Shelly Criswell: Map Your MV Content using Trello

Hey. So I am here to show you how I map all of my MemberVault content in Trello. Now I already have a free resource on the basics of Trello. So I’m not really going to go over that today.

I am going to show you how I map all of my MemberVault content in Trello. Keep it all organised and then I also have separate boards for each product or course. So I just wanted to jump in here and show you that real quick. My name is Shelley sorry if I forgot to mention that.

So here in Trello This is my special board I have for MemberVault content. And I have different lists based on branding, resources, ideas, things in the works, products, these are all things that are alive and available. And then other MemberVault courses I decided I need to add to this. But as I started enrolling in other people’s courses on MemberVault, I was like where, whose course in my universe that link. So I’m going to start putting them all in here, I need to gather them all up.

Having all of my MemberVault content right here on this board is so helpful. So I just wanted to show you how I do this so that hopefully you can do something like this also. So in my branding, I have one card for hex codes. And the really cool thing about Trello is if you put your hex codes in it has a little cute little box right beside it with the actual colour so that you don’t have to remember Oh, this hex codes like a light grey.

So very cool thing about Trello. So I have one thing for hex codes, I have one thing for my logo. And when you upload an image, it will make it the cover but you can also you know take it off the cover if you don’t want on there. So here’s my logo. And then I also have a thing for a favicon favicon. I’m not sure how you say it, but there we go. And if you don’t know what that is, that’s this little little guy on the tab. So, up here in the tabs, these are the favicon favicon.

I made mine the same exact as my website so that it looks a little streamlined when they’re on my website, and they click through to my MemberVault site. It doesn’t look like a completely different website. And then I also have a link to my welcome video that I have in Vimeo in my welcome area here. And then also my welcome area copy that I put in here. So that’s all for our branding. And then under Resources.

I have a spreadsheet that I made to keep track of all my actions and my coupons and my metrics. And I don’t know about you, but anytime I make a spreadsheet or a Google Doc, then I’m like, Where did I put it? What folder is it in. And so I’ve discovered, if I just have these boards, with overarching themes, then I can keep all of my spreadsheets in the links in here, and can easily find them.

So I made this spreadsheet, or Google Doc. And it has, so this one’s all my actions, and I just put, you know, the product, what action and then what happened. So this is, you know, if they get added to my resource library, then it gives them a tag of this. And then AC is Active Campaign. That’s what I use for my email service provider. And then I check it off once I create that tag in Active Campaign and everything’s good to go.

And so, I just did that for all of my actions. Just to kind of keep me straight. And then like, you know, as you’re creating a product, you can, you know, put it in here and then leave the checkmark unchecked. Until you get it in your email service provider just kind of keeps you straight. So I have that. And then I also have a tab here for my coupons.

So I just have, what coupons I have for what product and if they’re supposed to expire or not, you know, kind of like a little note about what it’s about, because I don’t know about you, but sometimes I’ll create a coupon for someone and then go back through and be like, what was that coupon for? Do I need that still? Is it expired? So this coupon tab is definitely keeping me a little bit more organised. And then metrics are just started to a metric. We’ll click on that to show you that’s embarrassing. But um, so anyway, I’m just kind of keeping track of like new people from month to month and stuff like that.

So another tab for metrics there. And then I also am new to Active Campaign and started taking Katrina’s Active Campaign course in MemberVault. And this was one of the spreadsheet bonuses that she had. So I have this in here. And then I created this card as a template. I don’t know if you could, if you know that you can do that in Trello. But it’s really cool.

You can make a card template customer receipt, you could do it. So right here, make template. So if you click on that it makes the card a template. And then all that means is if you wanted to reproduce this card over and over as a template, then you could just click Create card from template and then rename it decide if you wanted the checklist in there or not. And what list you wanted to put it in. And so I created this because

Every time I make a product, I’m like, Oh, yeah, I need to add actions. Oh, yeah, I need this. Oh, yeah, I need that. So I kind of created a checklist of things that I feel like I need for every product. And then I will make a copy of that for each product. And as I’m creating it as it’s in the works, and then that will just kind of keep me accountable and help me remember everything that needs to be made. Okay, and then I have another list for ideas.

