Jayna Pettersen:Getting Leads & Eyeballs: Going from Hidden to Visible to Attract the Exact People Who Need What You’ve Created

Hey, It’s Jayna Pettersen here from coursebistro.com. In this training, I want to share with you how to get leads and eyeballs going from hidden to visible to attract the exact people that you know that they need what you’ve created in your MemberVault.

I know you’ve been working hard creating your member vault putting everything in there that that you know your audience needs, but who wants to stay hidden or invisible in the online space?

So let’s dive in here. So to get visible, this is it’s such a conundrum because we have to know where our people hang out. And and there’s so many platforms that it immediately it can feel overwhelming. We know our subject matter expertise, but maybe your expertise isn’t in marketing. Like me, I have an education background, you know.

Let’s take a look here at some ideas that can help you get more visible online. So the number one thing as I’m working with clients is to help them understand the why for your online business. Did you initially get online and start an online business to share your expertise with the world because you wanted more location freedom, maybe time freedom, freedom from an eight to five job, or because online business is cool, like, I think it’s pretty cool. That’s kind of one of the reasons why I got into it.

And of course, who doesn’t love some extra income and to support your family I’ve had up to four kids before at at once in college. So I know that you know, the bills pile up and are real. Maybe you want greater impact or greater reach or just the challenge of figuring out online business. I know all of these things have played in a little bit into why I started an online business. Please know your why before you get started because this will fuel and drive you and give you the motivation that you need to get that visibility.

And then, like I said, I didn’t have a marketing background or a business background. I majored in leadership development. I became a professor, got my master’s degree, got started in business. And taught at a local community college. So I teach business technology to criminal justice, to human diversity to a lot of different things. And I’m a advisor for computer network engineering and, and database management programmes. So nothing to do with business and marketing. But I’m a learner, and I know how to learn.

I always want you to focus in on your strengths as you’re looking at this online business thing. But I know instructional design and wanting to create great learning opportunities for people. But initially, our perception of an online business is if you build it, they will come. And unfortunately, that is sadly true.

I know back in the day, I built many courses and put them up online and I poured everything I had into them. But people didn’t see him. They couldn’t find them. They didn’t know that I existed. And it was very disappointing. I was disheartened many times. Even though I knew if they got there, they would get it and they would love it. Here’s what I’m seeing.

I see people all the time create these amazingly beautiful, memorable sites, build them out. And and then they’re like, why aren’t people finding me? Why? Why haven’t people found what it is that I offer? So I’m wondering if you’ve ever felt like this. Maybe you’re wondering why some people seem to have cracked the code and figured out online marketing. They seem to be in stealth mode, and like, either you have this ability or you don’t. And it’s a dichotomy. Either you do or you don’t. Which is a false dichotomy. That’s not true. This can be learned.

Or do you feel like because you’re trying to show up with these people who seem to crack the code that you have imposter syndrome, you’re simply wearing a mask, faking it, trying to pretend like you’re an online entrepreneur, when really you’re not, but here’s the thing you are, you have everything that you need to do well online, and these skills can be learned or maybe you’re here in You’re just like, Oh, I am so frustrated and disappointed. Like, I put my thing out there. And people aren’t signing up. And I am not making the income goals that I set out for myself. This is so frustrating and disappointing. Or maybe you’re just like, this is so confusing. I don’t I don’t even know where to start.

There’s so many platforms and channels and marketing, you know, marketing channels, search engines, like, What do I do? How do I figure this stuff out? And maybe you’re like, I mean, you’re just like, after a while, you just give up, you are so overwhelmed with all the possibilities, you’ve tried so many things, that you’re just like, forget it, I maybe I don’t have the expertise that I thought I had. And for some of you, you may just be stuck. This poor guy is so stuck, you may be stuck, not able to really make that impact that you want to have because you haven’t figured out a way to get the visibility that you know your business needs online. So with that, you know that you need traffic.

You Know that you need more people to get eyeballs on your thing, you know that you need to get people, not just anyone, not just warm bodies, but people who will ascend up your value ladder of services and offerings and products in your MemberVault site. You don’t just want to give away a free thing to attract anyone who who shows up to get the free thing. You want to attract the right people who are going to consistently move with you as you nurture along a pathway to get your higher level things that you’re building in your MemberVault site.

This is just a sample of a value ladder of things to offer. So a lot of times those value ladders will start with a free resource usually called a lead magnet and move people through maybe a couple freebies and then to a tripwire which is a low cost offer up through a lower costs or you know another maybe mini course or or membership programme and then maybe a core offer of a Signature Course into a high end offer maybe a coaching programme or a live in person. An event.

This is just one example of that value ladder that I’m talking about. You’re pulling them in on the low end, the free and low ticket price all the way up through those higher price offerings. And this is an example of a board I created to help myself probably five years ago, be everywhere all at once. And it was messy. Can you see how messy that was. And it was like all over the place trying to be in every platform, trying to draw people in trying to work month by month on different things. And honestly, it got nowhere because it was so scattered. So so many places all at once. I don’t want that to be you.

