Kimberly Crossland: How to set up Smart User Journeys in your MV

Hi there. I’m Kimberly Crossland, owner of the focus driven biz, and I’m super excited to be joining you here in MemberVault Action Labs, I want to talk to you about how to make the most of your welcome area to really drive a smart customer journey.

So to do that, I’m going to walk you through mine and how I have it set up. So the first thing I want to talk about before I even get into this is that I have it set up as a museum and not a mall.

Here’s what I mean by that. When you go into a mall, you feel very overwhelmed and their sales and, and their signs and there’s colours and people and there’s just a lot going on, right? It’s hard to choose where to go and what to look at and you get kind of lost in the experience. Whereas in a museum, it’s elegant, it’s luxurious and you’re able to really pull back and walk through with ease and comfort and take it all in and feel really good about where you’re at.

So that’s exactly how you want to leave people feeling when they look at your membership. fault, you want them to feel like they’re looking at very elegant and very specific items that are going to help them. And the way that I suggest doing that is with the quick, better best approach.

Let me walk you through how I have this set up and explain exactly what that means. The first thing you’re going to notice is this welcome bar at the top. Now up here is it’s very prominent, it’s one of the first things that they’re going to see. And so I like to draw attention to where exactly where you want them to go at that specific moment in time.

This is a really good opportunity to use something to drive a promotion or to target something specific you have going on. Right now I don’t have anything specific going on. And so I just want to drive people into a community where they can be welcomed and get into my ecosystem somehow. So I’m really pushing my Facebook community right now, down here, you can also see two other options.

So the first is the free webinar. That’s gonna I’m going to ask them for an email address and then it’s going to get them in on my email list. And then again, The free Facebook group, I just want them to choose whatever is going to be the most comfortable in that stage to get them in the door. The next thing I want to talk about is the quickness. So if you look here, this is my free section. And this is the free resource hub.

Now within there, I have two offerings. First, I have a sales template. And on this sales template, they’re able to have a quick win. I also have the webinar, it’s under an hour and it’s again, five quick wins inside that webinar. Notice that I’m using the word quick a lot. And that’s very, very intentional. Whenever you give something away for free, this is your opportunity to prove to them that you understand their problem and you can solve it. So the way to do that is with a free product is to let them have a very quick win. It can be small, it doesn’t have to be something overwhelming or daunting. In fact, you don’t want it to be overwhelming or daunting.

You just want them to be solidified and know that they’re in the right place with you. And so to do that you have that very quickly. It should take place in under an hour. And let them know that they’re going to make progress with you by spending time in under an hour, even though you’re not offering something for free, you’re still asking for their time. So it’s really important that you make the most of that time. Let them feel like they made a step forward, and then they’re going to be asking,

Okay, great, what’s next. That’s where the better offers come in. So you can see here I’ve got three $37 products. These are better offers because they offer incremental wins, it’s one step better in their journey. This is not the full blown end all be all this is going to be just one incremental

Step four, how they can make themselves a little bit better. So for me, I target businesses. So it’s an incremental step or one exercise that they can do in their business, from strategy and the focus German journey to a mixture of strategy and tactics and the focus driven experience. And then also a purely tactical and focus driven copy, copy and content. So it just really depends you three core problems that I hear a lot of and so wanted to put them up front and centre and drive them in in the right channel and the right swim lane. So they feel like they’re getting the wind that they want to be that incremental step better.

The final is best. So this is where you can put a one or two products. There’s no magic number here. But I’d like to have it again, very succinct. So here I have two products where they can be their best selves. So I’ve got the content creation resource pack, that’s a variety of things that makes it gets them to that next level, it again pushes them to be the best, it’s a little bit more expensive. It’s also a little bit more in product and it’s going to take more time to get through. But it gets them to be closer to their best selves, rather than just as a step forward to be their better selves. The same with a focus driven biz.

Now this is a very heavy framework with a lot of tactics, implementation, workbooks, courses, videos, I mean, it’s a lot that goes into this and so it is more expensive but for somebody who wants to immediately take that step forward and be their best self. It’s available to them.

Now I really want you to remember that you’re going to have two types of people may be someone in between, you’re going to have the lurkers. And then you’re going to have the lovers. The lurkers are the people who are going to be there just sort of lurking and saying, is this person the right fit for me? Can they really solve my problem? That’s what the quick and the better products are going to answer.

And then you’re going to have the lovers. These are the people who are immediately sold on you, they feel very, very comfortable with you and they want in, and those are the people where the best products are going to really target them. And once they’ve bought your products, and they’ve moved into your ecosystem, that’s where you can really leverage MemberVault to derive them and personalise that experience. Make it really smart by using the quiz questions to understand what that next step looks like for them. And then answering it with very strategic products can even pre sell the products you don’t even have to have them made yet.

You can pre sell them which I know Aaron has it tonne of information about this really, really, really good, pre sell them. And so you can confirm that what you’re hearing from them, in fact, is what they want to do next, get their money, so you have incentive to make that product. And then you’ll know how to build out these different trails, to guide them through that museum with you and make it feel really, really elegant, personalised, fun, exciting, and help them continuously get those wins.

This is truly going to build those retention models, this is truly going to build that retention, keep them in your funnel for a lot longer. And it’s just going to be more fun for you because you know that you’re going to be making money off of the products you’re creating. So your time is valuable. And it’s really going to be fun for them because they’re going to know that they have wins with you consistently.

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