Kronda Adair: Using Technology to Save Time in Your Service Business

Hello friends, I saw this post come through from one of my Facebook friends last week and it said, I have spent the last three hours trying to update my website so I can make this post shareable from my phone. I think I finally did it. Yay. Okay, so I know that every one of us has probably been in that place where you’re just struggling with some tech, and you can’t get it to work and you’re just trying to do a thing and you can’t do a thing.

So and I know a lot of you as business owners aren’t technical or aren’t super technical, don’t really care about tech, but you do care about your time. So as I was pondering what to do for one of my last videos in this series, I thought I would do a lightning talk of a talk that I gave at a WordPress conference. And it’s called turn your website into a time machine and it’s really about more than your website. It’s really about how to use tech to save time, and I’m going to do all the slides. But it’s gonna be a lightning talk. So let’s get into it, we’ll see how it goes.

The first thing to know is one of the catalysts for this talk is that we were getting a puppy, hence the puppy picture. And puppies take up a lot of time, and they’re very expensive. So I needed to make more money and do it in less time. So that was the catalyst for the stock. So things you’re going to learn in this video is the number one tool you need for all this to work, the field of play, like how to actually get on the field to play and make this work, some tips and some actions that you can do to save time, some tools that I use, and a way to an invitation to design your action plan.

Alright, so the number one thing that’s going to determine how much you even get out of this video is your mindset. Because human beings always act and feel and perform in accordance with what they imagined to be true about themselves and their environment.

If you’re out walking in the woods and you see something that you think is a bear, you are going to run, you’re gonna be scared your heart rates gonna go up, like whatever we believe to be true. That’s how we operate and act in the world. So all of these women, Beyonce, Shonda Rhimes, Oprah, they all have the same 24 hours in a day. How they, how they use that time is determined by how they think like and what their priorities are. There’s nothing really that different about them. They just know something that we don’t know. Or they believe something better than what we’re believing, or they’re doing something that we’re not doing. And those are all things that are tangible, right?

If we want to be successful, and we’re not successful, or now or we’re not as successful as we want to be, then we can change that by changing our mindset and changing our actions. So here’s some tips to work on your mindset. And really to get into the habit of systems thinking. One is a great book called work the system and the other is a great book called clockwork design your business to run itself both awesome books. So let’s talk about the field of play. None of this means anything if you don’t actually take action on what you learn.

So right now, I want you to pause the video and I want you to go to your calendar and I want you to block out four hours in your week. So can be this week be next week could be four hour block or four days, one hour each. And when you block out some time where you’re going to actually take action on what you learn in this video, okay, pause the video. I’ll wait. Alright, we’re back.

Next we get into the tips section. The first thing is you have to measure what gets measured gets managed. So the first part of this is to actually track your time and see what is it you’re spending time on. Are you spending three hours trying to make some little change to your website, you need to know that so that you can fix it. So here’s a link where you can download this template where you can spend at least five days right spend at least a workweek tracking your time to see what is it you’re actually spending your time on, and that’s going to reveal information that’s going to help you to then take back your time.

Alright, tip number one, stop having so many coffee dates. Just today, I went over to the coffee shop and I ran into someone who’s like I really want to have coffee with you. It’s not that I don’t want to have coffee with lots of people, it’s that I have priorities as a business owner and things that I need to get accomplished. So there is a time in your business where you might want to have coffee dates, and that and that might be a way that you network. But there’s also a time in your business where you need to get more efficient. And you need to start using content to answer these questions that people are asking of you. And you need to stop letting people waste your time by going coffee dates with people who want to pick your brain and aren’t actually going to take action on what you tell them.

Tip number two is focus. You want to spend 80% of your time on having conversations with qualified leads in delighting your clients. Those are the two things that are going to make you the most money and the more money you have, the more you can start to buy back your time.

Tip number three is stay focused on your why when things get really tough. You need to have a really good reason for why you’re doing what you’re doing so that you can stay the course so that you can stay motivated. This is Super, super important. And when I talk to prospects, and you know, they tell me they have a monetary goal or revenue goal, and I asked them why if they don’t have a good reason, I do not work with them because I know they’re not going to stick with it.

