Susanna Reay: Stand Out from the Crowd with offers that feel GOOD

Hi and welcome to this MVP Action Lab, where I’m going to help you stand out from the crowd with offers that feel good. So my promise to you is that at the end of this session, you will walk away knowing exactly how you can align your business offers to create long term success and stand out from the crowd. Now I’m a certified partner with MemberVault really happy to be part of this team.

As an online business strategist where I can help you visualise your systems, your frameworks in your business, define your online courses and memberships and enhance your brand voice visibility and impact a little bit of my background is I’m MBA qualified. I’ve got over 20 years, five years supporting startups and SMEs across the world to thrive online.

I now do business the introvert way, helping you harness your quiet power online. My favourite phrases ‘The world is your oyster’ now more than ever, because with online courses and memberships, you really can make a huge impact and leave a legacy. So today I will share the three secrets to stand out from the crowd with offers that feel good, and we’ll set you up for long term success.

And why does this matter? Well, you want long term success of course you do. You also want to avoid burnout though, and you want to feel at ease every day. The difference this makes is you are happier every day. You have more energy to enjoy life, and you will create a greater legacy.

So stay tuned as I go through these three secrets. My goal is to set you on track for sustainable success. And there’s a special free gift for you at the end that will take you even further. So post your questions. load this video, tag me and I’ll help you refine and align your offers. So what business stage are you at right now?

All of the three secrets I’m going to be sharing with you today will need to be revisited properly, wherever you are at the lifecycle in your business. Maybe it’s imagination, where you’re still formulating and testing ideas, or are your expertise where you’re serving and building expert status in your niche?

Maybe you’re now streamlining and you’re defining the ideal portfolio to carry you forwards or are you scaling so you’re really established and you’re ready to or are currently scaling your business? Now these three secrets are things you need to keep evaluating at every stage in your business.

So secret number one, to stand out from the crowd with offers that feel good is to define your philosophies and values that bring in your business. So what do I mean by this is your philosophies, this is what you really believe in. And the best way to show you this is to share mine. And as an introvert, I do really believe that you can live and work flexibly from anywhere and have a successful business.

I also believe I don’t need to follow extrovert practices of being everywhere all the time to be successful. And it’s okay to create the business I desire at a pace that suits me to the size I desire. They are some of my core philosophies in my work when I’m working with clients. I also have some values. Now again, it’s best to show for example, some some of my values are simple, clear action steps, authentic community. A great colour and design, fun and creativity and always do what feels good.

So what are your philosophies and values? Do you know what these are? What’s the essence that you bring to your business? Ben & Jerry’s ice cream values I wanted to share here to just give an example of how a product such as ice cream can actually be sort of infused with their values right from the start and their passion for world peace and their ongoing initiatives such as refugees, fair trade, and all the rest here you can read, they really attract people to their brand, and have done from day one.

And this is one of the ways you can stand out from the crowd is through your values and your philosophies. So what I would ask is for you to think about what these could be, by all means. Share them below, see how people respond to them? And then live your brand? How can you show people what you stand for? How will your brand live out its message? And what actions can you take to show this? Because it starts with what you believe is possible, then grows with how you embody that belief in your everyday habits, actions, and even the language you use.

You want to stand out from the crowd and you are unique. There is only one of you. And it’s your values and philosophies that really help you stand out. secret number two to stand out from the crowd and offers that feel good.

Now this one is about aligning your business with your personality. So what do I mean by this? Well, introvert versus extrovert. Now, this is one of the things you’ve heard me say. I’m in an introvert, I do things the introvert way. And in your business, it’s super important to also take this into account. Because if somebody is introverted, they gain energy when they are on their own. If someone is extroverted, they gain energy when they’re around people.

So when we look at ways to serve online, you need to take into account your natural tendencies. Because if you’re an extrovert who loves being around people, this first way of serving online with passive learning might not actually float your boat, you’ve got to do something that really captures and keeps you involved with your business. But there’s six ways to surf online which I will take you through now. So you can have a little think about which way or more to the point the balance that you might want to have in your business because the BEST OFFERS have a combination of at least four or five of These. So the first is passive learning.

