Jamie Russell: How to Map Out a Low-Cost Offer to Attract High-Ticket Private Clients

Hey there everyone in our MemberVault community. My name is Jamie Russell and I am one of the Certified Partners for MemberVault. So I have had a night of tech glitches all across the board. So I am going for imperfect action I presenting in Google Drive and without any video access, unfortunately. So we are just going to jump right in here.

We wanted to make these presentations like quick and actionable and easy for you guys to go through. So I’m gonna introduce who I am tell you a little bit about what I’m going to be presenting over the next 20 minutes. And then we’re just gonna dive right in. So like I said, my name is Jamie, one of the certified partners here. I’ve been in the virtual business world for about four years, but I have collectively.

Oh, I think I’m going on about 12 years of administrative entrepreneurship specific experience worked in a number of different roles, mostly operational, got to know a lot about the back end of people’s businesses and that has led me to where I am today. When I first came into the online space, I was a virtual assistant quickly went into online business manager or, and or project manager and then niche down and specialising in Dubsado.

Over the last year, year and a half, I was working for someone primarily as his project manager for his digital marketing and sales funnel business. And quickly started taking on the role of a sales funnel strategist, which is something I never really thought that I would ever sit in the role of, but I actually found that I really enjoyed it and I was really good at it. What I didn’t enjoy is what the virtual space and world is trying to tell us about sales funnels, and the way that we should sell and how they are basically forcing us into this box of this is the only way to do it in order to be profitable. And that just has always felt really off putting it icky to me and why I love about so much and why I’m one of their certified partners is because they literally in every sense of the word go against the traditional sales funnels, and take more of a humanistic, natural approach to things that I find actually sells better and creates longer term relationships with people that are just ready to always buy from you.

That is what I have now created my business around is that sales funnel model and how you can curate an offer stack that is really going to serve your business and your joys and your passion and help your ideal client. I’m an enneagram one, a winger two, which means that all of my perfectionists out there, I understand exactly what it is like to sit on an idea and not not push through with it, validate it, plan it out, have all the pieces together and just not ever hit live and it’s not a great feeling by any means. And I think that if we don’t have the right support around us, those things just never go out into the world. So I come from a people pleaser, nature procrastinator, all the things and I love serving that same type of person.

But I’ve learned how to just like grow in that and use that as a strength rather than a hindrance and approach. I am slowly becoming the go to for offer stacking and bench and by support. My business is leaning 100% into the bench and by marketplace of MemberVault.

How to stack that offer what components you need, what elements need and How to stack that offer in a way that will sell and feels really, really good to you. Um, so I’m just gonna get into this and really talk about this a little bit more. So, how I created this presentation is I wanted to give you guys essentially a crash course in what is going to be my masterclass. I have a masterclass in September that is going to be I’m going to be live presenting and then it will be available for replay and that is all about my trademark system, the legacy loop formula.

So I wanted to create sort of that crash course in 20 minutes to go through some of the things and talk about what that is and and how to build your your offer stack in your sales funnel in the air quotation of things. So the the things that I have found when people are trying to create their offer is that they’re hearing it need to have a freebie I need to have free content, I need to have the this and I need to have sales pages and I need to use Facebook ads. And I don’t necessarily believe that any of that is true.

I also think you have to be at a certain point in your business to be utilising those different elements. And when you’re coming just out the gate with a fresh idea, you haven’t necessarily validated it, you don’t quite know if it’s gonna sell maybe you don’t even have the right audience behind you for it or you’re not attracting the right people. So at the time to be trying to spend a tonne of time or money or energy into creating long form sales, still sales pages or investing in Facebook ads or doing any of those things that just aren’t going to serve you in the long run because you don’t quite know enough about that offer yet.

One thing that I have talked to people a lot about is that they end up having a high ticket offer whether it be a group programme, a membership In the sense of high ticket because it’s high, high value from you and the one on one science, or they’re paying a lot of money for a one on one service, you really have to, to lead with that you need to know that final offer, you need to know where they’re ending up to be able to envision what this journey is going to look like. And so I’ll use my old business model for example, my final offer was a done for you Dubsado setup service. And I got to the point where I was charging around 1600 dollars for that service. And so that is a that’s a high ticket offer service.