I want you to have the visibility and the laser focus that you need to get that visibility. So I want to encourage you to work from your strengths. Now. Like I said, I did not have a marketing or business background. So instead of focusing on Oh, I don’t have I don’t know social media. I don’t know marketing. I Don’t you know all these I don’t have, I want you to focus in on what are your strengths? I know my strengths are teaching, they are coordinating things they are researching and synthesising information into something.

So I got thinking here I go well, if those are my strengths, one I’m going to become a MemberVault Certified Partner because I know I’m a great instructional designer and I can help people create amazing courses, membership sites, and coaching programmes in their MemberVaults and set up beautiful MemberVaults.

But here’s the thing. I knew that within our group of MemberVault Certified Partners and beyond, there were amazingly talented people, what if I interviewed each of them, to learn from them and earn a master’s in marketing off the off the shoulders of my friends here, who are experts in each of these different platforms or an each of these different marketing strategies? They’ve used with their clients that have been successful and specifically getting those leads and conversions in MemberVault.

They know memberVault and they know marketing. So I go, I’m going to start interviewing people. And that’s really where this course was birthed market your MemberVault, I interviewed over 20, actually over 25 experts on over 75 different topics. To create this aggregated course. It’s curated, it’s crowd sourced from every conceivable angle to get visibility and eyes to your MemberVault site.

So let me touch on we want to get more visibility to your MemberVault. So here’s what I did. I created a master outline of what I wanted to create. And I broke it out into three different phases. And if you look at the in between the one that says lead generation, conversion and nurture and then engagement gait, gamification, retention and referrals. These are three key phases of a business that a business needs to go through.

And there are key marketing strategies that go with each of these business phases. For example, if I’m not getting leads from social media for people are aware of me, I can’t possibly be in the third phase of business where I’m getting referrals and word of mouth, you know, people referring people to me if people don’t even know who I am in the first place.

So these are chronological in nature and build off each other in a culminating fashion. But here’s the thing, once you kind of get momentum in each of them, you have to cycle back through them to make sure that you continuously get leads, and that those leads come to your email list that you’re converting them to, to traffic that opt in to your email list.

And then you’re sending them through a nurture sequence so that they’re moving up through that value ladder of products, goods and services that you offer. So that you can engage them and give them a great experience and get the retention and referrals that are going to be that referral engine on the back end your business to take the heavy lifting off of marketing, because none of us want to be an icky marketer.

So before I dive into each of these categories, I just want to share with you how this works. So initially with the course, we want you to take the what’s my biz phase quiz, because we need to know which category are you in right now. It could be that you’re moving through categories, but what’s your primary one? What’s your primary phase for your business? And what are the marketing strategies that are really aligned best as best practices for that phase to really give that phase a boost? To move you into the next phase? And then we want you to choose your own market your memorable adventure? Do you remember the books Choose Your Own Adventure where you could pick how the ending goes?

That’s what this course is about. You get to pick how the ending of your marketing goes. You get to pick your marketing strategies, but this is raising your awareness of the possibilities. You are an adult learner and you know your market best and you know your expertise best, you know where your people are hanging out, and you know what they need, you know how best to reach them where they’re already hanging out online, and what will resonate with them on each of the different platforms, then we want you to focus on only three trainings, I don’t want you to like bust through and binge binge watch this entire course because that’s not going to help you.

I want you to put your blinders on and say, Okay, if I’m in this space, I want to make myself aware of the strategies but then I’m going to pick these are the three that I think are going to be the most helpful. And then what I have here, here’s the biz phase quiz.

It’s going to move you into phase one, which is that lead generation phase two, which is the conversion and nurture or three, the retention and referral phase for your business. And then the main things I want you to get out of this as you go through it is know your biz phase, and the best marketing strategies in that phase? What are the best platforms to find your ideal student? Which social media or search engine platforms will they resonate with? Where are they looking for this information to help them with their problems? And then what are the best content marketing publishing formats for you that you know will work well for you, I’ll get into this a little more in depth in a bit.

The best strategies to market based upon your business type, I really want you to walk away from this course with these things. And so to continue on, then number five, here, you’re making a 90 day MemberVault traction MemberVault traffic action plan, because I want you to be very action focused. I don’t want this to just be a learning focus thing where your learning exceeds your work and your implementation.

I want it to be where you are implementing as you’re learning and you’re you’re limiting your learning until you actually implement and get traction in those areas. And then finally, we want you to review and revise that, that 90 day plan each 90 days. And if you bust through it and in 60 days, you can move forward. But it’s going to look similar to this. You’re going to be filling it out for the 90 days and narrowly defining and focusing your activities and your your strategic takeaways and action plan to implement right away to start getting that visibility that you want for your memorable.

So let’s take a look here at the three different stages. In the lead generation phase. We go through the very first module is really on the different social media platforms and how to start becoming known and becoming more aware how to optimise each of those platforms to draw people to your lead magnets and to draw people into awareness of who you are.