So these are just all the ideas that you know, if I’m working on something, and I have this idea for a product or a course that I can make, I’m like, Oh, yeah, I pop in here. Just make a little card, put some notes in there. If I feel like I need some, you know, notes to kind of help me remember what I was thinking. And then when I have time, and when the time is ready, or right, we’ll come in here and start creating the product.

And so for example, like this one, I was thinking, so I’m gonna create this I found a beta tester to do the course for me to give me a testimonial. So those are the modules. And those are the different boards I wanted to create for this course. And so once I start creating it, it would go Whoops, I think about what it would go from ideas to in the works. And you could just move that over there. Now it’s in the works. And now, I’m working on it. But until then stays in ideas. And so these are in the works. And as I, you know, create the cover for it, I can put it in here. I can in the description. I like to put different ideas I have. And then I started right here to put the different modules and then I came up with a better idea I’ll show you in just a second. But so this can just kind of house your ideas and things like that.

This is a challenge that I’m going to do inside mirrorball at the end of the month. And so I have That’s why it’s still in the works. It’s all done, it’s in memory about is just not visible. So I wanted to keep it here. And then in products, these are all the products that are either for sale or my like my free resource library.

And for example, I put the price or if it’s free right here, the link to it, any Bitly links I’ve created for it, the cover photo. And then in this one, I made a checklist of everything that’s in my resource library, because I was starting to forget what I had in there. So it’s just a checklist and then I have a teaser module. So I made sure I put the link in there. And this is just so easy. If you’re like in a Facebook group and you see a place where you can give someone value and give them a link to your teaser module. Then you can just pop in here, grab your link and go back in the Facebook group and put it in there. Or, hey, I think I have a free resource that would help this person you know, you can go in here and be like, oh yes in my resource library. pop back out into So just a really good place to have it all in one spot. And so I did that for each one with the price, etc. And then like I said, I’m going to add to this but all of my other MemberVault courses I’m enrolled in. So this is where I keep like, just like the overall flow of my MemberVault content.

And then I also wanted to show you, for each product, I’m going to start doing this. So for this ditch the nine to five course that I’m working on, I made another Trello board. And I’m going to keep track of all the modules and lessons in here as I create them. Any notes, I have any ideas, I have some kind of mapping it out right now. So it’s kind of like my outline. And so I got through three modules yesterday, I’m still working on mapping out the rest.

But so, module one, I want it to be pre work, I want them to do these things. And each of these cards, they’re all the same. And they have this checklist in here of things that maybe, you know, I would need. So I can definitely edit this. It’s not something I want to do for each lesson, for sure, but just some ideas of things that maybe I would like to have and check off as I do him. And this one, I did make a video and I did not like it, have a note to redo that video.

That’s just a good way to kind of see the flow of things and how you want to do things and say you want them to have a due date in here of finishing up something to keep you on track. So save for module two, lesson one, I wanted to have it done by the end of the month, you can definitely do a due date and put it in there for the end of the month. And that would kind of keep you on track too. And you can also have it on here but you can add a calendar

I go over this in that free course. But you can add one Power Up for free on the free plan, and you can add the calendar. Okay, so now I have it on here and now we can click on the calendar. And you can see so each card had a due date, you could go in here and see when something is due.

So that’s more of like an overview to have your due dates. And if you decide there’s no way I’m getting that done August 31, but I can get it done by the fourth you can move it and as you do. So now it’s on the 4th will click back in here, it has updated this due date to the fourth.

So that’s another very helpful thing to do as well. So I just wanted to show you another way that you can use Trello to keep track of things and MemberVault so like an overall way of your MemberVault content like this and then another board for each product as you’re creating to kind of keep everything on track and make sense.

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