cool because if you’ve looked at any of those quiz builders, there’s many, many of them, and they’re very expensive, quite a lot of them are quite expensive, meaningful, because really, leads are important, but very expensive if you’re on a budget, so this worked for me. So not only does it stay right in MemberVaults, and nobody has to leave MemberVaults at all once they’re signed in. It’s free. So inside here, we’re going to take the quiz and you’re going to see I’ve chosen 10 questions and 10 questions is about the sweet spot for a good developed outcomes based quiz, right?

So remember the topic of my quiz is how does your course need a tune up? So I’m not going to read the questions aloud here, but I am going to just randomly select my answers here. Almost there. One more question.

And voila, I’ve got my results. So, the good news is, ah, my course is safe and roadworthy. So, I’ve got a little blurb here, which describes what that means. But this is where the gold happened. For me when I realised this Well, a couple pieces of gold. The important thing for me was that again that they not need to leave MemberVault. So I was able to choose this click here for next steps button to take them right directly to the lesson that tells them more about their diagnosis, right? Which was amazing. I don’t have to send them anywhere.

They never leave MemberVault but I get the experience of having this really cool, outcomes based quiz format that makes me just feel really proud to have inside of my MemberVault, they get the result that they want, and then now they have the opportunity to get even more information from me. And there’s also the opportunity to leverage MemberVault’s quiz function for you to get more information about your lead right now if you’re using the interact tool, a standalone interact tool, you aren’t going to get any more information.

This is going to allow you to combine with MemberVault’s quiz answers in order to get the most information about your potential clients, your new lead, all of those things. So super exciting.

Next, I’m going to show you how I put all of this together.

So now I’m going to show you a spreadsheet that I use in order for me to map out my quiz journey. So the first thing that you need to do is know what your outcome is. And like I said, my outcome was about making my student more aware of the design quality of their course. So this is how I use the sheet.

I have four colours here, yellow, green, orange, Blue, they each have a different outcome. So I decided what my archetypes were going to be for my student, but to think about if they had a really great course design based on their answers, what would that be called? So I called these diagnoses, because I talked about my courses. A tune up, does your course need a tune up? So I wanted to use an analogy of a car. So the diagnosis is either you need full engine repair, or at the best case scenario would be that you are safe and roadworthy.

And then there’s two other outcomes in between. So you’ll see here that they’re colour coded. And basically what that means is I had 10 questions, and I decided what my questions were going to be based on what I wanted them to raise their awareness to, and then I colour coded my answers. So You can see here that answer a matches outcome three in this column. But answer B matches outcome three. And this is this is the sheet that you need to really make this all happen. Okay, so let’s take a look at an example. So, in this example, which job should you actually have?

There are 10 questions. Each question has four answers. When people answer their questions, the numbers all tally at the bottom. Okay, so this is one way that you could actually transfer what I showed you the colour coding one into something that’s just black and white, you take the colours out, you could actually just put The spreadsheet inside of your MemberVault. If you didn’t want to do anything more with it, you could fill out your questions, you could fill out your answers, and then you would be able to allow them to just click around, and they would be able to see what the numbers were at. And the outcome with the biggest number is their archetype, right.

Now let’s look at this in terms of my format. So for my quiz, I have my 10 questions. And in order for me to make sure that I’ve used I get the right outcomes, I have all of the colour coding still here. And you can see that I’ve played around by placing ones next to most of the yellow, which means that I would get outcome one And then I had one orange for outcome three, it is this colour chart that you really need, if you are going to then use an interact quiz.

And in order to turn this into a spreadsheet that you could use, you would just delete all of this information at the top and you would adjust the colours of the columns and that they wouldn’t be able then to see what it is that you’re aiming for. Okay. Now, how do you get this into interact? I’m going to show you that next.

Okay, now we have Interact. So you’re going to go to try interact COMM And you’re going to log in to your account or you’re going to create a new account. In my case, I’m going to log in. I’m going to show you a little bit at the back end just to show you about my account. You can see that I am on the free plan. And then I have the option to upgrade. And this is the pricing scheme, it can go all the way up to $125 per month for Pro. You can see on the light plan you can get up to 60,000 emails per year collected.

But I don’t need this to collect my emails because I already have my emails being collected for me and memorable. It’s fantastic.So I’m going to go over to my quizzes. I’m going to click on the quiz does your course need a tune up and just show you a little bit in the background here. The quiz is here and preview mode. I have a URL as well that I can copy or I can share it by embedding it in and choosing embed in my landing page. I can embed it in my website as a pop up.

I can use as an announcement bar Get a direct link to the quiz, I can also share on my social media platforms, we’re going to focus just on looking for a quick moment at the back end of interact. So what I was able to do then was use a template. I started with a very, very basic business template. We have questions here, I took the exact 10 questions that I had on my spreadsheet, I filled them in, and I added the answers in the exact order from the spreadsheet. Okay, that was really important.

I then had to set answer scores. So my best answer was my highest score. And my worst answer was my lowest score. So I chose a three point scale. So zero to three, you might do 124 year regardless, you just have to make sure that you have scored your answers correctly. Okay.

Now, what do I do next?

I have finished my questions. So I’m going to scroll down to my results. And this is where I’m going to put in my four different diagnoses. I’m going to choose an image, I’m going to put a title, I’m going to input some text, and I’m going to insert my call to action. And you’ll see that my call to actions all lead back to the appropriate diagnosis inside a MemberVault like I showed you at the beginning of the training. So it’s that simple. I don’t have lead generation so there’s nothing for me to enable over here.

I could play around with the social share settings if I wanted. I can brand very basically so I can choose some fonts, some quiz text, I can also change the button colours and a few other options. So while it’s not exceptionally brandable, there are some things that I can add. And then I’m going to save my quiz. And then I’m going to publish my quiz. And I showed you all the different publishing functions that are there. So that’s it, folks.

That is how I created a quiz and interact and I embedded it in to my MemberVault as a lead magnet. And there it is all embedded and ready for somebody to take. And maybe that’s you. But I’ll just take a minute to do is just let you know that while this is a complex process, anybody can do it in any niche for any type of audience or learner that you’re trying to attract.

Inside of my MemberVault, I’ve actually created a very inexpensive product called build quiz. It’s $27. And currently, I’m offering anybody who purchases the quiz during the time of the MemberVault collaborative event that’s being hosted in this pop up Facebook group.

If you purchase this build a quiz product for $27, I’m inviting anyone who purchases or has past purchased to a half day intensive, where we will all work together as a group, we will map out our quizzes, we will do all of the all of the things that you need to get one of these up and running in your own MemberVault. Inside of the build the quiz product, you will see opportunities to learn more about quizzes, why they’re important, how to structure your quiz, how to develop your quiz beyond what we talked about here.

This was just the process of the tech right there are so much more to think about how to get choose an outcome, how to choose a title, how to really write good quiz questions, how to launch your quiz, right? And I have two bonus modules available for you how to do a titles and some quiz inspiration for you.

So there you have it, folks. I really enjoyed this workshop. I will be available to answer any questions about quizzes, what might be helpful for you and your niche. So I look forward to interacting with you in the group. Take care.

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