Tip number four theme your days. So this is a tip that I got from Todd Herman. And he talked about theming days. So having maybe Monday be your marketing day where you work on marketing, I’m making this video on a Monday, Tuesday can be client work, we can actually work on fulfilling for your clients and doing the work they need to do to make them happy. Wednesday can be a meeting day, Thursday can be in relationships. So if you aren’t going to have a coffee date, you could say, Oh, my coffee dates are on Thursday, you could set up a calendly with just times available on Thursday. And if someone asks you for coffee, and you actually want to go, you could send them that link and they can pick a Thursday and you can go and then Friday you can reserve for growth, or as a CEO day to really like read books or think about things. This is just an example. But theming your days can help you batch your time, which can make you much more efficient and productive.

All right, next we have actions. Here’s the first one organise your files. In the last video, I talked about being able to put your hands on content quickly when you needed it. And the same is true for your files. If you have a big campaign that you’re doing, like a social media campaign or something, and you need to know where the images are for that campaign, it’s gonna waste your or your team’s time or both, if they can’t easily put their hands on what they need. So take the time to organise your files and keep them organised and you and your team will be so much happier.

Document your process, getting things out of your head in into some kind of system that another person can follow is key. If you want to be able to ever scale your business, go on vacation or anything like that. So a tool that I use for this is called process Street. You can check it out. Another great one is system hub. You can start with Google Docs if you’re on a budget, but It’s key that you start getting things out of your head. And another good way to do this is to use video and just record yourself doing a task and then share that with your virtual assistant or whoever’s helping you.

Alright, let’s talk about your website and how your website can save you time. Here’s a before and after one of my most successful projects. And when they came to me, they had really an outdated website that they didn’t really have control of. We had to get their domain back from their previous developer, and they were doing everything just by phone and email. So people would call to book shuttle to get to this trail. And they would just pay cash when they showed up, or maybe they wouldn’t show up, and then they wouldn’t get the cash.

And what we did was create a really awesome new website for them where people could come to the website, they could read frequently asked questions and learn about what it takes to go on this trip and be prepared for it. They could go ahead and book their shuttle right online and pay and then they could book other things like In a bear canister, basically, we took a tonne of admin that was being done manually by the team, and we outsourced it to the website and save them a tonne of time. And one thing that the business owner told me a couple of weeks after we launched this was that the phone virtually stopped ringing, which is in, in this case was a good thing because it meant people were booking online, people were getting their questions answered online. And that was saving the team a tonne of time. content. I’ve talked, you know, ad nauseam about content and how useful content is to save time. And the more you can answer the questions that you get asked over and over again, with content, the more that you’re going to establish your authority, it’s going to help your SEO it’s going to do all sorts of good things for you.

So stop writing the same email over and over again, put it in a blog post, make a video, put it in some content, let it go to work for you and become an asset and allows you to filter so if someone wants to talk to you about business, you know, you want to know if that person is Serious you want to if you’re especially if you’re selling over the phone, you want to make sure you’re talking to a qualified prospect. So you can use content you can use a form or application then they can fill out before they can actually schedule with you.

There’s all kinds of ways to use your website and use content as a filter so that you’re talking to the most qualified people who are probably going to close. Alright, let’s talk about tools. I have a lot of WordPress tools that I have loved and used over the years Beaver Builder theme is one of them. One of the main reasons people tell me that they’re attached to Squarespace and Wix and tools of that nature is that it’s drag and drop they want to have a drag and drop experience. Well guess what you can have a drag and drop drop experience with WordPress and Beaver Builder theme. And framework is a great way to do that. They have a theme builder that allows you to not just build a page the way you want, but you can actually structure your WordPress theme so that new pages are structured the way you want. And that gets I don’t want to get super technical But just know that that’s an option. Thrive is a company that I’ve loved for a long time, they build specifically conversion focused themes and plugins for WordPress.

So they have all of these different tools to help you build landing pages to help you capture leads to help you get better testimonials. If you want to put a quiz on your website, all these tools, and you can get them all for less than $300 a year, which is a steal. So check out Thrive Themes, and I’ll have a link in the description below if you want to check that out. CRM stands for Customer Relationship Manager, all of these leads and all of these relationships or your building need to be kept track of and a CRM is great for that Active Campaign has long been my tool of choice for both email marketing, automation and CRM. And you can have all those things in one tool and it’s awesome. password management, we talked about security in one of the videos as being the foundation of your tech stack and One password has been my password manager of choice for many, many years.