So I would work my way back and figure out okay, what qualifies my leads? Where do they need to be out what kind of a person are they? Are they a startup business? Are they sort of in that murky middle? Are they more influencer? Where are they qualifies them, do they have a team? Are they a solopreneur? Do they live in a certain country? Do they grow certain amount per month, like, what qualifies that lead? because then I can make sure whatever I am using to attract them, which would be your low cost offer that we’re going to get into here in a minute is going to appeal to them. And I can also make sure that the final offer is aligned with that. And then how can I help them get there?

So oftentimes, you might find, okay, I have my ideal person. I know what qualifies them, but they never have money to pay me. Well, what can you do to get money in their pocket? What can you do to help them make money so that they can then pay for you? How can you justify the ROI and the cost to them? Those are things that you can be thinking about that you can solve with your low cost offer or you can solve with your team. content and MemberVault. So that’s the first thing you need to figure out that final offer, what does it include? What is your high ticket thing that you’re trying to attract them to? And really flesh out how they get to that point like, Who is it that’s going to be there? Then you need to look at low cost offer.

So what I like to say is, if it’s free, it’s not for me. And the reason for that is because if you are training your people, that you’re going to be giving away freebies, in the sense of, you know, large guides or mini courses or checklists or anything, you’re essentially saying, like you don’t need to pay me for things. The other thing is that most of the people that are going to buy your high ticket offers that can afford your high ticket offers, are not interested in just adding their email to a database to sit on your email list and grab a checklist or grab a mini course or anything If you like that someone from their team might be vetting you, for sure.

So that’s something to think about. But it’s not going to be the person who is deciding on hiring you. So you need to give them something that has a little taster of you and your services and what you do. And also get them to the point that they are ready to work with you for that high ticket offer. And in a sense, pre qualifies them. So how you can identify with this is as you can look at what are the what are the things that are the most common questions that you get? You need to answer those.

You can also look at filling the gap while creating problems. So one of the things you have to think about is that each step of the journey until it gets up to the end should be not only filling a gap or answering something but it should also be creating a problem. So for example Dubsado setup service was my mean ticket offer, I had a Dubsado setup guide, that was essentially a PDF that I honestly could have created into a mini course it was, you know, several steps to setup your Dubsado. But the videos were done in such a way that it wasn’t necessarily comprehensive.

It was enough of a glimpse it got them going, directed them to help resources, it was a great value and people loved it. But it created a problem because it did not have accountability. So they were missing that piece of I need some some motivation to get this done. And then oftentimes, they they were then searching for for shortcuts. They were searching for templates, swipe files, some of the more intricate advanced operations of things and how to get things done. And so I was solving their problem. How do I set up Dubsado, what’s my checklist for setting up dubsado but I was also creating that problem. Have okay now how do I how do I get this done quickly? How do I get this done the way that you set it up and then when you got it done, which then brought them into wanting to pay me for done for you services or I also ended up creating a done for a DIY course at that time to where if they couldn’t afford me, they still had a way to set up with some of the more intricate things.

So that’s an example of what a low cost offer is. And Had I known what I do now back then I wouldn’t have had my dubsado setup guide for free, I would have had it as a low cost offer, probably something around like a $19 price point. And then had if I’m going to use free content in the sense of free content, it would have been in my teaser modules of MemberVault or on a blog or in a YouTube video or something like that isn’t it is okay and absolutely necessary to give out free free content and free value but in a way that is going to attract the people that you are wanting to attract the people who can actually afford you or that have some sort of role within your business. So just always be keeping those things in mind.

Typically, with low cost offers, you’re looking at a $47 or less price point I have seen some people do it at like 97. But I typically like it to be a no brainer. don’t even have to think about it open my wallet kind of thing. And then the awesome thing is that this money can pay for things like a VA, it can pay for ads, if you choose to go an ad route. I prefer Pinterest promoted pins, but still like it essentially helps pay for itself. So that is the second part of it. So you’re probably asking me at this point. So how does this all work together? What does this look like for a funnel so I’m just I show you what the traditional sales funnel in the sense of traditional looks like. And you can’t see, but I’m using air quotes and traditional sense. But, this is one sales funnel that I had built when I was doing sales funnel strategy.

