Karem Mieses: Rock your freebie to attract the right clients organically

Welcome, MV’ers! I am very happy to be sharing with you how to rock your freebie to help you attract the right clients to you organically.

So, my name is Karem Mieses. And I have been a business strategist and productivity consultant for a really long time more than two decades and I have turned companies around from bankruptcy to profit and I have been able to start up and sell for profit multiple businesses, both scenes. Child number three in 2013. I’ve been very passionate about helping entrepreneurs launch their businesses from their garage or kitchen counters because I had to do that myself.

I have worked with many, many big names, and I’ve been see short into books, I’m pumping my tires so that you know that I’m going to take care of you. And I am welcoming any questions from you. Because this is not just my experience, but the one that I have had with multiple businesses in seven different industries. So all that I don’t it’s so that I do not delegate this humans that you see here.

So that is what drives mean. organisation doesn’t come as second nature for me. So if I can do is anybody can. With that said, let’s get to it. And I want to challenge you to take this three step challenge, to be least building ready.

Step number one is the sign on your lead magnet. Second writing that landing page and confirmation email, and then the site, where are you going to host your page and your emails and connect that all basically these are the three steps that steps that you need to start growing your most important social media platform, which is your email list your contacts, your inner tribe or inner circle. So step number one is cooking that irresistible opt in freemium, and I’m going to share with you what is working right now. So it’s very important that you make it simple and easy not only to create but to conceal. also focus on one pain point that Your audience has then you’re going to promote it everywhere.

I’m going to review one area that I have maximised and I love in us anything that you hear. I have a very short time that you can go and get more of it and dig deeper inside my MemberVault. So make your content evergreen, find something that you can promote all the years throughout the year and that he ties to the or the products that you have the most products that you that he tights to the better and I’m going to share with you the one that I selected for myself and the one that have been downloaded the most in the past four years and it has been downloaded More than 10,000 times. So and then creating that landing page for your auditing and that is what I’m going to be focusing on today, how you can do that yourself.

So, step two is writing that landing page and the confirmation email. Once you have decided on your freebie, your lead magnet while you are giving of premium value in exchange for the email, it’s time to design the page that it’s going to showcase that magic piece of content that you are going to be creating.

So I’m going to share with you the elements of these often it doesn’t matter where you hosted, it has to cover these areas. Number one. It’s your headline, title, the headline row title and the subtitle. And I’m offering you here three different ways that you can do it. One, the first one you see here is my homepage on my branded web page. The second one is a mobile version of it. And the third one is MemberVault.

What do I mean by that by their headline in each platform, you need to showcase it. Basically, why is this and what is the benefit right away or address the pain point you know your audience, it is going to be the hook, what is going to reel them in so that they consume more of the page read more and finally opt into it. Second part is the introduction a short part graph it doesn’t have to be an essay.

It shouldn’t be an essay introducing that content in yourself or your business. Again, in the three scenarios that I show you, it is a lot lower, what is that? And it is something that is very seen. Fair sized. For me it is, this is my free planner that I’m giving to you. So you grow your list and you can add 100 subscribers in 30 days if you follow the plan, okay, get here, something very, very simple. This is what they want. So you can give them what you know that they need. There are three other areas that are very important to consider. And those are your content section. A and I would do it bulleted that is how we design Hear for us and for clients bullets, what are the benefits of this in steps, very easy to read.

Remember like 85% of the traffic you’re gonna get is from mobile so make it easy to read. Then the The other area the fourth area is the call to action. Make it very specific. It is a download, download it here access now, get your get instant access whatever you select, make it simple, and that he pops, yellows and red tend to convert better that is a bonus for you. And you should include some type of social proof if you have a testimonial and it is related to what your audience is looking for. Then our testimonial in my case I bought up standing of Who am I in my background so that you trust what is this it is what is working best.

Again these are things you test but when we are talking about social proof is why is this helpful? It could be a testimonial if you don’t have a testimonial, you can put something about your self. And again it has to be very, very short. I’m going to show you how this looks on a MemberVault as well. With a very short one, the one that I showed to you about if you go inside my MemberVault, and you look for the grow, organic list building planner.

It is a very robust one because eventually is one that is going to be paid and bought. I am fine tuning in. It is free right now. It is not uncommon and I have to tell tell you guys, this is not a common Obtain for like regular attraction marketing, something that is more related to people that don’t know you the like you don’t trust you, they just want you to give you whatever you are, you have there for free has to be something short.

And one example that I have on my board is my how to guide to declutter your to do list and make room for impact. And this is the one that for me, it’s absolutely evergreen. I have updated, marketing wise and brand wise, but the content is the same and it has been probably for seven years but I’m very, very targeted for the past four years. I have built my list with this one in particular. Why because if I want to help you plan and organise and implement super crazy cool tech in goals and all that I need to help you to find your time and I’m very passionate about this.

It doesn’t matter what I do in my life, I’m always going to be teaching how to maximise your day and how to get a hold of your life in some type of some type, shape or form. We all need this. So that’s what I’m talking about when I say find something that is as evergreen as possible, but again, it has to be related to your offer. So as you can see here, the headline on Title I maximise in MemberVault, the description for the product and then the product image.

That is what has been working for us the most in we have been monitoring the page and measuring their performance with something that is called heat map. Come in, I’m going to put it in the comments so that you go go to your page, and you instal it inside your MemberVault so that you can see what people are clicking. Then the other thing, the introduction right away, it is a headline in the body section of the teaser. And the content section also is that these are, as you can see, these are bullet points.

And the call to action is the one that MemberVault provides. It says free access. As you can see, everything is above the fold, meaning that people don’t have to be scrolling down. Even if you look at it on mobile. It is, I think, maybe one and a half scrolls to look at all over. So what about social proof when you remember It is great because just the other available products that are down there, and your litter about section if you have maximise your footer serve like that it is your social media, everything about you, it’s, I love how my MemberVault is converting right now higher than the opt in on my page. Because it’s like a store people see everything.

It’s like there’s nothing hidden. They don’t have to wait for a sequence of emails to know more about me. It’s like this is what it is and the transparency that it provides. It’s amazing. Okay, so step number three, decide where you are going to host your page and your emails and then connected all in we are all going to maximise our MemberVault and do all the connection through our actions inside. So that is Given, what I’m going to give you is a bonus as to how I drive traffic or getting traffic using Facebook.

And I want you to pay special attention to your Facebook page if you have one. If you have any other social media platform, find these four areas like they’re the main areas in do a paralysis and of the concepts the concept because they are going to come and go by their first first thing is to have your email signup, tap on your Facebook page, maximise your cover photo.

Let me show you mine. I believe this is prime real estate. This is what people when you are running ads or when you are posting on a girl people go and click on it. This is what you’re going to see. So have a super cool image that it’s, it has the same look and feel as your MemberVault. So when people go there, it matches as you can see from my presentation it’s kind of matchy-matchy. Everything have the same colours, the same templates, more or less the same pictures are series from the same photoshoot.

And the most important thing where it says Learn More link to your MemberVault. It doesn’t have to be specific. That freebie you can just put your welcome area and if you have maximise your welcome area people will find on the first page Look available your freebie.

That’s all for me today you can find all these goodies and more on my MemberVault bosslifecafe.com if you have any question posted below this video, tag my name, and I’ll gladly clarify any of these for you have an amazing rest of your day.

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