And then we have your branding graphics and customising your site. So it’s very attractive looking because without any of those graphics or beautiful things, it’s not going to draw those people to want to find out more about you, and then we’re going to look at content marketing. This might be through client journey mapping, blogging, videos podcasting. And then we’re going to also look at search platforms like Pinterest, YouTube, how to how to do best practice SEO strategies, Google Analytics, aggregating data and making data driven decisions in your business.

But I want to highlight here this content marketing strategy, because this is so very important. There are three key ways that I want you to walk away with knowing which of these will you be the most consistent doing. Are you a writer, and it would be best for you to do blogging. Are you a speaker? Who doesn’t love being on camera? Would it be best for you to podcast and to publish through podcasting? Or are you a ham and you love to ham it up on video, and teach to video or do screen capture videos were your teaching?

So which one of those three are you mostly likely to stay motivated and be very consistent in your publishing structure because that is going to bring you the greatest lead generation in phase one and throughout your business through other phases.

In phase two, we’re focused in here on conversion and nurture. This is once people are drawn to you and end up on your website or on your sales page, or to your MemberVault, or on your strategy calls. How are you going to convert them over to opt in to become a customer, a paying customer, get them onto your email list, we’re going to go a deep dive into email marketing.

We’re going to go deep dive into events, experiences and launches using summits, web webinars, masterclasses challenges, boot camps, live speaking, and then we’re going to look at also funnels and carts using third party software to get those conversions those opt ins to your list or to becoming a paying customer and then the third phase of business engagement and gamification, that client customer experience so that they stay, that they have such a great experience that they refer other people, and that you can build in the affiliates, the JV partnerships you’re getting in front of other people’s audiences.

In the instructional design, you’re engaging people through that experience, you’re onboarding them well, and giving them that great client experience, where you’re surprising and delighting them throughout your course. And then we’re going to look at some native, memorable features, how to use gamification in the marketplace and your dashboard and how to engage warm and hot leads and those upsells opportunities you know, throughout your thank you page and other places and your coupon code, your bonus content, your teaser copy, and then in a final category, it’s really what are some memorable use cases, some specific niche specific use cases on how people are getting traction and eyeballs to your MemberVault.

I know that is a lot, but I trust me if you focus on your one business face, and get the landscape of these different opportunities and use the 90 day plan to put your blinders on and to focus your efforts, you will get that visibility and traction that you are craving to get the right people to your memorable product.

So let’s take a look. Again, I want you to know your business phase and the best marketing strategies for that phase. The best platforms, social channels, search channels to find your ideal student where are they hanging out already? Is it Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn? Is it on Pinterest? Is it on YouTube? Are they craving how to video tutorials and then know your best content marketing publishing format? Is it going to be written word audio verbal, verbally spoken or through video? And which one of those would you most likely be the most consistent at doing here?

The most engaging for your audience and then the best strategies based upon your business type. And this one really has more to do with Am I a service provider? Am I a content creator and my coach? Am I you know, so so some of these different strategies are really unique to the different types of business owner that you are and what you provide for your audience. And so again, you’re going to be using this 90 day plan to really focus yourself and be very strategic and implement rapidly what you’re learning throughout this course.

This is just one testimonial that I just want to highlight because Tracy is one of our MemberVault Certified Partners. She works with a lot of clients and she knows her stuff. She’s an instructional designer, but she said, “when I logged in to market your MemberVault I was awestruck with the amount of topics covered and the quality of expert interviews Not to mention the highlight of free and low cost resources. I knew I was going to get tremendous value for my investment. Jayna has a natural ability to extract the very normal nuggets I needed from the experts in their interviews to increase my confidence in being able to move my MemberVault forward.”

I interviewed if I didn’t understand something, I kept digging, asking questions, pulling it out of those experts, because I knew if I didn’t understand it, probably you guys as viewers wouldn’t understand it either. But it doesn’t stop there.

There’s a lot of strategy in this. And it’s it’s easy to consume. It’s simple, actionable content, I wanted each one of them to give you three to five actionable tips on each of those strategies that you could implement right away, do it yourself. And then with each one of them, they’re offering free resources, low cost resources, and if you don’t care to do it done for you sources right on their page.

And so imagine after going through some of this, getting your 90 day plan focused in where all of a sudden, you can spend less time on your business and more time on your priorities, your family and what means the most to you, you know the exact phase of business.

You’re in And you know where you’re going, you know the exact things you need to master in that phase, before moving to the next phase and starting to conquer some of the next phase marketing activities. And then you know that you’re starting to hit your revenue and subscriber goals, because you’re getting traction, and you’re getting that visibility to your MemberVault Marketplace.

So most of all, I want this to give you a vision for where your business is going, and the exact strategies that you need to get that visibility that you’re craving. So if this sounds interesting to you, I have a bitly link here.

It’s http://bit.ly/MYMVCourse and I would just invite you to take a look because this is such an amazing crowd sourced product that I pulled together from all these experts. I feel like I got a master’s degree in marketing from these people that I’ve interviewed.

It was absolutely amazing. And I hope that you’ll find that is the same for you.

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