And you can tell all the blue items are different pages that we needed. sales pages, thank you pages, nurture sequences, and this doesn’t even list every single email that we included within the different sequences. So as you can imagine, it was a lot of copy, a lot of web design. This person came in and hired our team. And I think we charged like one, k No, wasn’t 20 was eight, eight k sorry $1,000 to build this and what always frustrated me is that by the end of it, like when we were evaluating what worked and what didn’t work like and this came true with a lot of different launches And I think what a lot of people just don’t tell you is that she didn’t need most of it. Like most of it was just arbitrary and had to be there because, you know, someone told them or us that that is how you build a funnel.

And at the end of the day, that wasn’t necessarily what actually worked. Um, and that was what attracted me most to sales funnel is just the being able to look at analytics and the strategies and those types of things. But what I came out of it realising is like there has to be a better way. Like this can’t be the only way to build sales funnels and why does this have to be the way so if I were to tell you that you could launch now or in the next month, or whenever and all you need is a MemberVault account, an email service provider like Active Campaign or ConvertKit or MailChimp and some some content As far as writing the emails and what you need in MemberVault, you don’t need any sales pages, you don’t need a sales page builder, you don’t need Click Funnels, you don’t need some fancy course to tell you how to build your course, you don’t need all the fancy automations and a separate cart system to do the upsells and down cells and deadline funnels to make it all expire.

And I’m sure at this point, if you don’t know what any of this stuff is, your heads probably spinning, then wind up be the better route. And especially when it’s an offer that you’re not quite sure of, or that you want to be super simple and you don’t have a team to support you. Like those are the types of things that I love drilling into because I feel like there are so many people that are wanting to step back from these huge done for you businesses or an agency model or huge coaching thing, and they still want to serve their clients really, really, really well. But doing it in a way that they can manage from their lifestyle.

So if you think about like grocery stores and I owe Janna Peterson, one of my fellow Certified Partners for this because I had asked in the member of our community, how they would describe sales funnels, and she gave me this analogy and I thought it was perfect is that if you think about grocery stores, in the sense of pre pandemic and post pandemic, and I use that loosely because I feel like we’re still sort of in a pandemic, you used to be able to just leisurely, walk around grocery stores, right? Like you could just peruse and look through the shelves and get what you needed.

And now they have these directional arrows and you can only stand in certain places And granted, not everyone follows those new rules, but they are put in place with the idea that they’re forcing your direction and it goes against Every instinct we have as a buyer to shop in a way that is forced and directional, it doesn’t feel fun anymore. You’re in and you’re out. Like I know right now when I go to the grocery store, it’s like 20 minutes. And that’s if I didn’t order online. That’s if I didn’t like outsource my shopping someone. I’m not looking at labels, I’m not perusing. I’m not sort of like dumping extra stuff into my cart. Like I am purely in and I’m out. I’m traditional sales funnels are the same way.

They’re forcing your direction in an unnatural way just like a pandemic. So grocery store with suggestive arrows. So think about that in terms of how you’re building your sales funnel in your customer journey, and what this is going to look like at the end of it. So for me, I like to put it in the terms of my legacy loop and so some people may use the term loyalty loop, but essentially instead of having the sales funnel where you want All the people to come in and you filter filter filter filter, what would happen if you just had people coming in and you were looping them through experiences using things like gamification?

You know, MemberVault actions and just being concerned about giving them value and serving them versus being concerned about the goals and the KPIs and the numbers on the end. What would that do for your business and how would that look when it comes to the offers and the things that you’re putting out there?