If you have a password manager you love that’s great. But if you don’t highly recommend you check out one password. A calendar, if you are still in 2020 going back and forth and email trying to schedule with people, please stop. There are lots of tools that can help you with this calendly is a great one schedule once, which is now once hub is also a great one. You can set your calendar and you can connect it to your Google calendar or your Outlook calendar so that you don’t double book and you can also restrict the times that people are allowed to schedule with you. So you could say Friday is my Open Day. Anybody who wants to talk to me can schedule on Fridays, and you can just send them a link and they can pick a time that works for them.

If you need to get things signed, like your contracts and agreements HelloSign is a great tool for doing that. And if you need to show What you are talking about, I love using video to actually show what I mean. And the tools that I like for that are cloud app, which is a tool by automatic, the folks who make WordPress and loom which is a tool that is actually free. So you can go to use loom comm which I think maybe loon calm right now, I think they may have updated that. But you can go to that. And you can use that for free. And you can just share your screen and make videos with people and show them what you mean. connectivity is really important.

We’re using all these different software tools. And sometimes it’s really handy for those things to talk to each other. So maybe you get a lead on your website and you want to make sure that lead goes into your CRM. And there’s other ways that you might want to connect your tools. So Zapier is a great tool that will connect thousands of different software tools without you having to code if you’re one of my subscribers. I have a great lesson slash example on how you can connect to different tools. together. And then pi sync is another one. If you have different apps, especially if you have information about your customers in different apps and you’d like to keep those in sync, definitely check out pi sync.

Alright, automating repetitive tasks, social media is probably one of the biggest things people spend time on that they’re really frustrated by, and they really, really wish they could automate it. So co schedule is my absolute favourite tool for automating social media and the posting of social media and being able to post say, a month’s worth of content and do it in you know, less than 60 minutes. Once you get your system set up, takes a little bit of doing but once you get those systems set up, you can really save a tonne of time doing this. Here’s a nice nerdy little tool that I love called text expander. What it does is it allows you to type a shortcut and have the entire word or phrase expand. So you can take something that you type very often you can create a shortcut for it. Then you can type the shortcut and the whole phrase will expand. Alright things that you can do with automation.

You can use it for onboarding for employees, crack contractors or clients. So let’s say you need people to have the same information every time they interact with your company or they come into your company, you can automate that maybe in an email series, or different things.

You can automate repetitive tasks. So I talked about social media posting, co schedule has a great feature where you can create a bank of social posts and then it will just kind of rotate those into the queue whenever you’re light on new posts so that you’re never have empty social media. You can use it for lead qualifying. So one thing that happens when people want to work with me is that they can schedule an appointment and fill out an application. And once they fill out that application, they automatically get a confirmation. They get an email telling them what to expect next. steps. And those are all things that you can automate.

So if you’re spending a lot of time on those things, really think about looking into automating that using your website, and or CRM. All right. To recap, in order for any of this to work, you have to start adopting a systems mindset. You need to track your time so that you know where your time is going right now, so that, you know where are your opportunities to take back your time, you want to focus on income generating activities, until you can outsource the things that you don’t want to do or are not good at.

And you want to keep the goal in mind when you’re doing things that you really don’t like to do. Just know that it’s temporary. And if you persevere, you’ll be able to outsource those things in the future, or maybe even make them obsolete in your business. If it’s important, you need to schedule it and use your calendar as the field of play so that you actually get things done. So now I want to invite you to design your action plan. Hopefully you pause the video when I instructed you and you blocked off some time. So now that you see In all these options, what are you going to do with that time to start taking back your time and implementing some of these strategies that I’ve given you? Let me know in the comments.

I would love to know if this was helpful for you what it is you plan to implement. And if you’re thinking of one person who really really needs to see this video, go ahead and share it with them right now.

If you want to get all of the tools that I talked about in this video and you want to see what it is that I use for different things, you can go to, you can get on my email list and you’ll get a mini course that goes into more depth about some of the things that I’ve talked about here. Alright, thanks so much for watching and I will see you next time.

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