The next is active involvement, how much do you really want to be involved? This is sort of face to face coaching big webinars, master classes, huge events even. And then there’s expert access being the conduit of communication to others in your field and niche like doing things like interviews and podcasts, personal attention when you really hands on and you get to know your clients.

There’s timesavers these are things like worksheets and checklists, things that everybody is always looking for. We’re always looking to save time, and analysis tools that help people see what’s happening in their life in their business, and you help them get there. And on this screen, you can see I’ve got lots of different examples of these six analysis types. So if you need to pause video right now, if you’re not watching live, that’s the advantage of replay and have a little thing, what combination? Are you really happy with offering for your business. And there’s three different offer models here that I tend to look at with my clients.

The first is the intimacy level where you’re doing very much one on one work. And that should have a high price tag because it’s your knowledge, your expertise, your time that is being used at the forefront. And then when you start leveraging your business a bit more and leveraging that time, you might be looking at group training programmes or done with you services, the masterminds, and then when you’re going into full scale, that’s where you’re going one to many things like physical products, digital products, home study big events and challenges. You know, when you’ve been in those Facebook communities with 10,000 plus people that is when you’re seriously going to scale. There’s also six business types.

So I am going through these relatively fast, because I want to put this information through into your heads and think about what it is that really aligns with you and your business. So maybe you do e commerce products or digital products, courses and memberships, affiliate marketing, getting clients, the coach or consultant, a local business maybe, or lead generation audience building very much on the sales side of things.

Now, the good news is, is in MemberVault, you could pretty much use MemberVault very successfully for all six of these business types. There’s different tweaks and changes we’d make to your framework in your systems to make it serve and give value to your account to your clients and customers. But overall, all of this is possible within members. So secret number three is to stand out from the crowd. And offer that feels good is to know your content creation preferences.

So it’s really important to think about finding your content, what do you love to create, and your clients that love to consume? Think about that for a moment. If you choose the communication channel that suits your natural way of being to eliminate writer’s block and allow your message to be delivered consistently, you are on to a winner. And remember, it’s about your personality. It’s about your values, your philosophies, so you are doing it your way.

I want you to channel a bit of Frank Sinatra here, because it is all about how you sell the curation of the information. Yes, other people might have similar information, but it’s the way you deliver it the way you think about it, the way you position it, the way you help students execute on it, and the way you combine pieces of information to give that Ah ha. So everyone wants to be seen and heard.

So remember to show your clients you see and hear them by giving them what they want using their words. And then you I promise you, you will stand out from the crowd, because not many people are doing that. So that is a biggie to think about in your business, and balance. It’s about the balance and it feels so good when you have the balance right in your business.

When your business model is aligned to your energies, whether you’re introverted or extroverted, making sure you get what you need to have the energy to keep your business going. And your values and philosophies, your content and service delivery. All of this needs to be aligned. So your feel good offer is that golden star in the middle between your philosophies, your personality and your preferences. So do think about this and tag me below if you want feedback.

What are you looking at serving what feels right to you? What sort of things are you doing automatically? The whole time? Or what are you scared of doing but think maybe secretly, that could be your way? Because sometimes we do have to step out of the comfort zone and try something new like video. I never thought I’d love video as much as I do now. When I started three years ago, I was like, No, I’m staying hidden. But actually, even though I’m an introvert, I love video. Now it’s far faster and easier for me to get the value to my customers. Faster.

Now if you’d like to take the next step to align your business further, this is the free offer that I promised you. And you have free access to sign up until the end of the fourth of September. If you use the coupon MVMAX.

Now your roadmap to success is a self led course you can sign up at, that link will take you straight into my vault and this product, you’ll be able to see that it normally sells at $27 and you get free access when you sign up this week. And this will take you through the plan to go a bit deeper through five key questions to really make sure that you’re setting up your business for success. So I look forward to your comments and questions below this video. Let me know how I can help you.

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