What I what I really love about the the legacy loop system and how you can create funnels this way is that you’re not getting a tonne of freebie seekers. You’re getting people that are coming in, that are ready to buy that are engaged and are staying that way because they want to build a long term, loyal relationship with you versus trying to vet them And then creating loyal customers on the back end. Once they’ve purchased, you are the same from the start to the end and not this like amped up kind of experience. So how you do that as you have high value content up front, stellar, low cost offer stack, and engaged and ready to buy audience members. With that, in order to make that happen, it comes in the fourth component which is nurture, nurture, nurture.

So you’re letting your MemberVault and your emails do the heavy lifting how the legacy loop system works is you’re leveraging MemberVault actions, you’re hot and warm leads, and really trying to amp up excitement in value with in your offer. You’re not relying on things like the tools and the automation and the fancy content and things that just keep you from from launching, they keep you from making money they, they hinder the process. And frankly, a lot of the people that I’ve talked to don’t really care for it.

Like, it’s not something that attracts them to it. And I’m sure if you’re in trouble you understand exactly what I’m talking about and why this makes a lot more sense than what other people are teaching for traditional sales funnels. So that in a nutshell is is what I am all about is I am about creating a sales funnel legacy loop that makes sense for you and your business and doing it in a way where your your offers are stacked and not forcing your hand on people to where they they aren’t necessarily there for the right reasons.

So it’s time to take action. So if you go to JamieRussell.com, you can get right into my MemberVault. And there are two opportunities That are only available this week. I have a day of Voxer session that is essentially getting a sales funnel strategist IE me on your on an in your business in the most in depth sense at the most affordable way possible. What I love about these Voxer days is that we can talk on and off all day long about any topic you want. So it could be offer, it could be sales funnels, it could be your ideal client. It could be at the idea stage, it could be at maybe post creation, like you already validated your offer, and you’re trying to figure out how to make the funnel function.

So we can talk through all of that and you get me throughout the day at your convenience so you don’t have to. You don’t have to show up to a strategic session and wonder if you fit everything in. You don’t have to sit there and look at funnel maps and be confused about what is actually going on or who’s you’re going to now hire to implement it. It is very easy. manageable and most of the people that I’ve had go through it so far, have absolutely loved the experience. I’m offering that right now at $100 off. So it makes the session $297. And you can pay half up front to get on my calendar and the other half for the session.

And then I’m also offering a bite size offer boot camps. So at the end of all of this, I am wanting to create three mini courses that people can purchase separately or in bundles. But right now I am creating all the content. So what I’m wanting to do is create that content with you. I want to be able to be a source of accountability and support for you and to also give you some one on ones as high touch service. While we’re creating your offer figuring out how to market it, figure out how to validate it and get it ready to potentially turn it into an evergreen, low cost offer funnel.

So we’re gonna do that over the course of the next four months. And then you will get all of the content and mini courses that we create that come from that boot camp. And any resources we’re going to have some experts come in and do some presentations on different things with marketing and copy and stuff, and I’m offering it at a super super steal of a rate.

This is something that people have told me I should be charging $200 a month for and I just couldn’t do it because I know how many people are struggling right now. And I really feel like there is content that I just need to get out in the world and get out and created. So I did not want the price point to be an issue for people. Now for the members of our community. This week only I am offering an extended payment option. So instead of a four month payment option you would be able to pay over the course of six months. And I’m also offering the first three weeks who signed up a free voxer session with me to use in month two when we are fleshing out your launch stuff. So it’s, it’s such a steal, it’s ridiculous like it. Trust me. When you see the price you are going to think that I am Cuckoo.

But I am actually feeling really awesome about it because I want as many people as possible to take me up on it and get into the bootcamp and get their offers out. And the bonus of this is that because of the timing, your offer will be ready for Black Friday. So if you’re trying to get your offer together and ready and you just want to start thinking about it and planning it out, this would be perfect for you and if you’re not quite sure, feel free to email me at hello at JamieRussell.com or you can message me on Facebook or tag me in the Collaborative, whichever, and asked me more.

So I want you to take a minute. And in the comments, tell me what was your biggest aha moment from this presentation? Or just leave me any questions and I will come back throughout the day or this week and answer them. So, I hope you enjoyed this presentation and I can’t wait to see what you end up creating this week.

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